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Track Name
Name: White Improvement
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   maphios
Version: 15-May-2007
Released: 15-May-2007
TMX id: 297750
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Snow
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0:46.55   Kaka+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:46.86   Keenou+ 0:00.31-
0:46.88   Cibermix+ 0:00.33-
0:47.11   X-ray+ 0:00.56-
0:47.37   NémésiS+ 0:00.82-
0:47.44   Zooz+ 0:00.89-
0:47.72   Zeref+ 0:01.17-
0:47.82   Wallaby+ 0:01.27-
0:47.87   pitstep+ 0:01.32-
0:47.99   Eviltim+ 0:01.44-
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Author Comments

Here comes White Improvement :
I wasn´t really satisfied with my first snowtrack so i had to design a fresh one.
I added more speed, a few cool jumps, some offroad action, speedy tunnels and some cool transitions .
Hope u have fun with this one

Coppers: ~2600
Author: 48.93 (a good one imo )
-Intro: yes, i worked a lot with text
-Ingame: a little bit
-Outro: of course

I improved a lot during the building phase to give this one a good flow. I think i succeeded.

As always any feedback is welcome and if u like the track please award it or leave a replay .

User Comments
Showing 14 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  maphios 15-May-2007
Thank u very much Olda_X for this nice award

Brummhummel thx a lot for this supercool award and this super feedback in ur comment
Also thanks for ur replay, i know snow can be a tricky environment, but when u drive it more and more u´ll get better

Hey,MasterDisaster thank u very much for this super award, i´m glad u had fun

Thx a lot pitstep for ur nice , i appreciate it

Hey freezer thanks a lot for ur award, i´m looking forward to ur next track...

Nice one ! The award of course ! Thx a lot for this one Acid and for submitting this great time !

Sivert, one of the big names when it comes to trackbuilding and especially to MT-work, a honour to get an award from u

And ORA, well u are one of the authors in TM, i love ur tracks , thank u for this nice award !

Yes, the Alpine environment can be tricky [ATP]Crawdaddy ! I´m glad u could do it and had fun while driving, also thanks for ur award

Kendar u are one of the most creative authors out there, thanks a lot for ur award

And Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) i´m glad u had fun here and thx for ur kind words and mentioning the screenie, which i like too

Thank u so much for this nice words Foulie i appreciate it ! Hope to see more cool tracks from u 2

Wow Vincent i see u found the fun here ! The key to drive a fast time is the antiboost part, u´ve to get in this part at good speed to get out of it real fast furthermore the tunnels can cost u some time. Anyway thank u very much for ur award !

Wooot smok3y is here ! Thank u so much for awarding this, u know u are one of the trackmaniacs to look up to, really !
And what a lovely comment . Yes the Authortime is quite good, but not good enough for Keen,....etc. i think . But thx for submitting a time anyway. I´m glad u had fun here with my little track, it´s always a good feeling if someone writes such cool things for u and ur track . Again a big thx here for u smok3y, good to have u around !

Now Dengel ur on a run to test some of my tracks , and i´m so glad to get an award from such a great author&driver like u. It may sounds odd but this is really an honor to me !

Hay Andree i´m glad u liked the track, thank u very much for ur !

Hehe KEV Fan i never got a FLOW-award, thank u so much for this one ! It took me really a good portion of time to get this antiboost part as it is and yes, i like the transitions in the end, too !

Wow 65,000 LB Rating , never expected this, thank u very much CRO|Low_B for ur replay and especially for ur nice award ! Good to see a top ranked driver likes the track, too.

Ricardo Rix thanks a ton for this supernice award ! I´m glad u liked the transitions and the flow that much

Hey X-Ray haven´t seen u much lately, but i´m glad u´re still here and u are still having a bit fun on one of my maps ! And yeah, i´m already wondering if Keen is cooking something in his kitchen to take this WR with an incredible time....

Wow Keen wonderful time ! Thank u very much for leaving this evcellent replay here and for ur award ! And sorry for this second tunnel. It used to be a bit different, but i puzzled a bit around and ended up as it is. Maybe i should have tested a bit more to be sure not to punish the really fast drivers out there . I suppose the tunnel works for 95 % of the people out there, but u´re really finding every mapping mistake when u drive at this insane speed !

bachl i´m really sorry for this 2nd tunnel, but this "bug" just didn´t appear while testing, because i simply was too slow . But anyway thanks a lot for ur nice award and the feedback, i´m looking forward to see ur replay
  smok3y 17-May-2007
Ho ho Alpine map
Wow here comes the Penguin shortly
Ahh..damn thats taken by KEV Fan
Ok here comes the Yeti
yeti had a bad fall i guess, limping to the finish line
Crazy author time
  KEV Fan 20-May-2007
ROFL - you´re the first banana eating YETI Smok3y
  maphios 20-May-2007
Hmmm nobody has seen the YETI yet. Wondering where he really is ?!
And smok3y take off this fake YETI-dress, i knew u would try everything to scare some people here who just want to have fun on an simple alpine map ! And get back to ur Batman costum from Madworld which just looked awesome ......
Then again it´s time for smok3yman to save some tracks from the nirvana by testing and awarding them !
  smok3y 20-May-2007
Lolz KEV FAn that was a very funny one liner
Ya Maphios really nice and hillarious comments, i think most have attained Nirvana allready, one award doesnt make no difference but then there is much out here to try you just cant fill it up at any given time plus most of the guys have to learn to get the flow and smoothness right, their building is all out of place but you cant teach everyone.
So even if you and I went on a rampage trying every track for 2 days or so on an experiment, atleast 90% will still attain nirvana lolzzz so that tells you the amount of good builders we have
  CRO|Low_B 21-May-2007
Author's time is just mindblowing!
Track is awesome! Amazing!
More please!
Nice job,maphios!

LB 76,000
On the alpine track!
  maphios 21-May-2007
nice time pitstep wow
now the 76,000 are yours
saw ur replay, really a great speed through the track especially the first half is super driven
i´m curious what still might be possible here on this track.....
  X-ray 21-May-2007
Well, speak of the devil, here's the very man! Amazing time, I certainly did expect you take the WR, but that's a huge advantage
Where did you get the afterburner from that seems to be mounted to your car?
  maphios 21-May-2007
well, now i think i know what is possible on this map, keen showed it in his impressive replay
super 1st tunnel keen excellent driving here as well as in the antiboost part !
  Keenou 21-May-2007
Heu thx guys ... 46.60 possible
  CRO|Low_B 22-May-2007
Keen,alpine king!
  Ricardo Rix 22-May-2007
yeah, this is by far the highest LB rating alpine track, nicely done gonna dig out my controller.
  pitstep 22-May-2007
hehe nice Keen

i uploud my best time...i can better but the 2nd tunnel is to lucky for me
  maphios 27-May-2007
Wow, it´s the first time i need a second "thanks"-site

Thanks a lot for ur award dgp ! Will test ur newest track soon

Hey €us thank u very much for this super award, i appreciate it !

Enjoyable to read ur comment, too crooms ! Thanks for ur feedback and ur nice words. The big jump is really a bit tricky, as u have to release the gas in the air to land smooth .

Thanks for this super first TMU award dk|Morlock, makes me happy to get this from u .

HAWK_GER surely one of the big names here in TMU Exchange , thanks a lot for this nice award and the comment

Hey [ATP]Eviltim i reall enjoyed reading this super awardcomment ! Thanks a lot for this one, and for ur nice replay, very good time here !

JumperJack thank u for ur action award, i like this snow track, too . It´s way better than my first one....

Nice time -HR-n3crid, not easy to get a quick time here ! And thanks for this cool award, glad u liked the track.

Don Alfonso thanks a lot for ur award and ur kind words !

Really a nice and fluid award Kent ! Thank you very much.

Wow, Mikealange that´s a great award man ! I appreciate every single word of it, thx!

Thanks a lot Skywalker>Zero< for the nice words and your award .

Katzenklo thx for the award, I´m glad you had some fun here .

Wallaby thanks for your award here. I know the tunnels should have been way smoother and not punish the fast drivers but I didn´t want to update the track because there were already such fast replays and nowadays you just need a little luck to get this one going .
~ + ~
Classic now ! Thank you all for the great replays and all the nice words!
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User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  bachl 23-May-2007
O year ....
that´s a really great alpine track
cool and some new ideas
good mt work too
super to drive and a perfect flow
wonderful for wr hunting that i special like (my time will come in a few days)
should come to classics cause the lb is really greta (76 now)
only one shit thing the second tunnel i had a wonderful time and then... i chrashed the tunnel
but all in one the is really deserved
  dgp 25-May-2007
wow maphios, this track is just awesome!
i'm really looking forward to your next one
  €us 28-May-2007
Very nice track maphios !!!

The intro is perfect.

Good Work
  crooms 28-May-2007
Really great snow track
Excellent parts all through
Nice big skill jump to catch the speed after the start section and great platform to road transition later on
Very enjoyable to race

nice one

  ouN|Morlock 31-May-2007
My first award for a TMU track
Nice snow track.
Will be improving my time soon, though I won't reach 46
  HawkGer 31-May-2007
Really great track, I love the way how it flows + there are some really nice transistions in here
nice work
  Eviltim 16-Jul-2007
I like this track, its nice and challenging, and fun.
Good flow, some fun areas for jumps.
I especially like the kill engine zone in the middle of the track, lots of fun to race .
Love the track overall and think its quite a nice track.

Great job Maphios!
  JumperJack 16-Jul-2007
this is a flowing and fun full-speed alpine track!!

an for you
  n3crid(inactive) 05-Sep-2007
Damn it!
That's such a sick ride!
Hell yeah never had such a rush combined with your cool ideas!
I feel really glad to get the 5. place!
You really deserve this one!
  DonAlfonso 10-Sep-2007
Wow, great Track! Very awesome! Great work!!!
  Kent 14-Oct-2009
Fun and fluid alpine track with great drop transitions. Well Done!

  Mikealange 14-Oct-2009
Super Sno maphios !
Great online just play on ppo (classic) !
Really enjoy ideas and grand flow !

Super Job Maphios !

  Skywalker>Zero< 14-Oct-2009
Great Ideas, fantastic track. A big
  Katzenklo 15-Oct-2009
grerat online track!
  Wallaby 30-Oct-2009
I decide to award it
Although the tunnels are not well calculated I still had my fun here.
The transition before the finish rocks !
  »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one

Excellent Track



Awesome Screenie!!
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