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Name: Download As The Rush Comes
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y
Version: 14-May-2007
TMX id: 295978
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 71,531
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:44.05   CMC|Taylor+ 0:00.0071,531
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:44.22   JumperJack+ 0:00.1769,875
0:44.27   SMiiE+ 0:00.2269,387
0:44.71   *speedy*+ 0:00.6665,101
0:44.77   Yos+ 0:00.7264,515
0:44.78   smok3y+ 0:00.7364,418
0:44.95   STORM|Runner+ 0:00.9062,762
0:44.99   Harmony~Bros+ 0:00.9462,372
0:45.03   Sk84funPrz...+ 0:00.9861,983
0:45.04   eMpathy.dec+ 0:00.9961,885
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

For a moment I thought I had lost my skills at making stadium maps cause this one took me ages to complete and get the flow and transitrions perfect..I'll still leave it to you to decide if I still have some skills left at making stadium maps

As it is the map became furiously fast with some very tricky cross jump + drift combos but even if that speed is not enough then for the brave there are a few Hidden Boosters that you can take, provided you have the skills and aren't scared

Intro- Yes
Ingame- Yes(Just the Normal cam change at the loop)
Outro- Yes
Jumps- Yes, but ofcourse
Platform- You can't get enough of it
Dirt- Yes, I love Dirt
Drifts- Yes some real wicked ones
Re-Use- You won't know till you see it..ehehe

Author Time:- 44:98 - Don't tell me it's too easy to beat

Custom Music - Motorcycle - (DJ Tiesto Mix) - As The Rush Comes

Get the New Wallpaper here

Originally posted by TimeBreaker ...
..that one curve, thats made by the devil in person..
well that line made me make a new anyone who likes the new screenie can thank TimeBreaker for the inspiration

Get the Old Wallpaper here

Car used in the old screenie
As requested by Promania

remember if some of the links don't work in firefox then they WILL work in the good ol' Internet Explorer

Have a Blast playing this one - It's a lil different than what I normally make

Map Updated as there was a lil bug with the custom signs

Some fellas wanted to know how many downloads>> 514 Dlds

User Comments
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  *speedy* 17-May-2007
I'm gonna give you some nice news
i give up
Congrats m8
You won the battle, but not the war hahahahaha
See you soon, on another rocking track...
Maybe my track

And i'm gonna die when i'm eating cruelsi with yoghurt...
I'm never gonna eat that horrible stuff... I prefer less recs, than eating that shit
  JumperJack 17-May-2007
LOOOOL speedy - that must've been the very first time...

at least, upload your best time, then the LB rating will increase a bit, maybe...

but i don't know if i won the battle already, haven't heared anything from SMiiE or Keyser lately...

oh, and maybe you've lost already a record that you've set these days...
  *speedy* 17-May-2007
lemme gues... Bremfox?!?!?
That one i can handle
That was just a little time for the rec...
Not a good time
  SMiiE 17-May-2007
oh oh oh
wait jj i'll come with a good time .
my personal best is 44.27 but i know it's possible to do better because i had a -.20 to this time
a 43 must be able to do to
  *speedy* 17-May-2007
like keyser and me said... A 43 is really possible
Goodluck with it
  smok3y 17-May-2007
I just remembered my fav. quote :-
Daffy Duck: Stand back, musketeers, they shall sample my blade! Touché!
suddenly realizes that there is absolutely nothing behind him
Daffy Duck: Musketeers? Unguarded, eh? My blade? Hey, psst. Whoever's in charge here, the scenery, where's the scenery? thats what happened here exactly, damn i thought i was incharge of the scenery and everything else, looks like i made a map even i cant drive properly, i guess I have to try what JJ had for Lunch, seems like some strange dish, like maphios said, strange dishes might just make you the devil

Lolzzzzzz, speedy is going to be reincarnated "speedy got bamboozled"

JumperJack renamed all of us SlippingBananas

SMiiE is still pondering what happened to his WR, hey SMiiE stop driving with a flat tyre for petes sake, someone tell him to change the tyres, then he'll get the WR

[LoRd]Keyser just went on a honeymoon with the hot babe in the screenie to the right, you can see her, she can't be missed, with the long flowing hair, deep eyes and all

Rest of the guys, get some popcorns and coke and beer for me and lets just relax and watch the show
  JumperJack 18-May-2007
LOL - smokey, that were absolutely one of the most funny comments ever...

and yes, a 43.xx is possible, but it's very hard...

@smokey, that's no rare dish, it's an european breakfast (swedish to be exactly), and it tasts awesome - lol

alright, i'm talking at the comments section of a smokey track, about my favourite breakfast, hell o hell, where is this leading to?!
  *speedy* 18-May-2007
This track is so cool i just can't quit with driving...
I think i will quit when i got the record
So that means i'm gonna drive for my whole live
I'm going to try again.. .But than with my fav music on... That should work, like always
Double Shit!!!!
I've downloaded JJ's replay... And than set it as my ghost...
I can get -0.27 before it the whole race till the CP after the loop...
Than i'm getting that horribe tech curve and i'm crashing everytime...
Its impossible for me to handle my car than... Neither, its impossible for me to handle that whole curve...
And also that curve is made by the devil in person
Goodluck with the other guys... For now: 44.71
But dont forget, I'm still busy
  smok3y 18-May-2007
I guess I'll have to try it sometime too then JJ, maybe that'll make me get a better time
Lolzzzz speedy
You sure Bamboozled me this time
Wotta time, well its good enough for me, but ya i'll remember you are still busy
BoB lolzzzz don't kill me with the Bill, im sure it'll be a big amount for the repair work but i do thank you for the great
quinxstar mouhahahaha now that was a super
Ravager oh no not really my friend, there are so many great builders like you that are awesome, count me in the same lot, and frankly i love that song as well maybe the DJ Tiesto remix didn't sound very well, but i kinda liked it, and hey im out of words actually on what to say, im totally humbled that you feel im that good, im happy being normal and counted as a normal mapper like most of the guys, i know ORA, Crusard, Sivert, Panis, Ganjarider, Pitstep & Andree will always be the Elitest and The Best of the Best, and you, me and the rest have our own team right before i forget thnx for the mindblowing
Rustie's and thats such a lovely comment and many many thnx my friend
DEnGeL I totally agree Mr. King Of Island, speed maps are really not worth the time spent, but im glad you liked this different offering and im so honored to receive that thnx a lot sir
CMC*Wally thats some real good *drifiting* comments my friend and an awesome thnx a lot
Hubby as allways such wonderful comments and my friend
bachl hey say my hi to your lil sister and thnx for the super mega
fluffski ya long time no see, glad to see you are back and thnx for the awesome
Golo gld you liked the track so much, and thnx for the amazing & sorry about that jump above the hole, a lot of people had a problem with it, ill try to do better next time
MasterDisaster ahh comeon m8 thats not a late at all, indeed lovely comments thnx a lot
Sivert allways and honour to get that coveted from you sir
FT'Shanki glad you liked it m8 and thnx for the lovely
ceo_tw yo yo, howz it goin m8 havent seen you much around these days, thnx for the nice
-IDDQD123- wow now thats a rocking comment line and
  JumperJack 18-May-2007
-0.27?! whoa, that's good!!

and about that last tech curve... in my first replay, 44.43, i did it even better, but when i found another trick to win a couple of tenths, i couldn't make it that fast again...

wow, smokey, this track is just sooo cool, and yes, cruesli is gooooood!!
  smok3y 20-May-2007
Thats the 1sttime ive seen a WR replay with that margin on my track
No one seems to even come close to it
You killed 'em all JJ
Lets see if someone can make a closer time
  JumperJack 20-May-2007
yes, i'm really happy with that!!

but smiie already drove a 44.27, he said, but he didn't upload it, and keysers personal record is only known by himself, so...
  TimeBreaker 21-May-2007
long tim no comment here (wow already 53 could soon break all records )
maybe im just advertising a track thatll get uploaded today, by a swedish guy you all know well and a german that, especially i know well
* lol i should delete that phrase^^*

oh after talking with speedy, and while he told me his award is superduper long i read it and... wow hes right, its superduperlong and so exciting (defnitely worth of staying in smokeys special glass cabinet ), but about 500 signs shorter than mine (hey, i never said "anger" is tricky or hard to drive i think its one of the easier shorttracks i know )
and wow a really nice award i have to make mine that funny and exciting too
maybe next time, with about 8000 signs xD
oh, i think i have to try this track again... i was so nooby while i drove my time, and now i will try to get on the podium so i have to kick smokey off the podium as he did on my track^^
if i can do that, im so happy, if not, i will never make any track aga.. oh uhm i will never make a rallye track

now was this comment necessary? defnitely not ! but im a bit bored and i try to push this tracks coments to a higher amount so it soon has the most comments of all tracks (marius and andree are leading with 81 comments, crusard is third with 60, so you can soon be on the podium )

i just read about the quote and the new wallpaper in the trackdetails.. thanks smokey i didnt knew that phrase was that inspirating for you
  smok3y 21-May-2007
You are definitely bored TB for sure
I say get a babe and go out to a disco, have fun and dance like a banana, that should help lolzzzz
Thats a very good gesture my friend in trying to raise the comment count to Andree's and Marius's tracks but remember we are the ones who raised the comments there, so well be trying to beat ourselves again lolzzzz
And yups go ahead and get me off the podium maybe that'll make me try and play my map again to see how fast JJ actually went, i havent had a chance to play my own map since the day i uploaded it but im sure i can be atleast xx.20 milliseconds behind JJ, catching him is a dream
  TimeBreaker 21-May-2007
haha smokey i dont go to the disco in the morning

well i can beat your time, im sure, but the evil curve stops me all the time
  SMiiE 28-May-2007
ok i had to upload my .27
i can't make better time because alway when i'm playing TMU for 5 min my Computer restarts itselve. don't know what's the problem.
  smok3y 29-May-2007
Thnx a lot SMiiE that time is definitely worth uploading my computer got the same bug too 5 minutes of playing and it hangs
  SMiiE 31-May-2007
thats really bad that your computer does the same.
now im bored like TB and wanna test some smilies:

wow great to use them, never used them before, i'll do it again

muahaha even better
  smok3y 01-Jun-2007
Hahaha lolzzz
BCS[Dizzy] thnx for the awesome banana powaa
Thnx for the 's to:-


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User Awards
Showing 77 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Fluffski 20-May-2007
wow, been away for a while but back now and look what i mist!!
Great track m8
Nice flow, jumps drifts and lots more.
Great MT work (as normal)
Sorry i mist this one m8.
Working on a time so i can upload it (trying to)
>>>> <<<< for you m8
User Award   Golo 21-May-2007
Think its your best stadium track!
Damn cool Intro and Outro!
Great Jumps and Trasitions!
Awesome Reuse! Nice Music
But I didnt like the Jump to the left over the hole...I always crashed somewhere, maybe a bit to hard.
User Award   MasterDisaster 21-May-2007
Lovely new screeny xD
Late award..sry
Beautiful track
You have not lost your stadium touch
Great speed and transitions
Amazing racing on the platform
Cool bumps and offroad

User Award   Sivert 21-May-2007
Superb track
Amazing concrete, great speed and flow
Only downside are nonworking respawns
Cool scenery and magic jumps

User Award   Shanki 23-May-2007
very smooth speedy track.... I LOVE IT

greez Shanki
User Award   ceo_tw 26-May-2007
GREAT speedy platform track with cool jumps, fun to play!
User Award   -IDDQD123- 28-May-2007

User Award   BCS[Dizzy] 30-May-2007
Wow Smok3y,Just got round to trying this track,absolute brilliance in design,great flow and speed and challenging good fast fun!Top Banana m8.Awesome!!
User Award   KAKASHI 03-Jun-2007
The best track on TMX for the moment ! It's the ultimate stadium track !
I really think you can't do better, so it's a big
User Award   SweHaze 07-Jun-2007
WOW smok3y! Your tracks are always shocking me!
Amazing speed!
Fantastic flow!
Great details and MT-work!
Superb screenshot!
Great work!
Wonderful track!!!
User Award   .roja 09-Jun-2007
Sorry for my late award smok3y.
but i must award it.
WOW whats a track.
awesome screen.
All of the track is just awesome.
and i love difficult tracks like this.
first time i've never reached the finish line but one day i've reached it
your hard earned awards.
>>> <<<
sry for my bad english
User Award   Bark 11-Jun-2007
So ~Cool~ and ¤Amazing¤ and *High-Speed*.
This track Is one of the best Tracks ~¤*EVER*¤~
User Award   crooms 16-Jun-2007
A bit late, but better late than never
What a track! Awesome transfers throughout this race
Great reuse, amazing speed, superb design
Deserves all the awards
And heres another --->
User Award   KekX 07-Jul-2007
( . )( . )
) . (
( V )
nice work
p.o.b. KekX (TMN: element-X)
User Award   jazzy 11-Oct-2007
I played this sometime ago on the BCS server, it was a great track and well deserving of an to be honest i'm surprised i didn't award this earlier
User Award   NastiSavage 22-Jul-2008
Very creative!
Excellent speed throughout!
I liked the transition from concrete to dirt and back to concrete.
Doing the whole run without sliding is a fun challenge in itself!
Best I can do so far is 47 seconds.
Lots of addiction on this track!
Mega fun!!

It is my pleasure to give this track its 76th award!
Well deserved smok3y!!
User Award   -daywalker- 10-Dec-2008
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