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Name: Snowlicious (stad car)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Leemay»LT | Inactive.
Version: 13-Jul-2010
Released: 11-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2939676
LB Rating: 19,133
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:33.86   GSA|Macx+ 0:00.0019,133
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0:33.99   neonthehandicappedkid+ 0:00.1318,692
0:34.04   Swagbo+ 0:00.1818,522
0:34.11   Schaegga+ 0:00.2518,285
0:34.22   diplo | mp+ 0:00.3617,912
0:34.22   mysen dk+ 0:00.3617,912
0:34.22   Smety´ <3+ 0:00.3617,912
0:34.25   FT»Marky+ 0:00.3917,810
0:34.32   BourbonKid3000+ 0:00.4617,573
0:34.37   Nim+ 0:00.5117,403
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Author Comments

Heya again tmx'orz. i think you still know that i'm a slow builder, so you had to wait a few weeks/months for this one. but here it finally is... my first envimix track. If you want to get some more informations, just read the details... if now, download the track and enjoy (:

Some details

some guys that were active in the LT forum still know, that i never succeeded in building a regular snow track. after the envimix was invented, i just tried to combine my favourite environment (stadium) with snow... and i think i built quite a good map. Ok... i'll never reach the skills of Craxx or Wallaby, who always made great stad @ snow tracks, but i think this one isn't bad either.

some track informations

The track itself has some cool transitions at the start and smooth jumps and drops... i think it's very flowy, and most of time easy, but it also has some tricky parts like that platform turn where you can get into a slide, or the transition through the tube that craxx already used, but i added respawns, so it won't be hard to finish it... whatever. i all in all used 3200 coppers... so the scenery isn't that light. but there shouldn't be lags. it has a length of about 35 seconds (not too long). so: have fun and try to get a good time... i'll reelease this one at sunday, and i won't change anything at this track (except in the fact anyone found a cut).


Skilla (LT-clan)
crusader X
Shock (LT-clan)
Redrot (LT-clan)


this time, there are just two showcases... one for the winner of the screencompo, and one for the track that inspired me most.

The first one is chosen by Rowie... he made that stunning, impressive, eyecatching and awesome screenie for this map. i'm proud to have such a nice screenie for this map

Small continent° | mtc by   ReviiLo :x

And the second one is for CraxX, who, like i already said, inspired me most with building the smoothest and best stadiumcar at snow map i have seen before.
Thank you for making it possible for me to build this track (:

snOWNED! [stadcar] by   CraxX

so... i think i said enough ... have fun wth driving this track, and don't forget to download and drive the showcased maps, too. That's the eay how showcases work

User Comments
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  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 11-Jul-2010

the award-thanks list *_*

Skilla : thank you dude... glad you enjoyed it
LIZT@Z: damnit. sorry for the update great time, though... you can always try again
*Speedy*: wow thank you, dude... yep, the screenie is impressive
Heinso: well... thank you, mate
Edge : wow... it's great to get such an award from a great builder like you (: thank you, dude
Cartman : i think there are some better stad @ snow maps... but thank you anyways
sTeImOlO : thank you no... it is as long as it was 2 weeks ago
>Grim reaper< : nice time... thank you for the award
Paddy : thank you, dude... but you still can improve your time
Wallaby : wow... great that you liked it

10 's

Kybermato aka Worm : well... the mixture makes the track ... thank you
sol666 : glad you enjoyed it though you don't like them
Enai Slaion : i didn't want to build a track for online... but somehow i did it ^^ thank you
Nickrev : well... i dunno if i'll build such a map again... but we'll see thank you (:
Shock : thank you, man
Joost : wow, dude... i'm glad to get such a nice award here thank you (:
Mysen dk : well... nice you enjoyed it
Redrot : woah, mate. thank you for that nice award
iRoC : Thank you (:
D!plo : better than stadium? glad to hear that from you

20 's

Marky : thank ya
Jenox : wow... thank you, mate (: i wanted to build a nice hunter... it's nice to see that i succeeded ^^
ohei2 : glad you enjoyed it
Katzenklo : thank you, mate
Crixu' : thank you for that short one

and already 400 downloads
  *speedy* 11-Jul-2010
Havent you upload this one before?
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 11-Jul-2010
euhm, no?... i just put it into the beta area?
  *speedy* 11-Jul-2010
Ah don't worry my bad.
I checked the beta session for the first time last week.
Thats where I saw this one
No worries and why did you update the track?
That dude had a nice time with that boost, I don't know if it was build on purpose there but it makes the track challenging.
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 11-Jul-2010
ah... ok. i already worried about that ^^

nah... i had to update it because i released the old trackversion that i had in beta... there were a few bugs, less scenery, an other intro, a crappy AT and no password sorry ._.
  Voyager006 11-Jul-2010
Gawd... i'm so fuckings bored of these 1-cam outros now -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-_-
They're on 90 % of all envimix maps that i've driven
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 11-Jul-2010
outros are overrated
but seriously... why should an outro be special? ... isn't it the track that should be nice?
but i can add an outro to this track and send it to you, though

(w00t: already 14 awards )
  Joost»LT 12-Jul-2010
I'm afraid you'll need to update it m8
I missed 2 engine blockers in my run
Maybe add an outro as well then?
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 12-Jul-2010
well, ok... that' a good reason to update it
will fix those cuts and make an outro
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 12-Jul-2010
32:4x surely works but not enough motivation to drive it.
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 12-Jul-2010
mhm... but as strange it is: i knew that something like that would happen, but i forgot to fix that -.-
well... nice driving, though, marci & mysen
  Joost»LT 13-Jul-2010
I could help fixin the cut with MT conditions if you'd want to use that method m8
You don't necessarily have to delete the respwawnway in order to fix it
  Leemay»LT | Inactive. 13-Jul-2010
sorry guys, but i had to update it ._.

Cut fixed (thanks to Joost)
outro added

mmeh -.-
  McBain 26-Jul-2010
nice map
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 32 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  FT»Marky 14-Jul-2010
  Jenox 14-Jul-2010
Great track mate!
Lovely transitions, and not too hard.
IMO a great one for hunting.

Rating: 8.5/1o
  ohei2 14-Jul-2010
Good build, nice mix.
  Katzenklo 22-Jul-2010
awesome work m8
  Crixu' 23-Jul-2010
Nice one!


  FT|Joyeux 23-Aug-2010
Really really fun one
  FT»Rast 08-Sep-2010
Realy nice envmix. Good Job ^^
  Sriver 12-Sep-2010
Great envimix track with excellent transitions!

Awesome screen!

>> <<

  xBOPE 15-Oct-2010
  Draco35 23-Dec-2010
not too hard...just fun driving
  Schaegga 05-Mar-2011
  XdaC 24-Oct-2013
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