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Name: Download Take the Time
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 12-May-2007
Released: 12-May-2007
TMX id: 292910
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,384
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:55.36   Dengel+ 0:00.0029,384
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0:56.67   tcq+ 0:01.3125,212
0:57.87   Feanor+ 0:02.5121,390
1:00.63   DaKKoN+ 0:05.2712,600
1:01.10   BrummHummel+ 0:05.7411,104
1:02.07   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:06.718,015
1:03.62   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:08.263,078
1:03.77   Andree+ 0:08.412,601
1:04.50   Sivert+ 0:09.14276
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Author Comments

Track #23: Island

Just another island track by Andree
Bigger screenie

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  TimeBreaker 12-May-2007
the bigger screenie is also 320 x 240
  Dengel 12-May-2007
  Andree 12-May-2007
TimeBreaker ---> i have updated with the bigger screenie now

Thx for the awards:
BrummHummel looks like you have played this track a lot to achive that awesome time
[ATP]Crawdaddy its indeed hard to respawn from the tunnelsection, but i made it several times during testing
Racerspooky hope to see a islandtrack from you
Sivert i like your opening in the awardtext
TYZZ the more time you use on this track, the better it gets (IMO) Thx for taking your time so you enjoyed the race
Mirco the Racer
JuneRaT ~GER~
DaKKoN wow awesome feedback. I think i have read your awardcomment over 10 times now I dont think you can make the jump over at the ending, but i added it because lot of users are way faster then me. If you watch DEnGel's replay he reduce the airtime over the hill to a minimum As a author is such awesome feedbacks that give me the motivation to build more tracks. I think i needed that
tcq would be nice to see a replay --> impressive replay
Feanor awesome replay
  BrummHummel 12-May-2007
jupp.. round about 25 minutes... but under 1.00 is definitivly possible.. maybe under 59.00
the tight curves are deciding about good or bad times and also both tunnel-parts
the greatest point on this track is that it can bring a lot of fun after finding the best line.. first attempts it was really frustrating
  Vincent 12-May-2007
Sorry, this one is too hard for me again - couldn´t make it to the finish. After crashing 15 times in a row at the same transition I usually give it up - maybe I´m too impatient... but when the fun is gone I leave.
  Andree 13-May-2007
Thx for testing the track Vincent and giving feedback. Tried to make a bit unusual track compared to the other highspeed tracks i make in island
This one turned out pretty hard and much more technical then my normal stuff. To like the track i guess you need to invest much time in it
  Dengel 13-May-2007
yep but thats cool
  Andree 13-May-2007
DEnGel i watched your replay, you are shaving off every turn, never skids, i think its a perfect round
Very impressive driving
  Dengel 13-May-2007
  MasterDisaster 15-May-2007
Holy cow Dengy..your time is crazy
  tcq 15-May-2007
Here is your replay
Maybe i try the 55 soon xD
  *speedy* 16-May-2007
sorry, but i just can't like it
It's not really my style
maybe cool track for the lovers of this style
Next time more luck

  Dengel 16-May-2007
lol my time is weak ... 54 low is possible 53 too ....
  DaKKoN 16-May-2007
  smok3y 16-May-2007
comment part I :-

Ehum...well thats what Markus... and JumperJack normally use when they are clearing their throats Lolzzzz
Sometimes when i was new to it i wondered what the hell did it actually mean..
I thought its probably the starting sound of their car ehummm hummmm vrooooomm Lolzzzz
Well i kind of like it now so I'll say
Ehum...Of lately I've seen your liking for the musical side of life Andree
Didnt actually know you were much into music and all and penning down some lovely lyrics for songs, saw 'em on you award comments on the other tracks
So i thought "well if you like it then ill get something like it for this Masterpiece of a track you gave us "

comment part II on the right side >>>
  Andree 19-May-2007
Thx MasterDisaster once again you take the time to test and award one of my tracks. Always nice to see your positive feedbacks. And yes --> i was hoping to create something that DEnGel would love to play, therefor the style is much more of him then my regular stuff. At first this first half of the track was aiming for a techtrack together with PapyChampy, but he never finished this one and after a month i gave up and made the second half of the track also
Thx bigxxx
Thx Ebou what a wonderful award
Thx maphios another great award from you i guess the FX bug will go away if you had a better graphic-card. Impressive to hear you play this track in black and white
Thx pjw i got to admit i like to see you struggle in one of my tracks, 'cause i can say i have used a lot of time on some of yours creative tracks
Thx smok3y once again you take the time to write me another masterpiece-award and you found the lyrics of the song i used to name this track. I love to hear the miusic of Dream Theater, and i was reading of the cover from one of their disc when i found this beauty of a song, i think it fits the track just perfectly. You need to Take the Time to enjoy this one, the longer you play it the better it becomes. And its a real pleasure to read your reviews after playing one of my tracks. Its such great -comments that make me continue to create tracks to this game. Please stay and continue to do it, then i have the motivation for the future, 'cause i have to admit i need it at the moment
Thx bachl just like i award
Thx BoB
Thx Gerthulf glad you liked the ideas behind the track
Thx Ravager nice to see you can play some islandtracks, hope you get the bigger machine up and running after a while
Thx Master_Track i just happen to love your tracks, so i will continue to play and award them
  smok3y 20-May-2007
Thnx for the nice & lovely comments Andree
And we all are here to help and motivate each other, cause that is what makes us a community
So dont surprise me by saying you need motivation but dont worry we can all keep you entertained with funny jokes and comments, and i m all ways there, i was born in Cartoon Network with Daffy Duck and Buggs Bunny.... Eh! Wats up Doc??
  Andree 09-Jun-2007
Thx rdg nice award, and thx for your other awards today
Thx Rax much more tricky if you need to restart, but they work
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 40 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   tyzz 14-May-2007
few first runs I hated this track.....some crapps and bad turns

the other runs...incredible fun to play
I have driven during one hour in this track for master it (my best is 1:06.xx lolz bad time )
i like this one 'cause
- nice lil' reuse
-good li' aeroport part
-awesome offroadin
-incredible new indeas
-simple intro but awesome outro
- wonderful screenie
-nice scenery
-awesome scenery

User Award   Mirco the Racer 14-May-2007
Its not your best map but really a cool thing here

Just an awesome techincal island track because
it has this serious crazy ideas
Which make it so funny.

The Mediatracker intro is one of coolest i have seen
until now. I like it also the outro rocks.

Great scenery and very cheep track

for you work

Mirco the Racer
User Award   JuneRaT ~GER~ 14-May-2007
Hey Andree,

Great Island Track...
Nice Jumps....
Cool Tech Curves...
Nice Intro....
Cool Screenshot....
Great Outro....
Nice Idea´s....
Cool Work


bye bye JuneRat
User Award   DaKKoN 14-May-2007
I'd never thought I'd actually love a tech track.
Well you did it...


I dunno what it is about this track, but it just keeps you going. Very addicitve!! The design is very unconventional, but very pleasent to race/watch So although it has a low copper-count, which is good for online racing off course, it looks very very good The flow you can achieve is awesome and the track ain't even that hard (imho ) it's just that with the speed you create, those turns become very fast en therefor harder So the faster you go the harder it is, but the bigger the challenge and I believe I already said it was addictive, this is just an addition on the playing time
The outro might be a little "light" but does give a nice overview And the rest of the MT is also great!!
Well I think I understand how DEnGel got to his time since I can go faster to!! But is it possible to do the last jump to finish as an actual jump ?? Diagonal over the roadpieces straight into finish ?? Is it possible to create so much speed ??
Well I think this is the best Island tech-track I've ever driven (soz DEnGel.. ) I think this will see lots of online fun !!!
An extremely well deserved !!!!

User Award   tcq 15-May-2007
What an awesome track dude
Great transitions and cool turns, so cool
Think i have to upload a time soon xD
User Award   publicPUBLIC 15-May-2007
Very cool track!
Cool ideas and transitions
Very much fun
Cool screenie
Great work
User Award   Feanor 15-May-2007
really great tech-track Andree!
quite hard at first, but once you get it right you just keep getting faster and faster.
User Award   MasterDisaster 15-May-2007
Really great techy track Andree!!
Some of the transitions here remind me some Dengy's track..when we're speaking about islandtech, he's our real teacher uhu?
I can still recognize your own touch with some really strange and original transitions
Nice and interesting reuse of the start part (also well showed in the outro )
Nice transition that one ^^
Nice and simple design
Cool MT
Great work dude..

User Award   Bigxxx 15-May-2007
OmG andree whatta track cool work Like it really
User Award   » Ebou / Busy! 16-May-2007
Nice Andree!!

Crazy and cool ideas
Screenies awesome
Cool MT
Brilliant m8,

User Award   maphios 16-May-2007
this one isn´t : just another track
it´s really a super track !
Damn good layout, especially the reuse at the start is excellent
and the rest flows so well just like a river
i like this style
somehow i had to drive in black&white the whole time (i think it was a FX color bug)
but that was still fun on this great track

User Award   pjw 16-May-2007
Very, very creative track--island technical is not really to my taste, and I initially didn't like the track much at all, but after playing it for a while (and finally getting gold) it sort of started growing on me a bit more.

Regardless of my personal enjoyment of the track, I can certainly appreciate the creativity involved, and the very different layout and use of the different blocks.

I really do hate the one tunnel restart --> offroad bit though. Really difficult to continue from that checkpoint; it felt more like a platform track at that point.

Really unusual and creative track!
User Award   smok3y 16-May-2007
Just let me catch my breath
Ive heard the promises
Ive seen the mistakes
Ive had my share of tough breaks
I need a new voice, a new law, a new way
To take the time, reevaluate
Its time to pick up the peices,
Go back to square one
I think its time for a change

There is something that I feel
To be something that is real
I feel the heat within my mind
And craft new challenges with my eyes
Giving freely wandering promises
A place with decisions Ill fashion
I wont waste another breath

You can feel the waves coming on
(its time to take the time)
Let them destroy you or carry you on
(its time to take them time)
Youre fighting the weight of the world
But no one can save you this time
Close your eyes
You can find all you need in your mind

The unbroken spirit
Obscured and disquiet
Finds clearness this trial demands
And at the end of this day sighs an anxious relief
For the fortune lies still in his hands

If theres a pensive fear, a wasted year
A man must learn to cope
If his obsessions real,
Supression that he feels must turn to hope

Life is no more assuring than love
(its time to take the time)
Youre fighting the weight of the world
And no one can save you this time
Close your eyes
You can find all that you need in your mind

I close my eyes
And feel the water rise around me
Drown in the beat of time
Let my senses fall away
I cna see much better now, Im blind

Find all you need in your mind
If you can take the time

Like it??? well not sure if you do but thats the best one i found..Its from Dream Theater..good song if you ever get a chance to listen to it
The track just flows like that song, its all about "If you take time" and you really have to take time here, i took almost 4 days since you released the track to see all the nuances and the intricacies of building such a marvelous track.
Everything falls so perfectly into the other, its like it was all picked up in a ready made shop. Beautifully crafted out of the island blocks and awesomly designed and executed.Pure perfect tech style challenge with all the room for the skilled players to try out their skills.A couple of areas were my fav. The one drop after the platform into the tunnel and the road wallride move to offroad That was amazing just sheer brilliance. The whole track actually is brilliant. But you know a few moments catch you in that "jaw dropping" look like>>> those were the ones for me. You again marvelled a beauty and why not for a Legend of your caliber the Bar of Performance should be raised everytime and with every map. I dont prefer tech maps really, especially in island as im a n00b, but these few ones are amazing. Cause some mappers ive allready seen while trying to make tech maps get so overloaded with tech that it feels like driving in a place where everythin was made to Kill You & your car as if you had done something wrong to that mappers family, so he is taking revenge on you. But I knew i can allways expect pure flow and smoothness and brilliance ina tech map from you as well and that is what I got. I loved the ones made by ORA too they were beautiful as well, and this one is amazing with a lot of more variety. And MT work is outstanding as allways with those cameras and FX color effects, a pleasure to watch. Thnx for the lovely map once again
User Award   bachl 17-May-2007
Wow andree
´cool ideas
great mt work
nice jumps
super transitions
User Award   BoB 18-May-2007
oh great a technical track in speed mode
and yup its a nice trikky one
i smackt somuch on a wall
or landid on my roof again
my car needs to be fixt

i just like this track
greets BoB
User Award   Gerthulf 18-May-2007
hard but awesome trackbuilding...
man... that is really a wonderful thing.
so many great ideas, with such a technical side.
I try to reach the finish still in one good run, but one day: I WILL REACH WITHOUT CHRASHES!!!!!


User Award   Rava 18-May-2007
really awesome work here, Andree, feels soo smooth, techincal concept develping some great speed, some smooth run, some great feeling :
I'd love to try your other island track but I cant after been away of having huge problems with my PC I've got a 4year old graphics system so it laggs like hell on bay and island
Due to having a litlle number of coppers it's really enjoyable and soo superb!
User Award   Master_Track (TMBreak) 19-May-2007
What a shame on me, you always try my tracks and I never gave a try to a TMU track from you... Sorry!

That's what I call a SURPRISING track!!
Because it surprises you with unexpected turns, jumps and ideas!! But anyway, it isn't hard, nor unsmooth!!!
Loved the style of the track, also the scenery.
Super MT work.

Amazing track
User Award   rdg 09-Jun-2007
pretty simple map, with some superduper ideas. i´m not the biggest island fan but that challenge is a holly one
User Award   Rax 12-Aug-2007
Not bad, alright jump. Not too friendly for people restarting from checkpoints i found but other than that
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