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Track Name
Name: Big Banana
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SMiiE
Version: 12-May-2007
Released: 12-May-2007
TMX id: 292856
LB Rating: 25,344
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:54.28   JumperJack+ 0:00.0025,344
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:54.83   Marius 89+ 0:00.5523,803
0:55.90   CraxX+ 0:01.6220,805
0:56.35   SMiiE+ 0:02.0719,545
1:06.77   OLDA_X+ 0:12.490
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Author Comments

this Stadium Track is make for the TMX Track-Contest.
I know that many of the judges are skilled in Stadium, that's why i made a Stadium Track again.
I build a Bay Track, too, but when my Hard disk got broken the map was deleted. So only one Track for the Contest.
Brake in the Air and hold Gas if you jump.

Intro: Yes
Ingame: Yep
Outro: Yes, my best i think
Coppers: Exactly 5,000

Loop: Yes, two Loops
Wallride: One Wallride
Wallride-Loop: Yes, i hope you'll understand how to drive it
Offroad: Yes
Platform: Yes

Author Time: 0:53.70

Have fun

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User Comments
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  TimeBreaker 12-May-2007
whoa, gotta test it immediately
  SMiiE 12-May-2007
Thx for TimeBreaker
Thx for X-MASTER
Thx for T_Z_
Thx for OLDA_X
Thx for p-devil
Thx for CRO|Low_B
Thx for pitstep
Thx for smok3y
Thx for [ATP] Alcator
Thx for JumperJack I mostly agree with most things you said. when i build tracks i try to make them Intermediate for me, that means that every try can be finished. it's hard for me to estimate the other players and a track shouldn't be too easy. So skilled players like you and Marius will easily get a time and most of the players in this community, which aren't good, won't reach the finish line in my tracks.
this is my style and i won't change it. and 2nd: i think an author time should be very good because it shows that someone is very good on the track if he/she beats this time
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User Awards
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  TimeBreaker 12-May-2007
woooohooow (first awarder)
woooohooow (new smiie track)
what great stadium track, dude
this track is so much fun to play, and i really had it, even if my first tries were crap

the screenie looks cool
the intro is long and got tha cool effect of faster and slower camrides
the outro is pretty cool, tons of different cams all the way

the track i really amazing, it got a cool start section with a little dirt part, that is a bit tricky in the first tries, then a section with a loop, and a wallride to loop combination then a bit plattform with jumps and another wallride, with a very tricky jump after it. then again on plattform with a longer ride, and an alged curve with a little road piece and again a plattform part. then another loop and again plattform with some last steering until the last plattform with some cam effects tries t trick you not to jump in one of those 2 finishes
this track is great. its very very tricky to drive perfect (and my fps drop down ), but its so well built, with all of those nicei deas and combinations and smooth jumps and everthing else

great work smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee !! :award
  X-MASTER 12-May-2007
This is one hell of a track
SUper just SUper
Really some super idias , nice cp respawning
great loops
super wallride idea
nice transitions
nice jump on platform
Great one !!!
Well done
Greatz Of X-M
  T_Z_ 12-May-2007
Great track Smiie

Very fun nonstop action
Great speed
Nice jumps
Cool loops
Very cool ideas
Sometimes it's very unstable
Cool platform racing
Good job

  OLDA_X 12-May-2007


.... .... OLDA_X
  p-devil 13-May-2007
Wow, amazing construction, nice transitions!
Love it, great work!
  CRO|Low_B 13-May-2007
Big for Big Banana!
  pitstep 13-May-2007
very nice ideas
hard cool track
  smok3y 13-May-2007
Good map >>
comments will be added after the contest is over as per rules
  Alcator 17-May-2007

Judging review

Big Banana (by Smiie)
(Stadium track)
I’m quite glad this track comes right after Alive in alphabetical ordering, as it allows me to compare a bit on some of the aspects.
Big Banana is definitely one of the more frustrating tracks; it took me dozens of tries to finish this, and instead of the typical fashion of “Going – crashing – restarting – getting much further – crashing again – restarting – getting even further...”, here it was “Crashing – restarting – crashing at the same place – restarting – crashing once again in the same place...”
The reason for this being the crowdedness of the hard parts in this one, mainly the “off-road–turn–loop–bumps–up-side-down-wallride–blind jump” sequence, where a little mistake leads to disastrous ends. The nasty roof on the exit from the second wallride doesn’t help either, and the next jump against the air obstacle is perhaps too much. This is why I rate Fun Factor quite low, and also reduce Design score.
Surprisingly, right after that jump, the difficulty magically drops to very acceptable level, with enough space between “obstacles” to correct any mistake you make.
As far as innovativeness is considered, this track does serve the goal of inspiring others: it shows a way to build difficult combinations of obstacles/stunts (the very thing that makes the track frustrating for me will undoubtedly be praised by those who seek difficult challenges), the up-side-down wallride is also not seen very often. There are some other rarely seen moments later in the track. Still, I’ve seen all this before, so the innovativeness is in “the way” it’s put together rather than in “what” is put together.
Both scenery and MediaTracker are used well, although a GPS is missing in this track.

Design: 11 TPs
Presentation: 8 TPs
Fun Factor: 3 TPs
Theme of the month: 6 TPs
Total: 28 TPs
  JumperJack 28-May-2007
Originally posted by JumperJack (tmx mtc may) ...

Design: Like we’re used to, SMiiE has build a full-speed stadium track again!! His tracks are always among the fastest, and also among the most difficult full-speed tracks there are, and this one is absolutely no exception to that rule!! It’s a really flowing track at many parts, and a real challenge to master, and even to finish!! However, there’re some less smooth parts too. For example, you’ve got that looping, and the reuse at that part. You’ve got to drive to that part as straight as possible, and without having steered the second before, when you want to succeed it. However, it’s almost impossible to drive it like that constantly, because it only really works when going full speed, but you’ll crash many times at that point. I’ll give you 12 points for the design.

Presentation: The scenery is nice, but the amount of it makes this track a no-no to play online, however, it also isn’t really designed to play online. There’re really lots of pass-throughs in the intro, fast ones, but they’re really obvious, and a fade-out to the actual race could’ve been nice too. The camera-effect at the finish in the ingame MT is really not fun, since almost everyone will, when getting to that part for the first time, crash at the finish, at least, I did!! The outro is quite fast, and quite fun to watch. 5 points for the presentation.

Fun Factor: This track is absolutely fun to hunt the world record on, but SMiiE, you’ve got to learn something about motivation. When someone thinks that he drove a quite good run after 20 minutes trying, and then finds out that there’re still 1,5 seconds between his time and the authortime, he won’t be so motivated anymore to drive the track again and again. You could go on like this and produce tracks with the best authortimes around, or else, you should have to try to drive less perfect runs there, but that’s totally up to you!! 4 points for the fun factor.

Theme of the Month: The theme says innovation, and this track is quite innovative. The new kind of corkscrew is fun, there’re a couple of partly new transitions, but overall, the track isn’t really innovative. I’ll give you 8 points at this topic.

Conclusion: An adrenalating full-speed stadium track, like we’re used to at SMiiE’s, quite innovative, but there’re still some less flowing parts in it. That brings this track up to a total score of 29 points.

an for you
  CraxX 15-Jul-2007
man ur not only a great driver ur even a great builder.....

great platformparts....nice dirt....amazin jumps.....fantastic mt-work

get ur

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