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Track Name
Name: coastradition
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sol666
Version: 21-Jun-2010
Released: 21-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2898401
LB Rating: 52,449
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Coast
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0:43.58   Sango » United+ 0:00.0052,449
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0:43.67   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.0951,799
0:43.93   kOke.+ 0:00.3549,922
0:44.17   Ozzy_+ 0:00.5948,189
0:44.21   Acid+ 0:00.6347,900
0:44.38   Nova.bazz+ 0:00.8046,672
0:44.51   sTeImOlO+ 0:00.9345,733
0:44.80   DaKKoN+ 0:01.2243,639
0:45.02   mlokan+ 0:01.4442,050
0:45.13   Psikopate+ 0:01.5541,256
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Author Comments


now it is time for something traditional. everybody is trying new envi combinations, so i build a traditional coast track. just for the fun of it.

the track is quite hard i think, rather better for time attack than rounds mode. some cps are hard to respawn, so i added a little helper and alternative routes. intro took quite a while, would be great if someone takes the time to watch it

some facts:
- intro
- outro
- gps
- ingame mt:
- mood: sunrise
- coppers: 3628

medal times:
- author: 0:44.61
- : 0:47.00
- : 0:52.00
- : 1:02.00

beta tester:

hope you enjoy!


bedankt hank
grazie master
thx acid
danke bozz
danke paddy
thx juju
thx sriver
danke dr.eile
thx wardav
thx iroc
kiitos kybermato
kiitos pantseri
thx mysen
thx psikopate
thx sTeImOlO
thx mab
thx hongo'o
thx blizark
danke davwader
thx luc sky
gracias osaka
thx crixu
merci dloyolb
danke mrg
thx medina
thx s8ndm8n
thx stoney
thx timo
thx yukon
danke pepss
takk nospor
merci marcel
thx mlokan
thx alex
thx olda_x


showcase: hank's second coast track, worth a try

The Resistance by   hankmcwallace

User Comments
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  wormi 21-Jun-2010
Feedback coming soon
  DaKKoN 25-Jun-2010
It's a well mapped and brilliant map!!
But we've had "the discussion" before Hehe I saw you mixed @ least on 1 occasion. That could have been solved with the editor-bug instead tbh... (GP-block instead of the "turn-GP-block". Would have looked slightly less good though. So that might have been the reason for you? Anywayz, this track shows again what sort of a great builder you are!! It flows, it goes and it's SO addictive. Also the scenery looked marvelous!!

  sol666 25-Jun-2010
bedankt dakkon
3 mixed blocks actually (the two big signs are also mixed).

reason for the gp corner is simple: it is a downward corner, needed to get down from the diagonal gp block. using the editor bug would have caused the road to be one block longer, speed would have been to high for the "tight" transition then. i always try to use blockmix in a decent way, so you don't really notice it as disturbing for the track. just have a look at offshore for example. 99% mixed, but the only mix you really notice is the water.
  wardav 07-Jun-2020

You are another with whom I will not talk now about the perfect map,
but mainly the incredible work of MT. Especially your INTRO art !
This downright devilish intro of yours is a testament to the great art
and precision of the game, how to really play with it, and this is the real result that few in the world can do:TMX:

This other beautiful INTRO (I leave you here in a link from Diplo),
which I have not really seen anywhere with any author
and which also really deserves great admiration and thanks for such amazing work and feeling after all these years.
which you put into it.
Thank you very much, this charming presentation of the map,
which today can hardly be done.

Hat down Sol666

Diplo´s ART :
MiniPeace Fragius by   diplo | mp

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User Awards
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  Luc Sky 27-Jun-2010
To hard for me.
But ..... great GPS and .... boy what a great Mod. I like the early morning look.
  FT»Osaka 29-Jun-2010
I have to say, this map is great for a sweet ride at 2:20 am

Probably the earliest time of the day I'm ever writing an award. It's 2:20 am and I got impressed by the awesomeness of this map. I was actually testing a new car for my coasting and I saw this map, and thought "hmmm... Sol666 is a great builder... Let's try it out " and, as the rageguy says after having something done right, "F*ck yea".
Awesome map, really smooth transitions and flow all over the place, subtle but smooth mixing, great turns and offset drops that make a car leave skidmarks in the ground... Also great deco and MT, and greatly used blocks. One of the best coasts I've played in a while, and so deserves the award. (late at night, seriously cba to give the actual mark) and a flowy award *bump bump* there it is!

From some random spanish guy who is up too late, a.k.a.

  Crixu' 29-Jun-2010
Very nice one, keep it up!


  dloyolb 29-Jun-2010
Just Marvellous.
Amazing Mt Work
Hard Flow : I love it.
  MrG-81 03-Jul-2010
to hard for me (i am only good in stadium)
But the track is vey nice... cool racing line and good to look i still like it.
  medina 04-Jul-2010
good track
  s8ndm8n 10-Jul-2010
Damn impressive work
  Stoney 25-Aug-2010
fun map
  timo 941 03-Sep-2010
Nice track with smooth transitions. This one shows that there's no need to mix the envis, just coast is cool

  yukon 09-Sep-2010
fantastic track, just great

great flow and very fun

great mt

  pepss1023 03-Dec-2010
Awesome track
Fun to drive
Its smooth
and it looks great
Here is your
Cheers Pepsy
  nospor 18-Jan-2011
  Marcel le Poivrot 18-Jan-2011
Damn forgot my awaed
Wot a great coaster
The smoothness itself
  mlokan 18-Jan-2011
Very nice hard fast track good work
  Alex BF 23-Jan-2011

>>>> <<<<
  OLDA_X 25-Jan-2011
Really nice coast track , In first try really difficult , but smooth and easy now , good job

.... .... OLDA_X
  kOke. 16-Mar-2012
Lovely map!
Great job with MT, as always

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