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Name: Oceans Six [2010]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 18-Jun-2010
Released: 16-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2883534
LB Rating: 53,127
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:56.91   Zemano !+ 0:00.0053,127
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.18   osna+ 0:00.2751,615
0:57.56   maze+ 0:00.6549,486
0:57.77   GrimR+ 0:00.8648,310
0:58.10   Freddy Mountain+ 0:01.1946,461
0:58.10   Crixu'+ 0:01.1946,461
0:58.26   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.3545,565
0:58.62   OLDA_X+ 0:01.7143,549
0:57.99   Dag@bert+ 0:01.08-
0:58.39   davwader+ 0:01.48-
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Author Comments

This is the Island3 captain speaking, and due to the fact i hate giving speaches/author comments i'm not gonna do that, and just skip right to the track info

AT: 58.02

Captain: Khan_Cipher

Part 1: Khan_Cipher
Part 2: ATP»Jeffguy1542»LT
Part 3: smartyyy
Part 4: davwader
Part 5: returnOfLolig
Part 6: >Grim Reaper<

Intro: ATP»Jeffguy1542»LT
Ingame MT (incl. player names): Khan_Cipher
Outro: >Grim Reaper<
Scenery: Davwader
Screenshot: smartyyy
Validation: returnOfLolig

User Comments
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  Frx ben75 17-Jun-2010
Quote ...
really easy

Easy? I can't finish it! In my opinion, the difficulty should be "expert" at least. You should change the last respawn way, it is almost impossible to reach the finish. Maybe, I am a very big noob.
  FT»lolig 17-Jun-2010
to the comment of: Frx ben75
this track is rated Lunatic (its harder then hard)

to all who awarded the map:
(i know its not my job to say this but I'm glad that some people apprectiate our long work)
  GrimR 17-Jun-2010
I knew that the finish is hard. I mean it's easy for me, but I shouldn't have built it like that -_-'
  Redrot»LT 18-Jun-2010
@Frx Ben

You were calling yourself the biggest noob ever on PPO...
  *speedy* 18-Jun-2010
If that name is referred to lost than it should be: Oceanic six
If not than there's nothing wrong and i'm a loser ...
  Frx ben75 18-Jun-2010
@Redrot»LT : I sometimes think it because the tracks seem often too hard for me. Maybe, I am just too bad for this game.
  eyebo.wp 18-Jun-2010
Sorry to invalidate your times all. Especially a big apology to dag since he worked so hard for his.
I updated the track with the correct author login.

@ben75 Everyone has varying skill levels. I consider myself to be an above average driver... but there's plenty of insanely difficult tracks that are too hard for me as well... so sometimes I drive them to try to improve my skills... but mostly I stick to easier tracks I can have fun on... there's plenty of them around. My advice to you is to do the same... and when a track is marked expert or lunatic... it's not always necessary to say its too hard for you... just move on to the next track. What authors really want to hear is constructive critiques. They know that it will be too hard for some people. Others enjoy the challenge though. And that's what is great about Trackmania... there's something for everyone... for every skill level.
  osna 18-Jun-2010
hmpf.... eyebo
  Frx ben75 18-Jun-2010
This track was updated, but I see no real difference (maybe the author login^^) The last part doesn't seem to be respawnable. It's too hard for me!!!
Sorry, I can't give an award because I can't finish it!
  GrimR 18-Jun-2010
WTF???!!! .The last part IS respawnable >
  eyebo.wp 19-Jun-2010
Sorry O$NA. But better to do it now than when more people have played it. Sorry we didn't catch it earlier. It may not seem like a big deal when you've downloaded it here, but when people see it on TMRS or other servers... it's better that the author login reflects how it was a group effort.

@ben75... yes the only thing updated was the author login. Even the Author Time is the same.
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User Awards
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  Chomp 16-Jun-2010
nice job, lil' hard for me tough, some parts i just can't right,
anyway nice job
  Techno! 17-Jun-2010
Nice map, no problems
  .Fakecheese» 17-Jun-2010
Nice track

- Fakecheese»BC
  Cartman»LT 17-Jun-2010
great work! really easy, trasitional and fun all i prefer
  OLDA_X 17-Jun-2010
Great FS track with nice jumps and some cool parts .Very well calculated jums and own way too .
But i find some bugs .. Camera in to the first corkscrew is not work and some checkpoints is not restartable . All in all this track really playable and cool !!

.... .... OLDA_X
  Nim 17-Jun-2010
great one!
really smooth
  FT»N!co 17-Jun-2010
Nice track great work
  Dag@bert 17-Jun-2010
Normally I don't award tracks with such a hard finish - I mean, you try to make a nice run and once you got one, it's destroyed 1000000% with this damned finish. In my opnion a finish should be the easiest part of a track (Guys, that's not a 15sec-track !). There are some really heavy spots to master and even some hard possibilities for noslide - especially after the corksrcew and the cp behind it - and that is hard enough to drive I think.

To avoid misunderstandings: I like hard and challenging tracks, but with a too hard finish I loose my patience.
But not completely in this case: the track is so smooth, entertaining and challenging, that I could not stop driving it. And though I had some runs 0.7 seconds faster at the last cp and crashed again at this ***** finish, I still enjoyed the next try on this great track. So enjoy my bad slidet replay now. ^^

Maybe if my anger is gone, I'll try it again next year. ^^

greetz, Dago
  osna 17-Jun-2010
nice track
not as hard as i thought after reading dago's award
the finish wasn't the hardest part for me. it was the tranition from road to concrete infront fo the last wallride! i crashed a lot there. jumping a bit too far to the left and that's it....
great teamwork. feels like one track!!!
nice work!!! --->

  Redrot»LT 18-Jun-2010
A few issues here

The ingame mt was hideous, i hated the text because it ruined the ride imo
The start was...nothing special.

However the rest was great. A nice easy flowing map with some cool transitions.I especially loved sammons and jeffguys parts. Overall, this map was just a real blast to play once I got past the things i disliked. GJ guys, another great island map for the books.

8.5/10-.5 for the mt
  Crixu' 25-Jun-2010
Very nice and underrated track!


  Rushon 03-Oct-2010
  NoTimeToDrive 23-Mar-2019
Great Track!!
Like it
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