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Name: CowBoys
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y+DaKKoN
Version: 08-May-2007
Released: 08-May-2007
TMX id: 285793
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:40.12   »Mec¬Phil.Fwo+ 0:00.00-
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0:40.53   Acid+ 0:00.41-
0:40.68   X-ray+ 0:00.56-
0:40.89   Keenou+ 0:00.77-
0:41.20   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:01.08-
0:41.23   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.11-
0:41.54   SneezR+ 0:01.42-
0:41.59   rad+ 0:01.47-
0:41.72   insane+ 0:01.60-
0:41.74   [LoRd]Keyser+ 0:01.62-
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Author Comments

Tresspasers will be shot!! ^^ Survivors will be shot again!!!!!

Be-ware, for here comes smok3y - The Killer & Dakkon - The Bandit
Rulers of the desert, Beggars of the desert, kids of the deserts, camels of the desert, and everything else-I heard there are Aliens in the desert too stay away from this place, cause we own it - else - you have read the first line, Haaven't Ya!!

And then again, for the Brave..

Here is~
Funny Sequences(Hidden ofcourse - you'd have to be a Big n00b, errr, Detective to find 'em)

Special Effects~
Intro- smok3y
Outro- dakkon
Poster(screenshot for n00bs)- smok3y
Validation- Dakkon

Custom Music~ Hugo Montenegro - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Get The "Most Wanted" Poster Here

Now get yer Tail between your legs and run outta here..hoo haaa haa haaa
Laymans lingo- Go play the map buddy

A Duo Production> smok3y- The Killer & DaKKoN- The Bandit

User Comments
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  smok3y+DaKKoN 08-May-2007
Hope this was fun to play
  smok3y 08-May-2007
Was so much fun makin this map with you my friend
You are an amazing builder.
This map proves it, highly adaptive to the duo works, the way you make things and the way you incorportae flow in your maps and brilliant new ideas, im amazed i never could have made it half as good as what this is alone
Way to go Dakkon - The Bandit
  SweSebbe (Tmn/Tmnf) 08-May-2007
I hope I will like it, Because I hate this enviroment
  smok3y+DaKKoN 08-May-2007
We hope you do like it sebbe
Thnx for the great to >>




























-=Mirco the Racer=-


  DaKKoN 08-May-2007
I'm honoured,
you killer

I also had so much fun building with you m8!!!
You are truly exceptional in refining a track!!!
Scenery-King is also a term I can't keep from you
The flow you brought to this track was exactly right imho and the track wouldn't have gotten this beautifull without your expertise and free time you had... Building this with you was a great experience. And then the speed we builded with... Awesome In less then a week we created this one I think ?? I'm affraid I'll ring your doorbell again for a new map in the near future...
  -IDDQD123- 08-May-2007
yes i dont like this environment too^^
in reason of this i can't put on a replay
but great track
  SneezR 08-May-2007
soooo DaKKoN next for ya

Do you want to see it?
  smok3y+DaKKoN 08-May-2007
(DaKKoN says:) Show me what you got !!
  SneezR 08-May-2007
I hope this time is too fast for ya xD
  DaKKoN 08-May-2007
OMG !!!!
LoL I knew it was possible to go under 42s, but that much ?!!?!?!
WoW And again I get beaten by you... (I don;t think I can beat that )
  Vincent 08-May-2007
I tried to play it, but I got lost all the time. I also tried with someone´s replay, but I couldn´t follow well, and when the other car was out of sight, I got lost again. It might be a good track, but for a Desert newbie like me there´s some intuitiveness missing - sorry.
  smok3y 08-May-2007
Lolz Insane thats a humongous award

And Andree too gave a big one...ehum..i mean't his award guys..*sheesh* - you dirty minds

Markus thats way too much speeed deeeeed sppppeeedddd ppeeeedddd...ehum...for a desert map, hope you didnt fall in the ditch near the finish, that actually was made for speeders

And Dork had a nice review, me wishes me had a muscle car then id give cab a run for his money too

-IDDQD123- even i laughed on taht song and thought it'll be funny to put it on the track - cowboy style

And the rest of the gang sure pooled in with lovely comments and feedback

And vincent got lost in the desert- someone got a camel and a bottle of water then please go search for him and like i said shoot him cause survivors will be shot again!!!

Cab has been driving crazy as allways-wonder if he ever runs out of fuel

And Insane is living upto his name & driving mad in desert these days, probably bought a new camel i guess

I guess im the only n00b left out

Dakkon you sure allways try to hit the Bull(cab) by the Horns, i wouldn't do it if i was you, i dont want my underwear torn to smitherens
  DaKKoN 09-May-2007
I have the bad habbit to keep doing that, regardless of the fact I already know the outcome...

@-Squirrel --> That's new for me LOL hehe a track (the start in this case... ) that's Harder for pad-drivers then for keyboards... The irony

(pssss I gotta say: The start is also pretty hard for keyboard-drivers.. I tend to crash 6/10 )
  smok3y 11-May-2007
Keen woota time i didnt know you are crazy fast in desert too
Cab is going to commit suicide now
Let the Bananas Loose
  SweSebbe (Tmn/Tmnf) 11-May-2007
damn I forgott to download it
  DaKKoN 11-May-2007
All I can say about Keen:

O. M. F. G....


  [CMC]Zeo 14-May-2007
I don't ask Keen how he made his time, i only want to ask how long did you spent to make it? I know i can do under 41 secs too but i gave up after all those crashes. My impatience, 2 hours.
  smok3y 16-May-2007
If you ask me keen would have taken 3 tries to get this time..thats about 10-15 minutes
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User Awards
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  »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one

Excellent Track



Awesome Screenie!!
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