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Name: [mtc]Brisk
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Edge
Version: 05-Jun-2010
Released: 05-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2848850
LB Rating: 48,704
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:15.38   Zemano !+ 0:00.0048,704
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0:15.39   dawid+ 0:00.0148,514
0:15.39   Art'+ 0:00.0148,514
0:15.43   Toyeca+ 0:00.0547,754
0:15.44   Dag@bert+ 0:00.0647,564
0:15.46   juju28230+ 0:00.0847,184
0:15.46   Donaudampfschifffahrtsmausi+ 0:00.0847,184
0:15.46   Hekorn+ 0:00.0847,184
0:15.47   Karma+ 0:00.0946,994
0:15.48   Rojko»LT+ 0:00.1046,804
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Author Comments

Hi all,
heres my entry for the monthly track contest june 2010.

mtc june 2010


Authortime: 15.50
Coppers: ~1800

So,enjoy and have fun,

User Comments
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  Edge 05-Jun-2010
  MoaraShira 05-Jun-2010
okay, a nice idea, but to hard for the most drivers
...and you told me" a bit lucky at some parts* *g*
  Edge 05-Jun-2010
This track has not one single luckspot,imo.
If you talk about the finishstraight....i have to say ,it's the easiest part of the track,you just have to drive straight and you get it right.
But thanks for your comment and your submitted time
  MoaraShira 05-Jun-2010
understand^^ i just have to do it right and i did it right...allright, i will remember^^
  Edge 05-Jun-2010
Quote ...
if an architect has to build a road and places a lamp exactly in the middle of it, telling us, it's the fault of the factory which made this block, it was his last job, believe me.
I mean, it's such a short track, there's a lot of space around and a lot of blocks can be choosen to avoid this crap instead of doing a lamp exactly in the perfect line.

Well Dag@,you're right...those lamps are crap...but...i really love to build this diagonal stuff plus i really like diagonal roadpieces and it's really a matter with those lamps.Believe me i always try to avoid such things and i cracked my head off thinking about how i could avoid that. The only solution i found is to totally change my style of tracking,means: no more diagonal roadpieces and all this "crap" stuff. And thats what i defenitly never will do!
So, i'm very sorry,but you have to live with those lamps if you drive a track of mine.
  Dag@bert 05-Jun-2010
nothing more to say
  Edge 05-Jun-2010
Oh btw...i'm very sorry if my comment sounds aggressive,thats absolutly not my aim.
I just want to explain the lampthingy from my side of view.
  Dag@bert 05-Jun-2010
lol, no no, don't worry, I understood it right

With your skills I would stop building tracks by daytime, I'd just doing it by sleeping. ^^
But with your answer I see you hate this problem too and you're doing what you are able to do and you don't "dream" your tracks. ^^
So it's clear and there's "nothing more to say" ... ^^
  Edge 05-Jun-2010

Wow Zem,
awesome always!
Thx for showing me all the time what a noob i am
  Donaudampfschifffahrtsmausi 07-Jun-2010

I would like to award this track, but it does not work

  Zemano ! 09-Aug-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Fran_de_Kler 07-Jun-2010
Crazy little thing. (The track not you, maybe you too. )

For you: .
  mysen dk 07-Jun-2010
FUN little track
  Hekorn 07-Jun-2010
nice little fun track ^^ makes really fun

  Alex BF 08-Jun-2010
Nice one
  Black Dalek 08-Jun-2010
Rockin' little track. Nice design and scenery.

The best I could manage was a 15:52. Just couldn't get that .01 needed to make top ten.

Had a lot of fun trying.

Good luck in the comp.


Black Dalek
  MasterDisaster 08-Jun-2010
nice one edge!

cool and tricky islad track.
even i was able to finish it with no errors on my very first run

well done!
  Chaldan 08-Jun-2010
Very nice. Smooth and fun.
Well done!

  Bye Tom 09-Jun-2010
At first, I though the map started out a bit dull, but when you were about halfway through the map suddenly turned into the amazing masterpiece work of a genius! Great work!
  Wallaby 10-Jun-2010
drove it already the previous days.
it's a cool little track , but I might prefer a bit more action in a "mini" , because it is basicly a easy and very simple map (in other words it doesn't feel like a complete track ).however it's matter of taste so...
  Pacha»UD 13-Jun-2010
Master piece
  s8ndm8n 16-Jun-2010
Nice "mini Edge" track
Flows very nice and the off roading section is great

  DarkLordRacer 21-Jun-2010
very nice edge
  Rojko»LT 01-Jul-2010
It started up a bit boring but after second drop I was able to fell energy of this track. I was stuned!
  Mikealange 09-Sep-2010
Nice track !
I was judge for that June MTC and wasn't able to award that before now !

Normally, i never award for track under 45 sec but that was the rule of that MTC.
So i take my speadsheet and if your track was 30 points and over, i decide to give you an award !

Great Job here Edge !

  Art' 22-Feb-2011
It was one of few at the moment maps that I can beat without problems on my pad (pad noobing rox! ). And jeez, how fun is to hunt times here!

  Zemano ! 09-Aug-2016
Pretty cool little track !

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