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Name: Download getSlopedRally(mtc);
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sebik1992
Version: 10-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2846017
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,221
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:15.27   OLDA_X+ 0:00.0026,221
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0:15.33   mysen dk+ 0:00.0625,602
0:15.62   GrimR+ 0:00.3522,615
0:15.95   Kwn+ 0:00.6819,215
0:15.97   rad+ 0:00.7019,009
0:16.02   FT»Boinkerz+ 0:00.7518,493
0:16.35   ohei2+ 0:01.0815,093
0:16.60   dodg3r+ 0:01.3312,518
0:16.71   HonG+ 0:01.4411,384
0:16.75   Sivert+ 0:01.4810,972
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Author Comments

I have no idea for the track! Should I steal someone's idea? Maybe should I wait until I invent something? Or should I let TM do it for me? No... those are not too good ideas. Hmmm.... But the last one sounds cool. Wait! I've got a clue!
First I'll take my old project of rally track. Okay - found it. Next I must launch ManiaScript. Okay. Now I should do just one more thing - improve my old unfinished project into MTC June 2010 map with calling getSlopedRally(mtc); function!
And here it is:
getSlopedRally(mtc); - MTC June 2010 Track
The theme was to make a track under 15 seconds. I've tried to use as many sloped transitions as I could on this short lenght. Track generally is fast and smooth, but I hope it won't make you problems to finish ^^ All Media Tracker elements are included: intro, in-game and outro. This time I didn't put any custom elements and locators.
And sorry for generalisations in pseudecode, but I've tried make it understandable to everyone ^.^

Thanks list:
Crixu - thanks for screenshoot mate Bigger version here
Ziomalus - thanks for betatesting

Enviroment: Rally
Time: 15:40 author
MediaTracker: yes (Intro, InGame+GPS , Outro)


User Comments
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  sebik1992 10-Jun-2010
Woops... sorry Marky or ignored time. Someone detected language flaw (I think I make them too often ^^) and I updated track Again sorry.
  rhino 10-Jun-2010
The 'someone' was me
  Jenox 11-Jun-2010
you can leave out the "== true" within the "if" xD
  sebik1992 11-Jun-2010
Anyway with "== true" it is more understandable for not programming players. I didn't want to make the code "real" how it should be. I would be forced to show compound instructions, import additional stuff. Second thing is I don't know how TM works. I used only the most common commands for PHP language. I hope they will be included to ManiaScript
  rhino 11-Jun-2010
Maniascript IMO will be something like a kind of Javascript, but implemented into the manialinks.
  Jenox 11-Jun-2010
yeah that'd be awzum
if (playerCuts()) alert("fuck you!!");quitTM();

^^» 13-Jun-2010
  sebik1992 13-Jun-2010
Please delete it -.-
Track spamming is not allowed in comments/awards. Please obey to the rules.
  Redrot»LT 14-Jun-2010
@Jenox: Ingenius
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   »Flo.F® 12-Jun-2010
nice one ! i love this natural jump
User Award   GrimR 12-Jun-2010
User Award   Chomp 12-Jun-2010
dude likes track == true (hell yeah)
User Award   bobiszcze 13-Jun-2010
Nice One! Gratz!
User Award   HonG 13-Jun-2010
great the transitions

User Award   Katzenklo 13-Jun-2010
wow great rally track and great mt work!
User Award   Crixu' 13-Jun-2010
This track has got a real chances to win this MTC imo.


User Award   Art' 13-Jun-2010
Really nice shorty for MTC

PS. Ale teksty MT to jeden wielki suchar
User Award   FT»Boinkerz 14-Jun-2010
Awesome Map Sebik!
Love the theme and it's a very inventive map! Well done!

Take this:
» «
User Award   sol666 17-Jun-2010
still didn't get it done (too slow on rally), but i need to award this track.
great mt, great atmosphere, great use of blocks (gps looks so smooth).

User Award   Sriver 02-Jul-2010
Awesome rally shortie!

Great speed, jumps, track layout!

Good work!

>> <<

User Award   ohei2 02-Jul-2010
Not bad and not easy.

Gold medal time is set a little tough IMHO. I see many silver medal times in the top 10 here.

User Award   tmjonas 30-Aug-2010

Might be a bit hard for online, but it's great fun to play. Nice sloped jumps!
User Award   Duck 30-Aug-2010
played it on ppo had much fun on it
User Award   Mikealange 09-Sep-2010
Nice track !
I was judge for that June MTC and wasn't able to award that before now !

Normally, i never award for track under 45 sec but that was the rule of that MTC.
So i take my speadsheet and if your track was 30 points and over, i decide to give you an award !

Great Job sebik !

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