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Name: Hellhole (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 01-Jun-2010
Released: 01-Jun-2010
TMX id: 2838249
LB Rating: 28,352
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:15.29   GranaDy!+ 0:00.0028,352
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:15.35   Wallaby+ 0:00.0627,684
0:15.38   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0927,350
0:15.67   Duck+ 0:00.3824,124
0:15.77   Trek+ 0:00.4823,011
0:15.83   Pacha»UD+ 0:00.5422,344
0:15.85   FT»Marky+ 0:00.5622,121
0:15.87   Leemay»LT | Inactive.+ 0:00.5821,899
0:16.03   Crixu'+ 0:00.7420,119
0:16.09   movo.+ 0:00.8019,451
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Author Comments

"besides some duos and the community tracks it is probably one of the last tracks for a while^^I feel like I might need a break."
not if kekx posts such mtc's...After 1 year a shortmap-contest again.

anyways I ruined papychampy's dreams with doing the first track!
it's a transitional little fullspeeder. needs some bugavoiding to get top times but it's easy to avoid the bug at that finish-jump.
track is quite hard for worse drivers , so I added a respawnroute to the checkpoint.
hope you like it

User Comments
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  Wallaby 01-Jun-2010
sry for the quick update , forgot to put the camera to the gps-ghost
  FT»Marky 01-Jun-2010
der gps geht ned
  Wallaby 01-Jun-2010
read... ^^
  »Kratze« 01-Jun-2010
Would say it's an awesome and addictive track.
Only thing is that the first drop to the castle is sometimes smooth and sometimes it's unsmooth. I drove it again and again, but I never got it smooth, so I couldn't finish it. Maybe, I am the biggest snownoob, but the track should be finishable for everyone.
Scenery and Intro-/IngameMTwork is really nice, I like it. The fun would be extreme, without this too much difficulty.
Sorry, so this time no for you...

  Wallaby 01-Jun-2010
ok well thanks for the comment tough

@ duck: try to get my 15.50 ;D!
  movo. 01-Jun-2010
Also no award from me, I finally finished it but it is seriously a pain in the ass to take that second jump to the platform with the booster to the right when you play with a kb. You should try it yourself. Though the idea is cool.
  Wallaby 01-Jun-2010
I know it will frustrate you even more but I calculated the track with my keyboard , although GPS and AT are driven with pad ^^
  Duck 01-Jun-2010
haha sure sure walla^^
you're a snow master
i already had problems for this time ^-^
but i'll try it later on this week
  Wallaby 01-Jun-2010
I'm not a monster on kb as acid is
and well about the casle. sorry but snow isn't island. a smooth snowjump (in my buildingstyle) is way harder than any ubersmooth island(slidemap)jump on earth.
however there is always a little risk for the driver if he downloads a map/shorty with HELLhole as name and signed with an expert ^^
honestly I even hestitaed to rate it even intermediate again because of it's length
  movo. 01-Jun-2010
Well than I officially suck at snow..
  Duck 03-Jun-2010
Walla, i have no idea where you get that other .2 ^^
i'll need a closer look to your rep xD
  Wallaby 03-Jun-2010
I had already a -0.11 start 2 times
15.34 (or lower) possible!!!

you need to take the finish as deep as possible
  Razor. 04-Jun-2010
what a masterdome!
  Wallaby 04-Jun-2010
lol where have you been?^^
masterdome powah!

Quote ...
Can't you build a little bit easier tracks?

asks the guy with the most evil 180° corners ^^
  Sivert 05-Jun-2010
I've really really tried to make a clean run on this track... However I fail to make the jump out of the hellhole. Only manage to limp up and loose speed so I can't make that final jump/drop combo Probably my bad drivin, possibly my kbd but... I can't award a track I can't make a decent run on (tried for about an hour and a half) Sorry...
  Wallaby 06-Jun-2010
Quote ...
first time i got your AT at one of your tracks

I set rarely these hard AT's

thanks sivert for feedback btw ^^
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User Awards
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  FT»@ndy 06-Aug-2010
forgot to award this one
totally awesome
> <
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