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Name: FullAuto
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Micster
Version: 09-May-2007
Released: 06-May-2007
TMX id: 281932
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:45.39   spedzo+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:45.53   MrZw1231+ 0:00.14-
0:45.63   Roxer.+ 0:00.24-
0:45.68   LoKo+ 0:00.29-
0:45.73   echo+ 0:00.34-
0:45.78   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.39-
0:45.79   Sriver+ 0:00.40-
0:45.80   Kaka+ 0:00.41-
0:45.82   Eviltim+ 0:00.43-
0:45.83   -Homie-+ 0:00.44-
  The replay is no longer valid because the track has been updated. This replay can be beaten by any replay on the new track.
  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
LB The replay is contributing to the user's leaderboard standing.
Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

Welcome to FullAuto!

This is quite possibly the best Island track I've made to date.

I've put lots of hard work and love into this one, so please provide informative comments and awards when possible.

As usual, a mix of high speed, jumps, turns and more!

Thanks to Master_Track and Homie for Beta Testing!

Track has been updated to fix cut. Please resubmit times when possible.

Please put up your Personal Best whenever you can!
Coppers: 5833
MT Intro
MT Ingame
MT Outro
Bigger Screenshot Here!
Suggestions? Comments? Please Provide Feedback so I know what is good and what isn't.

Please comment or Award if you enjoy the track!

Have fun Tracking!


User Comments
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  Micster 06-May-2007
Wow, 19 awards in one day!
Thanks to everyone who awarded and placed times on the track!

Thanks KEV Fan for the super quick award and time!

Thanks Iquere for the excellent award!

Thanks insane for the superb award comment!

Thanks pitstep for the lovely award comment as usual!

Thanks MasterDisaster for the awesome award!

Thanks TheGrinch! Really appreciate it.

Thanks Andree! I'll provide the link to the font in a private message soon.

Thanks Kendal! That made me smile.

Thanks -Homie- for the super award!

Thanks *speedy*! Really enjoyed reading that award!

Thanks Sivert for your awesome awesome awesome award!

Thanks HAVOC!

Thanks Dork! I can't use blur.

Thanks BrummHummel for the huge award!

Thanks ceo_tw! Glad you enjoyed the reuse.

Thanks Squirrel for the cool award!

Thanks Master_Track for your awardy!

Thanks Cephid!

Thanks Vincent for the golden award!

Thanks smok3y for an award I'll never forget!

Thanks Markus for the superb award!

Thanks JakeOIL for the huge award!

Thanks NastiSavage! Dork asked for it.

Thanks Hageldave!

Thanks MaB!

Thanks IronStar7!

Thanks Kendar for the informative award comment! All taken into consideration.

Thanks T_Z_! You're the first one to comment on the easter egg.

Thanks TimeBreaker for the greatly detailed award!

Thanks s8ndm8n! I knew you would get an awesome time.

Thanks SkunkY for the cool award!

Thanks Co2! I'll take a look at that cut.

Thanks ORA!

Thanks Amit!

Thanks maphios for the lovely award!

Thanks crooms for the enjoyable read!

Thanks sonzaaa!

Thanks paranoid2!

Thanks X-ray for a great award read! I suppose you saw the easter egg too.

Thanks p-devil for the great award!

Thanks gloofyy!

Thanks DaKKoN for the great read!

Thanks Axon!

Thanks Eviltim for the awesome award and unbelieveable time!

Thanks CommanderCool! Glad you had a blast!

Thanks Ebou for the awesome detailed award!

Thanks drshark for the constructive feedback!

Thanks Low_B for the late award!

Thanks Fallout for number 50!

Thanks LT. Smash!

Thanks Maniac! Sorry for the late thx. And I'm afraid of fast GPS's, I like slow ones that show the detail of the track, but if you want faster next time, then you got it.

Thanks Lethal for the awesome award! Never thought you'd play this one.

Thanks Rotor for the superb award!

Thanks Nibor!

Thanks PAM180!

Thanks LoKo! Outrageous time!

Thanks fastforza for the complimentary award!

Thanks Anttibubu! I absolutely will keep 'em coming!

Thanks »Blacer!

Thanks Chaldan!

Thanks franz-josef666! Wow, 60th award.
  KEV Fan 06-May-2007
Gotcha Micsta - finally
  Micster 06-May-2007
Gosh KEV Fan that's fast, I know I can't beat that.
  KEV Fan 06-May-2007
I´m pretty sure s8ndm8n can do easily
  Vincent 07-May-2007
Well, yeah, faster is possible. My best is a 44:87 replay so far, but I´ll wait for the rating development, like I always do...

B.t.w.: If you wouldn´t have placed that building with the **#%&** antenna, I would already have a 44:60 - that f**king thing already ruined my 15 best runs!
  Micster 07-May-2007
Sorry about the building, I just thought it would be cool to place it there as a close call.

And what a time.
  Vincent 07-May-2007
I guess you didn´t want to be mean .

But in fact I point at that antenna - hoping to pass as close as possible without crashing against it - because the antenna is in the perfect line to take the next turn well. But don´t worry - no big problem, and certainly NOT worth an update or something. In the end it put´s some pepper to the delicious soup.

And smok3y is right: This is the definition of Island mapping - and of course your very best track!
  [ATP]HAVOC 07-May-2007
.02 whew, went and bought a Longer car
  Vincent 07-May-2007
Ok, someone had to do the first step into 44:xx - but I won´t show my best replay yet!
  smok3y 08-May-2007
Vincent has that Evil *Grin* i dont like
And im out of the top 10..i dont like that either
Havoc is running for .02 millisecs..i like that and the bigger car i got a Train for myself, but s**t didnt know it was a bit too heavy else id have won by a quater mile of railroad to spare
--Edit II--
Yehaaaaaa Back in the top 10 again KB Powaaaaa
S**T that didnt take more than 5 minutes to award and break the WR for s8ndm8n all in one breath
And it took me 3 days to hit the Top 10
Who the hell goofed up with the names on the website wasnt i supposed to be s8ndm8n Blame the Mods Bahh
  Vincent 09-May-2007
Ok, now that it got beaten anyway, I will post my best time, because the rating doesn´t seem to rise much any more...
  smok3y 09-May-2007
Good one vincent i was wondering when s8ndm8n will come and you'll have that replay uploaded, now we need DEnGel and LoKo and BlaTie
Im almost out of the top 10 again comeon hang in there...just hang in there..hope me in my underwear keeps sticking in there a little tightly else ill be highly ashamed lest it hangs there and i slip from it
  Co2 09-May-2007
........sorry Micster
  Micster 09-May-2007
Track has been fixed for cut, sorry guys.
  Vincent 10-May-2007
Uuufff - get a great time again? Will be a pleasure, but don´t know when.
  SkunkY 10-May-2007
many cut hunters on tmx.
  Micster 10-May-2007
Just shows you how smart the community is.
  Co2 10-May-2007
It actually wasn't a realy cut Just another finish I saw it the 3rd time I drove the track (within 5 minutes). I thought, " NO WAY !! it can't be" but it was. . . . . . sorry again guys. I'm not a cuthunter, but I do tend to notice them quick
  Vincent 10-May-2007
Ok, here´s a new time to get started again - will try to do better. Your time is quite hard to beat this time, Micster.

EDIT: 45:xx is definitely possible, but I need more time...

EDIT: Uh, 45:xx is harder than I thought - but I´m coming closer: 46:06 for now.

EDIT: Ok, now I made it: 45:99!
  Kendar 12-May-2007
Xcellent driving, Vincent. Awesome time!
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User Awards
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  spedzo 04-Nov-2011
I should of tried it before now
  Sriver 06-Jan-2012
Awesome one!
Reminds me on a TMS track I built in 2009 - just that your track is smoother, faster, easier and better. ^^
Great work!

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