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Track Name
Name: Estoy Perdino
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cartman»LT
Version: 22-May-2010
Released: 22-May-2010
TMX id: 2811269
LB Rating: 68,435
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:34.72   maphios+ 0:00.0068,435
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0:34.75   Wallaby+ 0:00.0368,080
0:34.78   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0667,726
0:34.83   Zemano !+ 0:00.1167,134
0:34.87   ReviiLo :x+ 0:00.1566,661
0:34.88   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1666,543
0:34.91   maze+ 0:00.1966,188
0:34.93   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.2165,951
0:34.94   MaB+ 0:00.2265,833
0:34.94   joooooooooey+ 0:00.2265,833
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Author Comments

Hey !!!

I wanne present my new track Estoy Perdino It is an easy track i even think it is the easiest i build yet ^^ The track starts with a little noslide start and turns into a slider Hope you will have fun ^^ This time there is an very decent scenery so everyone should be able to play this one without lags

I appreciate Replays, comments and of course awards

Special thx to all my beta testers:
All member of LT, smartyyy and Dag@bert (sry if i forgot someone just say it i will edit )

I also wanne thx smartyyy for this fantastic screenshot

User Comments
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  Cartman»LT 22-May-2010

Edit: Thx Dago for showing me an cut oppurtunity ^^ i updated the track sry for you and kratze but better then more replays would be "destroyed"
  Dag@bert 22-May-2010

voila, its online ^^
  »Kratze« 22-May-2010
Ahh, don't wanna replay the track. Then I will play it all the time and can't build my own track...
  Cartman»LT 22-May-2010
Thx list!!!

Dag@bert Thx for ur fast award m8! And thx for showing me the cut

»Joyeux Luron Thx for ur 9/10 that honours me a lot^^

Kratze Great that you like it. ql that you didnt care about the mt

Acid Thx for ur funny award my friend

Wallaby thx

Osaka»LT Great that you like this version aswell that much I dont want to write the tack name in spanish its the name of a song ^^ dunno that you are spanish that really cool

.Massa°»BC I like your awarad m8!

EDIT: Again an update this time tobbe founds a cut thx for it (pls let if be the last ) Sry for the times guys

Redrot»LT Thx for beiung honest i really appreciate that great that i got a 8/10 anyways

Tobbe You little cut pro ^^ you also cuttet my last snow track but with the update it will be hard to find a cut i think ^^

TaBle Thx my friend maybe i will get time for building an desert track

Bye Tom Nice words from such a creative mapper like you are i have to warn you iam a noob at other envies i tried it sometmes but always failed

>Grim Reaper< Wow what an award It was a pleasure to read this m8! Great that is was easy for you Yeah you are right the real name should be Estoy Perdido it´s song from Ill Nino which i really love But the the track is named Estoy Perdino on my pc dont know why ^^

smartyyy Great to hear that you are going to make progress Believe me, just train you wont regret it

Jam»LT Thx m8! a great reting for my map

MaB Nice shorty and great time

eyebo Lovely award my freind

Edge Great words from a great mapper

Jenox»LT Wow a 9,5/1o honours me a lot thx m8!

Crixu' Lovely. award ^^

cold-d (pacharoyal) Great that you enjoyed my start and end

»Heinso. wOot?!? 1o/1o thx my friend btw impressive time

HonGo'o I cant believe it too ^^ thx for your nice words

Fran_de_Kler Great to hear that it entertains you ^^

davwader First try?!? ^^ This time it seemed to be that i got an easy map

BrummHummel Nice to see you back brumm & Hummel ^^ Impressive time dude

Kriss[NR] Thy for your short award

maphios One of the tightest you know?^^ Then try cool t´s new 5x5 track...this is tight Awesme that you had fun and your time is sick

-Sriver-Thx m8! Cool that you had fun aswell

Sux Nico » NR Ql award my friend

DaKKoN I agree with you, i tried it to build the map longer but i did not find a good way to go on i also understand that you dont like no-slide that much because it is nearly impossible to drive it well with kb You got me right i am f*cking lazy cause i always have nearly no mt on my maps. Maybe i could make cool mt if i would face myself up with the mt but iam too lazy Can i delegate somebody for making the mt at my next map?^^

  Dag@bert 22-May-2010
such a short track and TWO cuts ... simply this fact is worth enough an award !!!
  FT»Osaka 22-May-2010
LoL Cartman, It's on LT Forum profiles xD
  ReviiLo :x 23-May-2010
and here is my time
  Zemano ! 24-May-2010
  Cartman»LT 24-May-2010
Awesome time zemano ^^
  GrimR 24-May-2010
Yo BH...... ma maaaan, you're back
  FT»Tobbe 24-May-2010
Really nice to see
  DaKKoN 26-May-2010
Well m8, if you make a fine track I can finish quite easy, I can do the MT for you But plz don't release a map every day or week, cause then I'm to lazy as well^^ Hehe but feel free to ask me m8!
  Cartman»LT 26-May-2010
k thx for it ^^ i wont release every week a track...dont worry xD iam lazy aswell do you forgot?
  smok3y 29-May-2010
Where the f*ck is the cut maphios
  Wallaby 29-May-2010
there is no cut. you can get even more than only 0.03 out of my start. the main problem is the last curve which has to be driven perfectly , and thats the main challenge of the map ^^
  maphios 29-May-2010
Yes, the start is really tight and demands very neat driving and furthermore you have to pay attention to the acceleration of the island car.
And of course walla is right, the last section of the track is evil and I had 2 more runs where I just crashed at the end because I couldn´t control the last slide properly. Still took enough time to manage this time
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User Awards
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  zenit 22-Jun-2010
  FT»@ndy 22-Sep-2010
Nice one
Rating 9.5/10
The 0.5 cause it's island
  trackracer11 27-Jun-2013
Just played this map online. Had fun, great work!

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