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Name: Download GPS-LabyrinthFo*Zoiiing
Pack: Download Duos&Others
By:   Dag@bert
Version: 16-May-2010
TMX id: 2795703
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,934
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:53.23   Freddy[NR]+ 0:00.009,934
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1:16.81   HonG+ 0:23.580
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Author Comments

Hi Folks

I decided to upload this old project, because it simply was too much work to keep it in a box.

I made it for an old buddy, Zoiiing, today better known as ZenYogiii. Mostly he joined the server and after some tryouts he cried for a GPS. Today its quite easy to put a GPS/replay into a track to show the way, but it was a lot of work on TMS. But what I did here was more than to include a replay or a flying cam, I created a real GPS, which shows your exact location on every part on the track. For this I had to create 452 different pics - and what kind of track would be better for the use of a GPS than a Labyrinth?
There are 2 ways through it with exactly the same lenght and It can not be played online because of the lot of pics/GPS-files which must be loaded (better: it can be played online, but without the GPS). So you have to download and unzip these 452 pics and put it into MyDocuments/TrackMania/MediaTracker/Images. I named them from L0027, L0101 ... to ... L2929, L3007, so they are easy to find if you want to delete them after - packed size: 7,5MB, unzipped size: 150MB.


Additional you can download a bigger Screen and 2 very fast replays, driven by Maniac and Memorex, enjoy.
Thanks to all who testet it and sent me replays: Arcade, Cartman, FireFly, Freddy, Hekorn, Jojo, King, Mad, Maniac, Memorex, Psi, Romain, Sjoerd, Sonni, SpongeBob, Sriver, Vegeta (I hope thats all ^^).

The at is driven by Freddy[NR], thx m8, you had the right passion to do that for me ^^.


You can call it a noslide or tech track, call it boring maybe ... but I think it's the idea that counts here - btw: the best time I recieved is still unbeaten: 00'51''20 ^^
If you like it or not, please post a comment, replay or
most wanted: an award ! HAVE FUN @ all


Finally there's an ONLINE VERSION availaible !!
Big thanks to Rat who made it possible !!

GPS-LabyrinthFo*Zoiiing_online by   Dag@bert


Freddy, thx m8, your very nice fits perfect to the track ^^
Cartman, thx for your tricky and funny ^^
Romain, merci mon ami pour ton tres tard (lol) ^^
HonG, thx m8 that you spent some time with this desaster ... so what, a bit of crazyness was always helpfull to survive ^^
Kriss[NR], lol, no no no, thats to much honour for me ... call me unique or crazy, but not a master ... anyways, thx for the mon ami !
Hekorn, danke chef für den späten und viel Spaß beim rebooten ^^^^

User Comments
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  Freddy[NR] 16-May-2010
a lot of years to make a real GPS... you're lazy/slow! (joke - i've a map from 2008 soon ready me too)
  Dag@bert 18-May-2010
Yep Freddy, you're right, I'm slow/lazy
to create 452 pictures you need a lot of time: one and a half picture per day needs 2 years !
And during this enormous work I had to sleep sometimes ^^
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Freddy[NR] 16-May-2010
A big original technical track against "tiny curve" maps and other crazy creations.
A beautiful screen
And a BIIIIIIIIIIG work on the "real GPS" (you're crazy man... or freak )

not hard but perfect to train.
simply but complete.
51s is possible for best drivers like we can see on replays!

Good job
User Award   Cartman»LT 16-May-2010
Finally it is released!!!
Its been a year since i tested it the first time ^^ I´ve told you that your tracks are all a kind of tricky and funny and this one indeed but in addition its really addictive and challaging The screen kinda rocks because its fits perfectly to the track Just a great technical hunter
User Award   rom42 16-May-2010

GG Dago !

I even remember this track from 2007 ! I raced and raced it until i got a correct time, thing that was not easy with the kb i played then...

The concept of this home made GPS is very much more inovative than the usual and often useless GPS we can see nowadays. Here, it really helps to find the way and it is a real part of the game. More, the design of all those pics should have been Hercule's work !
User Award   HonG 17-May-2010
dude its are crazy

biiig for the GPS and the idea...but you know i'm not a big fan of flat tracks with many curves


User Award   Kriss[47] 17-May-2010
It's definitively too hard for my little brain as I said to you many months (years??? ) ago!!!

But what a work, very impressive!!!

Big big big for a master piece, from a master tracker!
User Award   Hekorn 19-May-2010
... 2 years later ... wow the track is finished congratulations dago ^^
very nice idea, but this track is too hard for my brain... the replay must waiting for the brain-restart
But you become an big for this nice work !
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