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Track Name
Name: Good ole Sunrise
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 13-May-2010
Released: 13-May-2010
TMX id: 2786565
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:57.11   spedzo+ 0:00.22-
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0:57.36   Sriver+ 0:00.47-
0:57.37   Lucario+ 0:00.48-
0:57.42   tuttaffunnat+ 0:00.53-
0:57.48   BrummHummel+ 0:00.59-
0:57.58   Zeref+ 0:00.69-
0:57.62   |lDgAl|Luffy+ 0:00.73-
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Author Comments

Yo guys,

I have read the posting "Beginner tracks from hell" in the forum (great one by the way) and decided to make a plain easiely finishable beginner map.
This one should be fine for beginners and also for WR hunters as much as for online gamers.
I am kind of fed up with the "innovative stuff" and "transitional stuff" which is all around here. After having played 3 days on the OTMB retro server with 5 year old maps I found out for myself that the racing fun on this old but simple stuff is much higher than on the state of the art stuff from today.
The games has changed in the past years.
That does not mean that everything today is bad but from time to time it would be nice to have some "retro stuff" around here.
Any complaint about this map of being nothing special is very welcome to me because it shows that I have reached my aim

Have fun guys !

Map data:
Coppers: 5778
Intro: yes
MT: yes
Outro: yes
Mod: no
Music: yes
Mix shit: never

User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  KEV Fan 13-May-2010

thx for your nice comments and cup and the awesome replay - great time !

lol the KEV noob asks "which noslide parts???" - I to schlide everywhere - thx m8

Fran de Kler
thx I am glad that you like it


thx for your nice award

beers m8 for your retro-award

thx for enjoying nothing special - I´ll make more of that crap - thx a lot for your cup

fine that you had fun - thx

greetz to Norway and thx a lot

thx for your nice words

hehe thx for the boob aehm sorry boost

thx for your award comment which is exactly the same way I think about it Let´s keep the old spirit of TM alive
Cheeers - very nice award comment

thx a lot - I your passion for posting those great times - you guys rock
  Zemano ! 13-May-2010
  davwader 13-May-2010
I think I'm gonna build a Track without any Transitions ( well cannot promise that ) .
Which is easy & let the people remember of Sunrise
  KEV Fan 14-May-2010
Zem you punk - what a time - great !! and thx
  Sriver 14-May-2010
Beat that, Zemano!
  Zemano ! 14-May-2010
Ok Sriver
  Wallaby 16-May-2010
leaderboardleader (awesome word I know!)
  Dag@bert 18-May-2010
my award: very easy (even the noslide parts) big fun, big
your comment: lol the KEV noob asks "which noslide parts???" - I to schlide everywhere - thx m8

Come on Kev, do you really want to sell me as an idiot ? I think it's enough now, I asked you for that on PPO, now I waited one week for a change, nothing happened. Finally I have to say this:
Normally I only award tracks if I have a good feeling with them, that means that the track should be driveable and I get a feeling what the author wanted to build or sell. You failed because you did not have any idea what you built or did (KEV noob asks "which noslide parts???"): view your recieved replays and don't be so cruel with yourself I hope you understand. You want to "schlide"? Do it, but do not laugh about comments or awards my buddy!
If you really need such a behaviour, then I'm sorrý for the award, it was a mistake it seems ...................
  KEV Fan 19-May-2010
Whoops Dag@ - did my comment offend you ?
Well it was not my intention to offend you but to make a fun on my own costs.
Of course I know that the wide corner parts I always build are suitable for nosliding.
But it is true that I prefer to slide on those concrete parts although I know it is slower. I just prefer to enjoy the sound of the music instead of listening to the speakers if there is any skidding (as I cam3 driver I don´t see the rubber I leave on the road). I know that I lose time there but I just don´t care about that.
The driving experience is a higher value to me than having the best time That´s why I am still a noob concerning WR times
So I know about the double function of those wide 90 or 180 degree turns - for the WR hunters it´s the perfect place to noslide and gain time - for me it´s a fun area where I have the wideness to have a fullspeed slide
The only parts I drive noslide are street parts where I can see how the noslide line is and don´t have to listen to the speakers.
So my comment is true (I to schlide) and not making fun of your award.
  wardav 19-May-2010
Hard to get to first TOP 10
  Dag@bert 19-May-2010
ah, an answer ^^ (kidding)
No, first of all thanks for your moderate reply.
First I did not care for that and saw it as that what it is: a joke. But then I was asked by 3 players for your rude comment and was forced to react.
An example: once I got an award by Dengel, he only wrote: but I think there is a cut. The downloads stopped and the awards too. I sent him an evil pm and his answer was, I should be happy to have recieved an award from HIM ^^.
I don't want to say that you are as arrogant as Dengel but for shure more popular. That means that you should have a certain kind of responsibility for all you are doing in the public - more than others maybe.
I also do not want to assume you do not know that, but it was a good opportunity to talk about this general problem and why I did not send you a pm and prefered to talk here in the public.
A joke is a joke and isn't a joke and is a joke ... etc: maybe Dengel is not arrogant, hehe ^^, whats then ? And thats exactly the point!
Sometimes we hurt someone if we say nice words to him, shit happens ^^.
And don't worry, you did not offend me, invite me to a Pizza and we are the best friends ... or should I say then: "Do you really think I'm a beggar and are not able to pay by myself?" ^^
I remember that I once gave an award with a bit critique in it. I never saw this guy again on TMX. Dunno if it was my fault or not, but I still regret this little award after all these years ... maybe we all are little Bengels ^^.
greetz, Dago
  Sriver 13-Jun-2011
finally, it's classic^^
gotta beat zem xD
  Zemano ! 14-Aug-2016
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User Awards
Showing 30 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  wardav 19-May-2010
Nice, Nice, Nice
Exelent flow island ride
Playable and relaxing map
  QuinX 19-May-2010
nice map

  Marcel le Poivrot 20-May-2010
The best island building style.
Speed, Fun and no stress. that's Pro.
  Laegluin (semi active) 22-May-2010
Great track!
Just simple and fun, with nice fullspeed parts!

Deserves a lot of 's
  BrummHummel 12-Jul-2010
Simply fun
  Nexy 12-Aug-2010
Fantastic, great memories were brought back racing this. Real great representation how certain track styles just stand the test of time. I've always firmly believed that tracks should be easy to drive, difficult to master, and this track really is a great argument for that statement!

  Alex BF 23-Jan-2011
Great ,super fun map

>>>> <<<<
  JakeOIL 04-Mar-2011
What a traaaaaaaaaaaaack mate

Everything's fair, easy to learn, with great speed, superb jumps


See ya, mate!
  zenyatta 30-May-2011
excellent smooth and fun to ride well done
  spedzo 10-Mar-2012
Liked it
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