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Track Name
Name: Yearning
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   maphios
Version: 10-May-2010
Released: 10-May-2010
TMX id: 2779939
LB Rating: 50,198
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:48.86   _evan_+ 0:00.0050,198
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:49.37   Sam!+ 0:00.5147,054
0:49.80   maphios+ 0:00.9444,403
0:49.90   Ridder+ 0:01.0443,787
0:50.05   pigger+ 0:01.1942,862
0:50.47   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:01.6140,273
0:50.58   freezer+ 0:01.7239,595
0:50.93   lolo+ 0:02.0737,438
0:51.08   osna+ 0:02.2236,513
0:51.44   MaB+ 0:02.5834,294
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Author Comments


Everybody has a goal, a direction to aim at, a way for the next step. This goal doesn´t need to be a big and
exciting one, it´s just a personal goal. It also doesn´t have to be fulfilled at a certain time, it´s more like
that you reach it one day. Maybe your goal is more like a dream which will never come true. But it keeps you thinking
about it, it keeps you yearning for it.
And with every goal you achieve you recognize that this is only the beginning of your next step and the one after that.
If you miss someone or something and get it back for a short time then you will miss it again after it´s gone again.
It´s like a neverending circle.

Now this track is my next step in the TM editor and it´s really been a while since my last one. But then
suddenly I had the passion to make a new track and to place some creative blocks .
The main goal here for me was to create an easygoing track which offers both KB and pad-drivers
a nice race and a little challenge. Furthermore the track should be respawnable and not fullspeed but also
let you enjoy some nice transitions.


Coppers: 3195
AT: 50.64s
Intro: , played a little with some colors
Ingame MT: , just a GPS and some trails+finishcam
Outro: , mixed some fx colors and cams

Coppers Competition:

To give you a little goal to aim at I´m offering the top 10 drivers a few coppers .

1.: 4000 _evan_
2.: 2500 Sam91
3.: 1500 Ridder
4.: 1000 pigger
5.: 1000 Marci
6.: 500 freezer
7.: 500 lolo
8.: 300 O$NA
9.: 300 MaB

The competition lasts one week and ends on Monday, 17.5 at 22 CEST (GMT+1). If there is a cut
I will update the track. Furthermore my replay doesn´t count to the contest.

So I would appreciate it if you take this track as a little step on your TMX-ladder and try it out. Every comment and award
is appreciated.
Have fun !

User Comments
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  dagugstdu 10-May-2010
nice track, but those left-right-left... thing isnt my
  maphios 10-May-2010
Thanks list

Braadje»LT thanks a lot for your honest words, I really appreciate such feedback ! You are right, the intro can be seen diverse. Personally I like the look of the different colors and the little movement there. But I can understand that it´s not everybody´s cup of tea . So I´m glad to hear you liked the track itself much more then.

Hey freezer old freaksor , thanks a lot for your award and this damn fast replay. You really want some coppers don´t you ?

What part do you exactly mean dagugstdu? Do you mean the little sharp turn right before the las concrete part? Well I wanted to create some light technical elements here too, so I decided to put one trickier turn in which can still be driven with some slower speed .

The good old Eyjafjallajökull ääääh lolo . Thx a lot for your award !

Thx a lot Redrot»LT for your award, I´m glad you had some fun here .

Always nice to read awards from you Edge ! Thank you very much for your kind words.

Hehe, you got all the time you want to go for the gold medal HonGo'o . Of course it will be easier with a pad but I paid attention that alos KB players can reach the finish with a good feeling.

kwn thx for your award and the nice words, they´re appreciated .

Hey .Massa°»BC, good to hear you enjoyed the track .

Now OLDA_X we are both king of old authors here but still we get to the editor from time to time to create some blocks . Thanks for testing and awarding this one!

That´s a cool award Cartman»LT . Thanks a lot for the nice words!

Excellent award and much fun to read through it Cool-T ! Yes, I tried to make all the jumps work with nearly any speed and so that also KB players can have fun here. I´m glad to hear that you had that .

s8ndm8n thanks a lot for this nice award. It´s really good to hear such things from an old veteran like you .

Hey O$NA thx for checking this one out . Yes, the transition at the downhill turn can be tricky. If I get too much speed there before the jump I try to aim a little bit to the right and then I mostly get right into the downhill part. Well I suppose the techy touch comes from the lot of league maps I have driven in the last months .

Nice award _evan_ thx a lot for this one !

Now I knew that 49.x would be possible here but you are seriously talking about a 48.x Sam91 . But first of all thank you for this award .

Forgot10 nice to see you dropping in here . I know you like the good old TMS noslide maps and I´m glad you had also fun on this rather new styled map.

Super award NitroGuY!»LT and thx for testing this track, I´m glad you like it !
  Redrot»LT 11-May-2010
Take my noob KB time- I want 300 coppers
  osna 11-May-2010
will definitely try this one when i'm back home today
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 11-May-2010
Funny map. it didn't worked well for me at the beginning. Later I knew what's possible to reach.
By pb is still lol. Only two parts are quite (maybe very ^^) good and the rest is just drifting etc. fail power!
1,5 to 2sec are still possible to drive but I don't wanna spend more time. Overall it was fun! Thx maphios!
  tmjonas 12-May-2010
nice to see ya back in the editor
  maphios 12-May-2010
I always wanted to have a tunneljump or -drop in one of my tracks, so I had to get back to the editor .
I tried many combinations how I could get the tunnelentrance block in the track and realized that it wouldn´t be as easy as I first thought.
But then suddenly I had a working solution which works everytime and isn´t hard to drive.
Btw, I still have once block combination in my mind which would also be cool in a track, so who knows....

Oh and that´s a great time bang_pro! I knew that 49.x could been possible but that would need a very good run. Super replay here from you especially the airport part is crazy .
  lolo 12-May-2010
Nice one bang! Tricky map with some parts very hard to do perfectly.
  maphios 15-May-2010
Close Contest on the top5 here. I´m curious if someone else will step in until monday .
  Sam! 16-May-2010
ty maphios
I have updated my replay this have a look on my 49.37
...well I think for a 48.xx you must raise a very high lucky-capital sometimes I got speed-bugs like this, but was too stupid to bring it into finish xD
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 16-May-2010
What the hell smoky?!
Can you minimize your comment into one sentence?
  maphios 16-May-2010
Thanks list:

Wow ! Now this is an award "to kill my ass" smok3y ! I have already gone through it twice but I´m sure I will read it many more times. Awards and feedbacks like this are just worth the work you put in such a map. And I say that I would be even satisfied if my map does only get 1 award if it´s such an aweseome award like this. Of course the map isn´t designed for the first-try-driver and that maybe makes it a bit too tricky for some drivers. And you have pointed it out very precisely that my aim was to get the poeple to their speedlimits here. Not the speedlimit of the car but the limit of the driver. The mountain drop is indeed one of the tough spots in here but I decided not to put a sign here as it would only have pointed down and well, you can only go down there, so I let this jump blind and hoped that there were enough drivers who stick in there and have fun discovering how the jump can work. To get some salt and pepper in here by designing it more tech-like was a bit of my goal and I know that it´s not easy for everybody but on the other hand I´m very glad that there are still veterans like you who have fun to stick in there and to discover a track and to see how it can work . Also good to hear that you liked the outro and the screen. These things always cost time and so it´s good to hear that someone likes it. Well when I say veteran I don´t mean that negative, it´s just that there are some people who are around this site for years and they respect each other and make this one a familiar place to be. And when you read such a feedback from someone then it´s worth even more, so I say thank you for this comment and for your words, I really love reading this award !
  Forgot10 17-May-2010
Yeah, seems like you know my favourite style. I should say I enjoy every good noslide map, either it's oldschool or new school, but there's one thing that new style tracks are bit harder to master. So this is the reason why there's no replay from me.
  maphios 17-May-2010
Competition standings:

1.: 4000 _evan_
2.: 2500 Sam91
3.: 1500 Ridder
4.: 1000 pigger
5.: 1000 Marci
6.: 500 freezer
7.: 500 lolo
8.: 300 O$NA
9.: 300 MaB

My replay doesn´t count so we have 9 winners here . Thx everybody for participating, there are really some impressive times here . I will PM everybody here to get your logins.
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User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Braadje 10-May-2010
No awards here?!
Man that's really pissing me off. Amazing noslider, One of the best I've driven lately. Mindblowing start and some easy and awesome parts in the middle and the end. Nice scenery and screenie. The only dislike in the track is the intro and ingame mt, the intro just looks ugly (I'm sorry) and the ingame isn't needed in my opinion. Well... the rest is lovely and the mt isn't a big deal.

Keep them coming.

  freezer 10-May-2010
Next amazing track
Really smooth and lots of nice ideas
You've done a good job on the intro (it was a lot of work, wasn't it? )
and on the outro too

  lolo 10-May-2010
maphios is kicking ass again

  Redrot»LT 11-May-2010
Maph is back

  Edge 11-May-2010
Indeed,one of the best nosliders i've played for along time...some really great ideas here!
Intro is funky.

Well done

  HonG 11-May-2010
indeed...this is a great noslider

...but give me some time for the gold medal

  Kwn 11-May-2010
Great noslider
Speed and tricky turns.
>>>> <<<<
  Massa 11-May-2010
great track!

  OLDA_X 11-May-2010
Great islander
Nice tech and speed

.... .... OLDA_X
  Cartman»LT 12-May-2010
freaking crazy!!!

This is totally mad dude this tracks rocks completly all is perfect
  Cool-T 12-May-2010
wow, you don't cease to amaze me with your tracks m8!
and i'm glad you released this bomb after a so long tracking-break^^
it's so much fun trying to reach the medals and driving completely noslide: and i'm tellin you that as a kb-player!!! ;].
so it's really one of the few noslide tracks that i actually like.
the route was fairly easy to learn with forgiving jumps that worked with almost every speed.
also, you put in some great ideas and showed us your creativity

  s8ndm8n 14-May-2010
Awesome track Maphios
Damn impressive build and just great to drive
The downhill tranny is really brilliant here as is the whole track really
  osna 14-May-2010
great noslider!!
very creative and well build track.
i like the layout. it has a techy touch. i like it
the downhill transition is pretty tricky. you can jump easily too far and start to slide
that is where most of my runs end
great AT and sick time by Sam perhaps i will be motivated to do a better run
nice work!! -->

  _evan_ 15-May-2010
Amazing track!
  Sam! 15-May-2010
I dont know....maybe the best noslide I ever drove
  Forgot10 16-May-2010
Nice noslider.
  NitroGuy!»UD 16-May-2010
crazy noslider
dunno where to begin..this map is really creative ^^ great jumps and trasfers too
  smok3y 16-May-2010
Oh Well !!

And I thought I was being creative

Damn this track blew the light bulbs out on me
What immense creativity in just under 45 seconds
From the word go this track is a marvel to look at
The intro alone had my jaw dropping with the superb "triangle" color effect that you used, no idea how you did it and I'm not even gonna ponder into that as it seems too much of a tedious job to me, an im a serious LazY BoneS
The track started off pretty well, with me wondering where to go, haha on that one
But then the best thing to do in such situations is go back..literally ... i did too..and saw the GPS and that is when I realized that this aint gonna be a piece of cake
I can handle speed, i.e. full speed with no matter how many transitions you throw in
but for the life of me if there is one thing that I cant handle that is tech, especially when it is combined with speed and more so when it is in island
So this was going to be my grave, and i knew that
But life had thought other wise, and I did manage to scrape past the little traps of so called "tech" n managed a gold medal
but not without understanding and feeling the intricacies and the true mapping brilliance that had been put behind this map
From the start section alone i knew a lot was in store and you sure didn't let me down
Superb start section transition to the drop over the tunnel roof to the offroad transition, and i figured out a myriad of ways that i could hop onto the airport section, pretty brilliant I must say
The next tunnel jump to concrete jump is nothing but "Oh!! well pretty nice" And then come the first series of "haha tech to kill my ass" turns
Well that has been pretty well laid out to prevent people from over speeding and then overshooting the drop down after that!!
That drop down is indeed brilliant and a little too challenging to aim right, I would expect some sorta "God says jump here" sign to show the direction, but then again after a few runs you know where to aim, would be fun to see people jumping off the mountain side to their doom in online racing
And then the next tunnel to jump to airport jump combo is pretty neat as well
You know what I actually like about this track is that it very cunningly manages it's speed and tries to keep it just within control limits
That to me is really a mark of a good mapper, is when he is able to calculate every turn and jump/drop and speed variations that can keep the map interesting and make people try harder and faster to see what the breaking limit is
This map actually does all that very well
The last combo of drop down to tunnel and then the jump series to finish with a finish cam is damn sweet just as well
And add to that some nice interesting sections sprinkled with salt and pepper here and there, this track really is just amazing
You gotta play it for a few more tries than you would a normal track in a normal day of life, and then only would you understand how well the track is made and what the author actually wanted you to see, feel and enjoy

I had a lot of fun, and I will try it some more
Can I go any faster, yes I can, and maybe i can't who knows, the mysteries of tech still seem to elude me, but luckily there are a few speed sections that I can take advantage of
The outro to close the track is equally well made, with some really nice cam work and some sweet background shots to add to it
I especially liked the side cam follow on the beach section at the start, that was really awesome
Not to forget the screenie is damn awesome and beautiful

Well I guess that kinda sum sit up for me, so I'm gonna go over n out and try some other maps
Keep mapping like this m8, you are doing some crazy stuff and we all like it

Big Shiny Cup->
  Alex BF 31-Dec-2010
Ok i am not a specialist but this is a great map ether for me
  Sriver 10-May-2013
Great noslider!
Easy enough to learn the route quickly, but still pretty challenging!
Cool start section!

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