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Name: Flashback
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 15-Jul-2018
Released: 02-May-2007
TMX id: 275630
LB Rating: 47,826
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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1:11.89   TMshock+ 0:00.0047,826
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1:12.24   ichq+ 0:00.3546,429
1:12.44   waitforme_2+ 0:00.5545,630
1:13.35   andresaguado+ 0:01.4641,998
1:14.41   OLDA_X+ 0:02.5237,767
1:14.67   Massa+ 0:02.7836,729
1:15.05   uk.VR+ 0:03.1635,212
1:15.62   Psikopate+ 0:03.7332,937
1:11.36   Scorpion- 0:00.53-
1:11.68   Marius 89- 0:00.21-
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Author Comments

About the track:
This is a story track. Somewhere along the line you and your girlfriend had a fight. Angry and disgusted with yourself you drove away. For some reason (perhaps guilt) you found it impossible to go back. Many sleepless night drive you back onto the road...

This is sort of an excersice in mediatracking. I had an idea I wanted to try and this story fitted the idea well. I know the track isn't the best as far as racing goes but you might find something else that's quite interresting

Media files will autoload, but if you want the full experience rigth award... download the MEDIAPACK and unpack in your:
MyDocuments\Trackmania archive and the files should go where they belong

Checkpoints: 0
Boosters: 0
GPS: 0
Mediatracking: a fair amount
Custom music (Phil Collins, Against All Odds)

Authortime: 1:18.00
Bigger screenie: HERE
I'd love comments on this one since I havent seen it done before
Have great fun playing

070505 Checkpoint added to prevent cut and wakeup sequence put earlier.
070525 Last attempt to remove cut + custom music added.
180715 Minor fix to mt + fixed autoload of images and music.


Flashback 2 by   Sivert

broadsword made a third part, check it out:
Flashback 3 by   broadsword

User Comments
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  Sunspinx 27-May-2007
Very well ... a really beautiful solution of the cut-problem, Sivert !
I believe again in the love.
  Sivert 27-May-2007

Thanks Sk84funPrzemo(Loony), superb award
Thanks Chaos79, excellent award
Thanks -IDDQD123-, amazing award
Thanks Markus... you know, life goes on anyway...
Thanks Porky, omg award
Thanks MiniZyko, great award
Thanks Promania, cool award
Thanks DEnGel, great to have u on my side...
Thanks Andree, glad U noticed
Thanks MasterGary, great thorough award
Thanks DUFFKING, glad U like it
Thanks walkman, now keep your hands on the covers
Thanks bigxxx, very nice award
Thanks [ATP]Speedy, great award
Thanks hurz for your wild exaggeration
Thanks swesebbe, brilliant award
Thanks Appendix, great award
Thanks BoB, enjoying your award
Thanks Kendal, again awesome award by you
Thanks *speedy*, freakin nice award
Thanks CMC*Wally, great award
Thanks broadsword, for all of your awards
Thanks KOBA0100, I'd love that
Thanks [CMC]Zeo, superb award
Thanks CRO|Bare, great award
Thanks smok3y, cool award
Thanks ORA, lovely award
Thanks Sunspinx, awesome award
Thanks [ATP]HAVOC, hope you're better now
Thanks TheGrinch, I feel honoured to get first award
Thanks Emil Hjelm, will have to check tamonte out
Thanks tmjonas, great award
Thanks maphios, supreme award
Thanks BL Marci, awesome award
Thanks MeFFF, great award
Thanks HAWK_GER, cool award
Thanks BrummHummel, excellent award
Thanks wrathwell, AAAAAAAWESOME award
Thanks OLDA_X, nice award
Thanks T_Z_ you got hawk eyes
Thanks Hageldave, superb award
Thanks Buchi, cool award
Thanks Nibor, nice award
Thanks InixXx, great award
Thanks TimeBreaker, had to read it over again
Thanks HeaH, awesome award
Thanks sicaf
Thanks MasterDisaster, cool honest award
Thanks Dartz4, some things are better unknown
Thanks Crystal, great award
Thanks KEV Fan, wonderful award
Thanks Andre.., great award
Thanks Twillight, master awarder
Thanks sauron, wonderful award
Thanks Ricardo Rix, excellent award
Thanks chris_du_21, awesome award
Thanks [JMF] Pocho, I treasure this kind of awards
Thanks X-MASTER™, great award
Thanks aice, nice award
Thanks du02, cool award
Thanks Mikealange, touching award
Thanks Greis, I guess you like it
Thanks Gitz, beautiful award
Thanks Dr. Kaputnik, great award
Thanks Mosht, nice award
Thanks DrZuckerbrot, excellent award
Thanks Tobbe, love the award
Thanks KaBoOm, nice award
Thanks Ola200, a touching award
Thanks XTL Textiles, I'm honoured
Thanks Bushmonkey, love your award
Thanks Bionick, excellent award
Thanks WailTale, you just made my day
Thanks fastforza, lovely award
Thanks Giler, glad you liked the mt
Thanks Soull, glad U appreciate it
Thanks [ATP]Edge, better late than never
Thanks Exportforce, excellent award
Thanks Silenius 4 award, liked it very much
Thanks Samuli, love the part where U award the track
Thanks trackracer11, that's a sweet award
Thanks Acceleracer_01, wipe your tears and try nr 2
Thanks JumperJack, love to see it still can bring in an
Thanks -daywalker-
Thanks SkunkY, appreciate it
Thanks Ozku
Thanks Minstrel, yeah there's some images
Thanks powerziege
Thanks Shaen
Thanks Redrot
Thanks ADIo, glad I could please you
Thanks fabio_m, I'm so happy I made you cry
Thanks metoxys
Thanks ljfa-ag
Thanks °paddy«, love it
Thanks andresaguado
Thanks Psikopate
Thanks waitforme_2, hope you figured it out
Thanks Massa
Thanks ziro_der_hutt, wow 100
Thanks MatheusKS
Thanks ichq
Thanks uk.VividReamer
Thanks T4B_M3RC
Thanks Loe, better late than never
Tanks Freddys5
Thanks simo_900
Thanks TMshock
  MasterGary 02-Jul-2007
Updated award (page1) and new time
  Sivert 14-Aug-2007
Master Gary, glad you gave it another shot, love the award
  Aero 18-Oct-2007
EXTRA nice mt but boring track so no award

but the 2nd best mt ive ever seen!
  Sivert 18-Oct-2007
Glad you liked the mt
  fab'm 16-Nov-2009
it's too much to ask if you release a video of this wonderfull sequel ?
  Sivert 18-Nov-2009
Nah, I rarely do vids of tracks
  Dr»dB 12-Apr-2010
I tried this many times on our server but the MT turned too many people off to even finish it.
  Sivert 13-Apr-2010
Well... it's not really a track for racing. More to experience If you don't like this kind of tracks, play other tracks
  TMB 19-Jul-2018
sivert in 2018 ? :oo
  OLDA_X 19-Jul-2018
he is his own son
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User Awards
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  MatheusKS 23-Sep-2018
Man... Nicely done.

A suggestion: a map with Careless Whispers. Just for the lulz
  ichq 23-Sep-2018
interesting Map
  uk.VR 23-Sep-2018
i'm a coast n00b and my time is slow, but i really admire your efforts here.. I didn't know it was even possible to use the mediatracker this way!
Good work m8 __
  T4B_M3RC 27-Oct-2018
I've never been so confused in my life

  Loe 02-Jan-2019
seems like i've never awarded this
  Fredka 02-Jan-2019
Nice idea man
  simo_900 26-May-2019
this is so sad
  TMshock 02-Aug-2020
Really amazing mediatracker stuff. Love it
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