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Name: Download Lunacy *
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   iQue | tm2
Version: 07-Aug-2007
TMX id: 275440
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 51,448
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:56.26   Oxyde+ 0:00.0051,448
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:56.43   JumperJack+ 0:00.1750,515
0:56.50   smok3y+ 0:00.2450,131
0:57.48   Cronos+ 0:01.2244,754
0:57.94   Zeref+ 0:01.6842,230
0:57.99   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.7341,955
0:58.10   tcq+ 0:01.8441,352
0:58.24   Hawis.ism+ 0:01.9840,584
0:58.26   Pukous|iSM+ 0:02.0040,474
0:58.32   Tuta+ 0:02.0640,145
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Author Comments

Things that has changed in the updated version!
- Removed a cut (fake finish)
- Removed the ingame blue arrows that many didn't like...
- AT is just as crappy as before though


RALLY-POWA track coming through! xD

WARNING: This is not the kind of track you want to drive after a tough day at work/school... really...

As you might hear from the name, this is pretty hard. But it's really fun once you know how to drive, even if you're a rally-n00b which most people here seems to be... oh well... give it a try and I'm sure you will enjoy it

FACTS: (skip this if you just want to race)

- Intro: Pretty short, but yes there's an intro
- Ingame: Some texts, no cams
- Outro: hell yeah, I like this one a lot, one of my absolutely best outros ever
- Coppers: 2945, eg pretty intense for rally... lots of castle walls and little villages + loads of trees- NO slowdown-boosters, there's some offroad to still keep it controllable
- Pretty fast ehe
- The S:turn is hard if you don't know how to drive it...
- Can be driven without fullspeed, if you think it's too fast for you just release the gas a little bit, not too much though as you might have to start over then
- The mod is the rallycoast mod by tutur, go into manialink tutur and you can download it for free

There's a few ideas which I think are pretty fresh, I hope you will think so too. This kind of rally track is imo very fun but there isn't many being made in TMU... hope this will be liked by TMX...

BIG thanks to Cab for beta-testing! Hope you like the finished track!

Now stop read this shit and play the track! Give it some time and you'll like it


User Comments
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  iQue | tm2 19-Jan-2009
Yeah that cut was embarrassing... I use way too many fake finishes

Big thanks for the replays and the award RKO. I can't get anywhere near the top 10 times now... I love rally but I'm such a bad driver in it. Just getting 1:00.00 is a nightmare for me hehe
  smok3y 19-Jan-2009
Went too wide on the last offroad
  JumperJack 19-Jan-2009
nice smokey, also a 56.

you're getting too close now, btw...
  smok3y 19-Jan-2009
..screwed up the last dirt section and then went too wide on the offroad after that - again
..your turn now JJ ..sorry for the .01
  JumperJack 19-Jan-2009

damn. ^^ i can beat it, though i won't in the near future. as i stated before, i'm taking a little trackmania break (apart from basco), to focus on other things in real life. congrats with your record though, but you're going to lose it later for sure!!
  iQue | tm2 19-Jan-2009
Holy crap, nice time smokes.
  smok3y 19-Jan-2009
Not really Iquere, wait till you see JJ's time next
  JumperJack 19-Jan-2009
damn smokey, one of your replays, and you already triggered me to give up my tm-break after what?! twelve hours!!

let's make an exception for this track then...

edit: argh, can you believe it?! equaled your record...

edit: got it. not specteculary, i'm sorry. but i already had -0.52 on my 56.75 once. crashed at the dirt turn though...
  smok3y 19-Jan-2009
Wohaaaaa that was quick

Way to go JJ

I agree the faster you are on that downhill offroad the more difficult that dirt section becomes
Awesome time, i'm not sure if i'll be able to beat that but i'll try
  JumperJack 19-Jan-2009
yes indeed smokey. since i normally didn't drove the downhill at all, the dirt turn was really easy for me to do consistently. but with those extreme speeds (-0.52 -.-' ) it becomes a real killer turn.

well, at least we proved that a 55. is possible. i hoped to drive something more spectecular than -0.03, but i'm afraid that's not the case now.
  iQue | tm2 19-Jan-2009
Geee guys... You are both nuts.

I'm glad you're having a good time though
  smok3y 20-Jan-2009
We sure are Iquere, it's one heck of a track
But for now I'm done, currently working on making tracks so i will be driving less
Was getting bored so tried it again
  JumperJack 23-Jan-2009

for now you're the winner. but i'll be back!!
  smok3y 23-Jan-2009
Okey Dokey
  iQue | tm2 24-Jan-2009
oh snap
  CMC|Taylor 24-Jan-2009
Now that's kinda embarassing, lol... 0.5x => 1.49 -.-
I guess I have to drive at least .5s faster... hopefully... maybe with 70h playing... brb ^^
  smok3y 25-Jan-2009
You can do it RKO
  JumperJack 31-Jan-2009
wow. o.O

i found out that i can't just quit playing trackmania... damn. ^^ so i thought, ok, fifteen minutes then, just fifteen. and guess what?! after just three minutes, and my fourth try (three times i crashed in the first castle turn), i break the damn record!! o.O i noticed that -0.31 at the last big jump to offroad, and i was getting nervous as hell, started to sweat all over, my hands started shaking. still almost messed it up in the transition to tarmac, but it was still enough!! ^^

sorry smokey. this time i can honestly tell you that i didn't expect this either...

guess this is what you can call luck.

edit: when watching our replays together, you just see the 55. o.O
  iQue | tm2 31-Jan-2009
I'm starting to get scared now... Great job, wow.
  smok3y 06-Feb-2009
*shoots a cannon ball at JJ*
*throws a dead cat, rat, donkey at JJ*
*calls upon the forces from hell to rain on JJ*

Great time JJ - I will be back..errr...someday
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User Awards
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User Award   Tjofina 11-Jan-2011
My favourite rally track so far! Amazing jumps and offroad parts. The flow is great!
User Award   witooZ 29-Jul-2011
Late one
for you
User Award   Crazy Cat 29-Jul-2011
great track!
User Award   FT»chalwhen 02-Jan-2012
very cool track
4 y
User Award   Jonathan~ 06-Oct-2012
Needs more awards !!!
User Award   timmy»UD 03-Sep-2016
User Award   waitforme_2 29-Dec-2017
User Award   Voyager006 19-Jun-2019
Even by 2019 standards, I like this.

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