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Name: Download The Untamed #2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SiNiSTER
Version: 27-Apr-2010
TMX id: 2742777
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 4,089
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:47.05   Voyager006+ 0:00.004,089
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0:48.06   McBain+ 0:01.013,562
0:48.73   SiNiSTER+ 0:01.683,212
0:52.02   dagugstdu+ 0:04.971,497
0:57.16   Megaton+ 0:10.110
1:02.53   the_jetman+ 0:15.480
1:06.02   Frx ben75+ 0:18.970
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Author Comments

Here’s a new FS Track, Tricky to learn And Fun to Drive. Some hours And Days went Into this one, everything is Calculated right.., Has Mad Speed Pretty Much All The Blocks are Turbo’s ..So if you’re not used to Driving Very fast and not that much time to think you might not like this one. But For The Drivers Who Like Mad Speed Then This Track Is For You. .. Track is Very Smooth if driven right..Its A Very Challenging Track..

Have fun and enjoy

Warning This Track Is For The Hard Core Driver

Track consist of the Following:

GPS at Parking
Scenery: Well not much you’re going too fast to look
Fun Factor
Custom Music
Coppers 4496

And Try out my New Island Track

Speed Zone by   SiNiSTER

User Comments
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  dagugstdu 29-Apr-2010
sorry, but builing a map with boosters isn't a guaranty for a good map. Special the start sections with lotto-boosters i dislike.
edt: needs a bit experience to get gold ... and i hate me got 52:02 and 52 is gold
edit2 looks liek lottoboosters spent ever 100% to me
  Frx ben75 29-Apr-2010
Sorry, I agree with dagugstdu! There are too many boosts!!! Besides, after the 1st checkpoint, I have not enought space for the jump with the wallride. Curiously, I am too slow at the last part. That's the reason why I can't finish this track. You should replace the 2 last loop-combo by wallrides.
If you update this track, I will probably give you an award.
Edit: for example, you can remove some boosts after the last CP: I crash because I am too fast. I am forced to respawn and it is not cool!
  SiNiSTER 29-Apr-2010
hmm thx for your comments but, thats the theme of this track, thats why its called The Untamed . once you play it for a while you'll get used to it.
Watch the gps at the parking sign to see were the line is, its basicly a easy track, wallride and loops, just a bit faster then your used to.
Have Fun And Enjoy

  Frx ben75 29-Apr-2010
I usually like your tracks, but this time, I think I will not give an award. The ton of boosts is not really my taste. Sorry!
  McBain 29-Apr-2010
got back my PlayPal points
  SiNiSTER 01-May-2010
geeze McBain you finsihed the track in good time and thats all the comment you left o-0, did you like the track or ?? I mean just to get some points o-0
  Megaton 03-Jun-2010
SiNiSTER you are crazy to a track like this.
But I like it a lot!
From first time i have played this track I didn't even know there was a GPS until I read comments.
>>>> <<<<
  SiNiSTER 03-Jun-2010
, yea GPS is at glade you like it and as always Have fun

And i dont why this track was excluded from PPo the track itself is a easy track just very fast wallride and loop combo's

  Voyager006 02-Jul-2010
No it's not easy

It took me at least 8 minutes to finish with gold medal, and even longer for my current time. Guess how much time that will take for an average player
How many players who didn't know about the track finished it at PPO ?

And about the "lotto-boosters" at the start: If you slow down slightly before the first boost, you may gain 150 % on it instead. Talk about a false start

As the track itself, i got almost, well kinda, mad while making the perfect time for this insane map. It's actually too insane. And too frustrating. And the weird layout made the driving line extra thin than actually needed (an example is the corner before the wallride-to-corkscrew-to-loop part). I didn't have too much fun on it, it was more like a pain to crash every time you were an inch too far away..

Well, maybe i just had big exceptions for this lunatic track
  SiNiSTER 02-Jul-2010
hmm,maybe it is to crazy of a track,for me its a fun track, and yes it didnt last long on PPO, hmm maybe take out some of the boosters,ill ask all the neg comments and see what changes they would like to see, if you dont read this ill pm you...maybe just redo some of the parts..

  Voyager006 02-Jul-2010
Imo it's not needed, it's great lunatic enough, just not suitable for PPO (just like many of my tracks :/). But that doesn't mean it's a problem, why should you modify the track for PPO if it's only for "The Hard Core Driver" ?

And my replay will be invalid if you update then
  SiNiSTER 03-Jul-2010
hmm i thought you didnt like it, maybe the way i read it... its just to bad that this track isn't getting the attention that it deservers, maybe ill go to some servers and ask them to try the track out.. but will be kinda hard to do when im a unknown author , I'm really not worried about awards just it would be nice to see the track on some servers, that would be cool. for now ill keep it the way it is and yea Very good Time There , no changes will be made..

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User Awards
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User Award   Fellbein 27-Apr-2010
Great Track, but only for Lunatic-Driver, really good, but cant finish it :-(
User Award   The Bohemian 28-Apr-2010
Awesome track!!! Love all the great ideas, plus its so fast..... I like that.
User Award   FT»Torque 02-May-2010
very hard, very fast, very good
User Award   the_jetman 06-May-2010
good hard track
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