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Name: Download Six Suburbs [2010]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 24-Apr-2010
TMX id: 2733437
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 3,051
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Bay
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0:54.69   Acid+ 0:00.003,051
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0:57.57   maphios+ 0:02.882,087
1:15.17   Frx ben75+ 0:20.480
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Author Comments

is back again with another 2010 community track! (rly? I hadz no clue!)

TMX 2010 Bay 1

tmx2010 Six Suburbs

So who built this amazing track of epicness? Let's just say that six buiders did. 6 extremely dedicated, persevering builders. 6 of the best of the best. who build this map.
We did not only build the track 1,2,3,4,5,6 done, throughout the building process, we would help each other and give feedback on each other's work. We did not build each part of the map, we, as 6 people, built 1 map. However, the map is still divided into 6 people. Who did who exactly? Well, here we go.

Captain: Redrot

Builder 1: Redrot
Builder 2: freezer
Builder 3: Optimusje
Builder 4: maphios
Builder 5: PapyChampy
Builder 6: trackracer11

Scenery: trackracer11, Redrot

Intro: Redrot, PapyChampy
Ingame: maphios, Redrot, PapyChampy
Outro: PapyChampy

Screenshot: maphios

Validation: maphios

Making this map was a total blast, even though we did run into a few technical issues. It was great to see the map evolve from a short, piece of crap 10 sec map to a complex minute long piece of sexyness. Most members were able to help other members improve their parts or give good feedback (though for a few, it was only putting the trackpart up). Everybody was great fun to work with and I hope that this map shows off TMX's true skill of Bay building.

Some more details about each builder:
Redrot was the almighty captain, leading the way for creating the awesomeness of what can be called THIS MAP!!!!!!!!!! (hail Redrot)
freezer showed his bay experience by continuing the track very nicely (and helped fix a bit of Redrot's crap part, which he fixed later on)
Opti displayed amazing bay mapping skills, even though he ran the track straight into a Bay wall (within the game). He also did a great job with feedback!
maphios...where to begin? Not only did he do a good job mapping, he also tripled the word count of the work forum with his long, almost Eyebo-like posts! He also did the screenshot, ATing, helped with MT..etc....what a beast.
PC, after weeks of ignoring this track, demonstrated his amazing Bay work AGAIN by building some of the craziest 10 seconds Redrot has ever seen.
trackracer11 is the biggest story of all though. He came in for another building member whose computer had died, and "pinch-hit" for him, building in his place. He also did some sick scenery, which Redrot later fixed up a bit.

Made by maphios (as stated earlier)
Click here for a bigger size.

Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode.
Click here to get the .mux.
It has a loc.

So that is about all, but waits!!! Joo hasn't played teh track yets!!!! All dis typing wasn't fer nuthin, joo noes...

So enjoy!


tmx 2010 Bay 1: Six Suburbs

User Comments
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  maphios 28-Apr-2010
Finally it´s up .

Though I didn´t expect this one to take 3 month of building, posting, creating, validating, designing and driving this was really a nice project and for me the very first community track here. Nice work guys
  Redrot»LT 28-Apr-2010
Dere we goes!

Enjoy everybodies!

and @Maph: It was the first to fill up I think (for comm tracks, not shorties)
  ReviiLo :x 28-Apr-2010
why sunset?
  Redrot»LT 28-Apr-2010
Cuz it looks sexy
  ReviiLo :x 28-Apr-2010

but i can't see much ^^
  FT»Osaka 28-Apr-2010
F you, my computer worked again after a week or so, I said i was back to work and you completely overlooked it
  Frx ben75 29-Apr-2010
Sorry, I can't award this track because I don't like it, especially the PapyChampy part & Freezer part.
In my opinion, it doesn't really deserve a showcase. But, it is just probably not my style of track!

  Redrot»LT 29-Apr-2010
Osaka, you never said anything.
  osna 29-Apr-2010
great screeny
will try later
  maphios 29-Apr-2010
Thanks for the award guys, they are all appreciated !

And thanks for the compliment on the screeny osna, good to hear that you like it .

Great replay Acid
will have to watch that one for sure
  FT»Osaka 01-May-2010
Originally posted by SFFN»Osaka at Community Track Building forum ...
My computer works again, so I'm back as long as the map is under 4999 coppers!
  maphios 03-May-2010
Great award insane, thanks for the detailed feedback .
Indeed this track may feel more like a wild mix. But I think when you build such a community track than it´s really enough work to coordinate the authors and get the work done. To get a really flowing track is another thing and such tracks are really rare among the community tracks.
You´re right too that there is not really that much room to breath but I think there is some freespace at the "relief" pats of trackracer11 and me .
  PapyChampy 07-May-2010
Thanks for the feedbacks/awards, much appreciated.

Was big fun to build that one.
  Raver 08-May-2010
sry,big dislike for this map ...thats not my style of mapping..
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Massa 28-Apr-2010
very nice

User Award   ReviiLo :x 28-Apr-2010
Cool track, with nice transitions
but don't like this start and the tunnels , the rest is really cool and nice to drive
Good job guys
Rating: 7,5/10

Greetz Heinso
User Award   Nim 28-Apr-2010
nice one!
User Award   nickrev 28-Apr-2010
nice. one of the best bay's ever!
User Award   Leemay»LT | Inactive. 29-Apr-2010
great bay track with malevolous transitions here
it's very smooth and fun... tough it's a bit hard sometimes.
every transition is very well calculated, and the scenery is cool, too...

User Award   Acid 29-Apr-2010
Pretty cool, great ideas !!


User Award   silvereagle2 30-Apr-2010
Great track! fun, technical, and exciting. Nice job.
User Award   .Fakecheese» 01-May-2010
Great track

- Pure.Fakecheese
User Award   s8ndm8n 02-May-2010
Nice production
I like the overall track but it's definitely difficult for me
I like the start but it's been really kicking my ass
Good work from all builders
User Award   insane 02-May-2010
Got some mixed feelings about this one, but it kept me playing long enough to deserve an award.

I'm not a fan of all those fancy transitions, unless they're incorporated into the overall flow of the track in a good way. Basically, I loved how Opti and PC did this, some easy racing with a single well-thought out transition thrown in.

Unfortunately the first two parts of the track were a little too much for me to handle. I can see, that you put a lot of thought into every jump, drop and hop, but I simply wasn't able to get through there without taking some lamp posts with me or leaving skidding marks. There isn't any breathing room, your car flies from one track piece to another, receiving bumps out of every possible direction. That just ain't my cup of tea, and the main point I dislike.

As I already said, Opti's and PC's parts stood out for me, easy to get through, but still original. Maphios and Trackracer added the final touches by making great use of the different types of road-turns available. Felt like a relief, and makes the track well balanced.

The MT and Screenie look slick, as does the scenery.

Good job guys, you managed to cater the whole TMX audience, mixing just about everything there is.
User Award   »Blacer 04-May-2010
Nice Track


User Award   haenry 04-May-2010
cool track and nice flow
some transitions are very great and this track is also challenging, because of the tunnel
Only at start there should be better scenery, so that you'd get better and easier into first transition
But this is only small critic.. ^_^
User Award   FT»sanfc 07-May-2010
Very nice track , cool mt , cool ideas , cool atmosphere

And a nice screeny

User Award   Buldock 16-Jul-2016
Nice track. Here's the award 4 You =>
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