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Track Name
Name: Long Way 'Round (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   pjw
Version: 11-Apr-2010
Released: 11-Apr-2010
TMX id: 2700632
LB Rating: 10,184
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
5:31.51   R.A.J.+ 0:00.0010,184
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
5:36.86   The Idler+ 0:05.359,197
5:50.95   eyebo.wp+ 0:19.446,600
6:03.47   M3Heppi+ 0:31.964,293
6:11.44   ichirou+ 0:39.932,824
7:38.58   smok3y+ 2:07.070
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Author Comments

My entry for the March MTC. The first 1:30 or so of this track has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time, and then the March MTC inspired me to add another 1:30 or so...and then the MTC was extended an extra month. Now it's quite a bit longer (the AT is just over 6:00).

I had trouble deciding between intermediate and expert for the track difficulty. Most of it is pretty easy to drive, but there's one sideways road-to-road transition that's a bit tricky, some very fast sections, and a couple of very big jumps that are easy to be off-target on, at least the first time through. Plus, it's really quite a long track with lots of opportunity to mess up, so I went with "expert" difficulty.

I mainly just tried to make the last 4 minutes or so as fun as the first version of the track, and I hope I succeeded--let me know what you think if you decide to try it! Replays are especially appreciated on a track of this length, so big thanks if you upload a replay.

User Comments
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  ichirou 14-Apr-2010
Submitted my first run
  pjw 15-Apr-2010
ichirou and The Idler, thanks for the replays and the awards! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it.

ichirou, I'm not sure if I agree with you about bad flow in places (unless you're talking about the part where you bounce off the road above--that's pretty unusual, and I can see it putting people off), but it *is* slightly repetitive--it was tough to make a track of this length 100% unique all the way through...

Idler, I'm not sure how the bump-the-roof jump cost you? It's odd, but it's not difficult...seems like if you just go straight and centered you'll be okay? Unless I just got lucky while testing...? The ending...yeah, there's a little bit of learning there. I tried it with a yellow booster instead, and believe it or not it was harder. I maybe should have gone with something a bit more normal, but I thought it provided a nice high point at the end. Thanks for the feedback!
  The Idler 15-Apr-2010
I tried the jump first at center, and I hit the lightpole near the fence. I also flipped a couple of times since hitting the road above sent me to a spin. In the replay, I pressed brake just after hitting the road above to neutralize that, and then it worked just fine.
  pjw 18-Apr-2010
smok3y, how did you finish this one? (jk) I had a lot of fun watching your replay, and as far as the finish goes, that's doing it with style, man! Thanks for hanging in there and giving this some time, and thanks for the award!

R.A.J. wow, that was a nice bit of driving right there--I thought it would be a while before someone topped The Idler's excellent replay, but both you guys sent my AT to an early grave! You made me catch my breath and wince when you caught that post right before the second big red-booster jump, but you recovered very nicely! Thanks for the kind words, the award, and the great replay (and I'm glad you enjoyed the outro--it took a bit of work, especially since I had finished the outro to the short track (~1:30) first, and then had to add on to it as the track grew to ~3:00 and then to ~6:00--cams got all out of order and argh).

Edit: Holy crap! And The Idler takes it back!
/me eats popcorn and enjoys the show

Edit2: That was fun to watch! I encourage everyone to download those two replays and watch them together. Great skills from both drivers!
  R.A.J. 24-Apr-2010
Well this map deserves more awards that's for sure !

  pjw 25-Apr-2010
Great run! You made me laugh, making up for catching that post last time--you just ripped through that section this time!! I also see that you took the lower path at both places where a split is possible...I wasn't sure which way might be slightly faster on those spots...

Edit: M3Heppi, thanks for the replay!

Edit2: eyebo, thanks for the replay!
  eyebo.wp 25-Jun-2010
My Judging Comments

THE GOOD: The end side jump is creative, but as I say below, the lead-up is too short. The track has some fun driving parts.

THE BAD: A lot of over-boosted jumps. The end comes too abruptly to line up for the side jump. Some blind jumps. Pacing leaves much to be desired.
  pjw 30-Jun-2010
eyebo, thanks for the award, and especially for the comments and feedback. I agree with you about the short space for the end jump; in retrospect, I'd change that if I could. I have to question "a lot of over-boosted jumps" though. There are a few (2? 3?) places in the track where I used a red booster when maybe a yellow could have worked, with a good driver who was going fast enough, but I enjoy having greater speed than I might need (and controlling it) much more than having to work very hard to get barely enough speed...maybe it's just a personal taste thing.

Finally..."badly calculated"? Well, the track ended up (mostly) how I wanted it, by my calculations, so they seem to have served my purposes. I'll agree that some of the jumps are blind, and have to be learned, but that's somewhat of a personal preference/style.

Even though I disagree with some of it, I do appreciate all of the feedback, so thanks again!
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User Awards
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  ichirou 14-Apr-2010
It was fun to drive but it's a bit repetitive and some parts with bad flow. Some nice ideas but I'm not sure what to think of those big red boosted jumps. Mostly good endurance parts.

from ichi!
  The Idler 14-Apr-2010
A great track overall, most of the big jumps are well executed and the slower parts fit well. However, there are two spots I didn't like: the jump at around 3:10 where you hit the bottom of the road above, and the finish jump. Both parts ruined many of my otherwise clean runs. Since most people will probably drive a track as long as this only once, it's bad if there are spots which can't be executed perfectly during the first run. Still, a lovely track.
  smok3y 16-Apr-2010
Oh well, dont even ask me how I finished this one

Damn long indeed, and it fits the MTC for this month
The map is really nicely made
I like the layout which is a combination of a lot of elements
There is something for everyone here, and I had my fair share of fun and misery on this one
I did manage a replay after like 6 runs, so that would make it about 40 minutes of driving
It was a nice expedition, and even in the final replay I had a few crashes and respawns, hard to remember the way after a while of driving, cause everything starts to look new again
And the finish jump is a killer and i have no clue how I managed to hit the finish from top on the replay I uploaded
But who is complaining, atleast I finished

Big Shiny Cup->
  R.A.J. 17-Apr-2010
A real masterpiece here...
all pieces put neatly together, into a very cool flowing map...
lots of creative ideas

great design of scenery

awesome outro

  eyebo.wp 26-Jun-2010
The first time I played it I must admit... I really disliked how badly calculated it was and how blind some of the jumps were... but after some runs it started to grow on me... and you ended up with a higher score than you might have had I just stopped with one of my first few runs.

In the end I had some fun on it.
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