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Name: Download Snow Park
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas
Version: 29-Apr-2007
TMX id: 269608
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 33,752
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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1:04.80   Kaka+ 0:00.0033,752
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1:05.63   GranaDy!+ 0:00.8331,158
1:05.66   Wallaby+ 0:00.8631,064
1:06.00   Zeref+ 0:01.2030,001
1:06.74   Mr. Bones+ 0:01.9427,689
1:06.80   Keenou+ 0:02.0027,501
1:07.11   Duck+ 0:02.3126,533
1:07.38   X_Darkman_X+ 0:02.5825,689
1:07.41   mav+ 0:02.6125,595
1:07.78   NémésiS+ 0:02.9824,439
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Author Comments

Hello again!
Here is my second snow-track!
The autor-time is 1:12.07 but it not a very good author-time!
The track is not too difficult, but not too easy, too.
The track includes two pipes, both you can drive pf , a lot of jumps and transitions, an offroadpart at the beginning and a lot of more things!


Intro: YES, a little story, I hope you like it!
GPS: YES, a smooth and fast GPS with FX-colors
Outro: YES, with FX-colors, too
Bigger Screen

So...I hope you like this track and enjoy it!

Thanks to Axl87 for the screenie

Thanks to all my Betatesters:

Mr. Impossible

Try this track, too:

Ice Palace by   tmjonas

User Comments
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  tmjonas 30-Apr-2007
thx Andree! What a fast review and so nice
thx jack_the_ripper for your award!
thx coastracer! What an award from you! Thanks!
thx Cro|Low_B for your great comment! Thanks!
thx crazers! What a great review from you!
thx buchi for your award! Thanks! And what a time!
thx Suicidefury for your great comment!
thx Mr. Impossible! What an award Thanks again for betatesting!
thx Peddy for the award from you and for betatesting again!
thx Acid for the nice words from you! Nice time!
thx keen! And what a time from you!!
thx ORA for the award! I'm very happy
thx xXx for the award!
thx breaker! Thank you for the nice words
thx flo91 for the comment from you!
thx Gluragator! Thanks for the award!
thx MOZ for the great feedback @ the DS Forum
thx OnkelDoktor! Thanks again for betatesting!
thx F1 Frog for your nice words Thanks!
thx Crystal! What a review from you! Thanks again for betatesting, you have really helped me!
  crazers 30-Apr-2007
wow great screenie!
I will drive it today. So and now I go!
  tmjonas 30-Apr-2007
Thanks list continued!

thx AresTOcrat for the awesome award! Thanks very much!
thx Atze-Peng for the award from you!
thx again racing-pig! Wow, all time favourite Thanks much!
thx jac_munkee for the nice words from you!
thx BL Marci! Nice award, thanks very much!
thx .Remix. for the nice award! I like your tracks, too!
thx tmu_zocker for the awesome award! Nice words from you again!
thx Wooho, an award from OLDA_X! Thanks very much!
thx BrummHummel! What an award from you Thanks very much for this words!
thx GX_DEATH! Nice words from you!
thx HQN for the award from you!
  AresTOcrat 02-May-2007
I'm driving

Screen looks great

Test in DS Forum needs a little more time, sorry.


  tmjonas 03-May-2007
Thanks list continued!

thx [RX]ETZlineR! Cool award from you m8!
thx johnny7! Nice award and comment from you!
thx Sivert for the cool award from you!
thx TMSX_Gamer! Ohh, the best in the world... Thanks very much!
thx Jim Hal Wilson! Cool award from you!
thx Kendal! What a great comment Thanks VERY much!
thx Wooooho, another great award! And it's from TimeBreaker! Thanks again, m8!
thx Wow, thanks n3cid! Nice award from you!
thx GOLO for the niiiiiice feedback! Thanks very much!
thx SkunkY! What a feedback from you!!
thx Lareneg for your nice words! Thanks for the award!
thx Gerthulf! Very nice feedback from you, thanks!!
thx Roman! Thanks very much for the nice feedback m8!
thx Roph for your cool comment!
thx RazoR! I'm happy to get an award from you!
thx TuneUp for your award! Thanks very much!
thx Bachl Awesome comment and awesome time! It was funny to read it!
thx Snakey3000 for your nice words! And thanks very much for the great review @ the DS-Forum
thx Stripe for your awesome award! It is very fun to read this very nice words!
thx FT'Shanki for the nice award!
thx Demon Ger Nice short word!!
thx Marcel Oh, an award from the MT-boss!
thx Madderik for the nice comment! I liked it to read...
thx Rolliphon for the feedback at the DS-Forum
thx Twillight for the feedback at the DS-Forum
thx iZik for the feedback at the DS-Forum
thx Lomis for the nice words! Thanks very much!
thx ErManito for the awesome feedback @ the DS-Forum! Nice time...
thx Yaya! Very nice comment from you!
thx Silvan for the award from you!
thx Ignition! Nice comment from you!
thx again Axl87 for the betatest, the screen and the awesome feedback at the DS-Forum!
thx Wow smok3y! And this great words from you!! Thanks very much!
thx brush for the award from you! Nice words!
thx Wow, a little feedback from pitstep! It's typical of you!
thx koenthju for the award and the time!
  MI 10-Jul-2007
Awesome you got it baby
the most awarded snowtrack from tmu! good work
If crusard doesn't make a snowstorytrack, it will be hard to beat yours!

Greets MI (your betatester forever and for always )
  tmjonas 11-Jul-2007
Yeah ,thanks very much my friend!
I'm so honoured
And thanks all for the 800 Downloads!

Hehe, I hope Crusard won't make a snow-track!

Thanks list continued!

thx MK-1 for your nice words! I'm so happy!
thx FT'Justicool! Thanks very much for such a nice comment!
thx Feanor! What a time and what a comment! Your words are so awesome!!
thx ceranor for the nice FB at the DS-Forum!
thx tcq for the great time! And the nice comment of course!
thx TaBle for this awesome comment!
thx Nym! For the fantastic and funny comment @ the DS-Forum!
thx JuneRat for your nice words!
thx Gadget! I love your comments m8! Hehe, I forgive you the late award!
thx Bratwurst-Mobil for the awesome comment at the forum!
thx ? Captain for your comment!
thx Mortaas! Nice words from you m8!
thx Maniac for this unbelievable 80. Award!
Wow, 80 awards and 700 downloads, this is sick! Thank you all very much, I can't belive it!
thx chris_du_21! Thanks very much guy!
thx pappke! What awesome words!
thx Aero my friend! Wonderful comment at the DS-forum!
thx kevin916! I'm glad to get an award from you!
thx etidu29 for this unbelievable awesome award from you! These words make me very happy!
thx speeddriverr! Nice award from you!
thx boy43 for this nice award you gave me!
thx SoulFly! I forgive you!! Wonderful award, my favourite, because you've helped me with the track! It's so sweet to read this awesome comment m8!! And if you have the time, try to beat keen's time! It's hard but you can master that!!
thx dj coco! Wonderful words at the DS-forum!
thx MiniZyko! Your awards always looks so great! With lots of smilies like this: Thanks very much! It's the 90est award!
Wow, this track is the most awarded snow-track on this site, I never thought of that!! Thanks so much at all!!
thx kastun for your lovely award!
thx bigxxx! Wow, your 300st award, I'm honoured! Thanks so much m8!
thx Yoshga for your cool award! Thank you so much!
thx Flonzo for the feedback at the DS-forum and the cool award!
thx CraxX (Punisher )! Thanks very much my new clan-friend!
thx LT. Smash! OMG! Thanks for this awesome words!
thx Don Alfonso! I'm glad you like this track!
thx £ägle for this amazing award from you!
thx Wally for this lovely award #100! Thanks so much!
Wow, 1000 downloads and 100 awards! This is so sick! I'm so honoured!
thx Bye Tom for this OMG-awesome award again!!! But you're wrong, this is the 101# Anyway thx a lot m8 for your lovely words!!
thx Cephid for your wonderful award as always! Makes me very proud.
thx Wallaby for these nice words!
thx Ebou!! Awesome award from you m8, the best thing an author could hear!
thx ADIo for this very nice award!
thx Dani for your cool
thx rycardoo, nice too see some more awards here! ¨
thx Textiles for this awesome award!
thx Eagle! Such lovely words m8!!
thx MExUnited Great award m8!
thx Gianluca Nice that you like it!
thx Domi Cool to hear you like it mate!
  smok3y 16-Aug-2007
Congrats on 100+ :Award;'s m8
  tmjonas 24-Aug-2007
Thanks m8!
I'm very honoured.
I never thought of that! My next try soon will follow.
  Bye Tom 31-Aug-2007
No, My award was the hundred!!

btw, this si the only snow track with more than 100 awards! Congratz
  » Ebou / Busy! 01-Sep-2007
@Bye tom: who cares?
  v000nix 03-Aug-2008
111 & 11 Comments, congratz

ohps, 12 comments now
  tmjonas 03-Aug-2008
112 awards and 12 comments now

oOps 13 comments

but thx v000nix!
and thx razor for award

n1 walla
  GrimR 04-Oct-2009
amazing track with very good made intro, it's very interesting
  tmjonas 27-Dec-2009
wow, great time bastiaan
and thx for the award.

thanks all others for awarding this track!
  Wallaby 20-Feb-2012
kakas time is still too hard , but it's nice to redrive that classic after such a long time again
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User Awards
Showing 135 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Santino 30-Apr-2009
Fantastic track.. I'm not a great snow lover, but this shows ingenius ideas.
User Award   Draco35 16-May-2009
Really amazing track, great flow
User Award   Pat 14-Jul-2009
really nice here your from me
User Award   Vincent 04-Oct-2009
Wow - this one is really great!

Big fun track with a big variety of stages to pass and an exellent flow all over - super work!

And a funny artistic intro...
User Award   Duck 14-Dec-2009
superb map
amazing intro, really fun.
great MT (not that great AT)
over all, a super amazing map
=> <=
User Award   Mosher 07-Feb-2010
User Award   b.dnl 09-Aug-2010
Amazing snow park!!!
Here's your award:
User Award   Park 30-Dec-2010
Nice track!!
User Award   Junavara 08-Jan-2011
Like it
User Award   Mister Gutsey 18-Apr-2011
WOW!! not too hard and not too long, action from start to finish. Just the way i like it!
User Award   Crazy Cat 29-Jul-2011
fun one and waht an intor
User Award   Raul Vad 05-Nov-2013
Delicious & funny track.
User Award   mracoris 06-Nov-2013
There should be youtube TMX series of tracks with over 100 awards O.O This track is amazing!!! Lets get it to 200 !!!
User Award   N-Sane Racer 30-Jan-2014
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 26-Nov-2017
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