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Name: Crash Test Dummies
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 29-Mar-2010
Released: 29-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2664693
LB Rating: 34,058
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:58.43   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.0034,058
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0:58.85   Acid+ 0:00.4232,589
0:59.39   ichirou+ 0:00.9630,700
0:59.85   JumperJack+ 0:01.4229,092
1:00.37   rad+ 0:01.9427,273
1:00.47   osna+ 0:02.0426,923
1:00.73   DaKKoN+ 0:02.3026,014
1:01.09   maphios+ 0:02.6624,755
1:01.59   Cayman+ 0:03.1623,006
1:01.93   Dingo.O+ 0:03.5021,817
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Author Comments

Be alert: 6th community-track incoming, this time again a desert-track!

Crash Test Dummies

What to do with these six people? Some crazy speedfreaks (DaKKoN, smok3y), some techlovers (KN, tmjonas), an oldschool-builder (32) and a pretty "modern" tracker (cayman). Impossible to merge those builders in one track? Not for us.
It was great fun and - above all - very interesting to build this track and work together with these builders. When such great trackers of different likings work together it's inevitable that you come to points where not everyone is fully pleased and you have to compromise. But in the end we managed to cope with that very well, built up a diverse and yet cohesive map with which everyone of us is very pleased! We hope you think the same.

Enough talking, here's the lineup:

Captain: tmjonas

Slot1: smok3y
Slot2: DaKKoN
Slot3: cayman
Slot4: -32-
Slot5: tmjonas
Slot6: ~KiWiNiNjA~

Intro: ~KiWiNiNjA~, smok3y
Outro: DaKKoN

Scenery: everyone, -32- overworking and finalizing
Validation: cayman

Screenshot: DaKKoN Big Screen

As you can see it's not easy to say who did what apart from the track. We always worked together very strongly, there's no part where not everyone was allowed to discuss about. That's one of the main reasons why this track turned out like this.

We hope you have fun with this track, please leave some feedback and upload a time!

Was a blast to work with you guys!

User Comments
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  rad 30-Mar-2010
lol it's not that hard to hit that cp, but as smokey said, you shouldn't use whole boost
  DaKKoN 30-Mar-2010
Awesome how well the map is being received here!!
I guess what we 6 felt is now the truth!!!
  tmjonas 30-Mar-2010
Quote ...
looks like "Twice" is getting the boot from my favourites list

Now that wasn't the intention of this track at all...

Thanks for the great awards, nice to read them!
  smok3y 31-Mar-2010
  -32- 02-Apr-2010
  DaKKoN 02-Apr-2010

if that's still a valid comment^^

  KiWiNiNjA 02-Apr-2010

That's a combined +10, folks!!!
  quizmaster2 04-Apr-2010
cool mediatracker project but it was very hard to drive so my rating is 2/5 sorry but i have to drive the entire track without problems
  Cayman»LT 05-Apr-2010
+5 !!
  DaKKoN 06-Apr-2010
lol, seems like we "lost" an somewhere, since it were 26 last night and tonight 25???
Now I'm curious...
Who got banned or left the community??
  KiWiNiNjA 06-Apr-2010
Was 27 actually.

A mystery.
  Redrot»LT 07-Apr-2010
How did KN do his stunt?
Same way I did mine in my island track.
I failed at racing
  -32- 07-Apr-2010
One of our users had several accounts for self awarding. 2 of those he decided should award here as a cover.
  KiWiNiNjA 07-Apr-2010

Nah nah, it was intentional.
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User Awards
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  JumperJack 31-Mar-2010
ok, it's nice. ^^' it's speed, but not as thirteen-in-a-dozen as it normally is. far from, actually. first two easy speed parts from the speedy guys, then two quite original oldskool parts from a new and old lad, and finished by two tricky parts from the technicians. ^^' and it is indeed merged into one track where you can't see where which parts ends and the other starts.

final rating: 8/10

excellent work.
  flurry 01-Apr-2010
Really enjoyed this Very well done indeed

  haenry 01-Apr-2010
cool jumps and very smooth.
hard but fun to play
  Nim 02-Apr-2010
lovely speedmap!
but very hard
  Dutchman 05-Apr-2010
  Nukedragon 09-May-2010
good work guys
  Drannn»UD 29-Jan-2011

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