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Name: Download »Serenity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Acid
Version: 23-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2642072
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:56.10   Kaka+ 0:00.21-
0:56.41   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.52-
0:56.51   spedzo+ 0:00.62-
0:56.81   Acid+ 0:00.92-
0:57.11   Duck+ 0:01.22-
0:57.52   Skywalker>...+ 0:01.63-
0:57.53   hebba+ 0:01.64-
0:57.62   ichirou+ 0:01.73-
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Author Comments

I'm back with, yep!, another Snow track this time ^_^

This one is built in a similar style as my last snow track: NeXuS.
So if you liked that one you'll enjoy this one too, although i have to say:
It's relatively tuff, since my style of building narrow and compact and packing everything full of scenery prevents an layout where you see where to go immediately. some jumps and curve-combination might appear a bit unpredictable, but i don't think it's bad to have to learn a map first ^^

I know many hate, it but i advise you to watch the GPS first

Soo .. some info now:

» 4028 Coppers - Because of the new-mountains i again built it on

» A Reuse

» Scenery: pretty huge and compact

» AT = 56.97 - Not good, i already know that low 56 is possible

» Intro - Yup, a basic one i guess
» GPS - A Basic one, Thx goes to Wallaby for letting me use his Counter again and Kaka for driving the Ghost (56.33) <3
» Outro - No fancy cams or sth, just a nicelooking basic one, so other people can watch Replays without having to edit them (always annoys me at least) ^^

Thanks go to:

- Da Killah, Skilla, Madderikk and Kaka for betatesting

- Wallaby for this awesome Screeny - >> Bigger Version <<

Feedback of any kind and a Replay(!) are well appreciated (now even more ^^)

CUT-UPDATE 23/03 - 9:54 GMT+1

HF//Shiiiiiip it

User Comments
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  Wallaby 25-Nov-2010
  Acid 25-Nov-2010
  Wallaby 29-Nov-2010
omg the last award , never read it oO
  Acid 29-Nov-2010
yea that Ivasku guy's got some serious problems
  bcw 29-Feb-2012
Don't understand this fk blackscreen after second checkpoint. Tell me how this track might be finishable ?!
  Acid 12-Apr-2012
I havent figured out what caused that blackscreen problem yet, since it never happend to me, so i didn't have any problems . . . hm i think it only happens if you respawn aswell, so try to finish without respawning there
  Lasse_-_Bo 15-Jun-2015
I get the black screen without respawning... Can't drive the track
  skvigo 15-Dec-2017
blacking out the screen with troll messages preventing completion of the track - great stuff
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User Awards
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User Award   OLDA_X 16-Jun-2010
Usage anticut mt is not lucky but track very nice

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Techno! 16-Jul-2010
Haste gut gemacht acid
User Award   b4rT3XxL 23-Oct-2010
nice track
User Award   Ivasku 23-Oct-2010
My snow-tracks look like sh!t...
Here you go you lucky F!CKer
(Tip for next track is weird but try a nazi tube cross thing...)
User Award   Draco35 12-Jan-2011
Great work Acid! Really like your style, reminds me a bit of "Nexus". When i try to build tech, it always ends up as a fullspeeder
Best thing is the first jump aftetr about 10 seconds...
MT is a bit annoying if you respawn, but you just have to drive it in one running...
Well done!
User Award   Lukas»LT 13-Jul-2011
Nice one Acid The mediatracker is a bit annoying if you respawn but who hunts a track with respawning?!

Greetz Behi
User Award   tmjonas 10-Apr-2012
lol, and not this one either.

what happened.
User Award   »Jan' 30-Aug-2013
OMG I forgot to award

> <
User Award   dokylis 03-Sep-2013
awesome track
User Award   Line»UD 18-Nov-2013
Here's a 50th award for one of my favorite snow tracks.
User Award   Jonathan~ 09-May-2015
SOOOOO GOOD! Even a snow n00b like me can drive it, and I've gotta say, I enjoyed it immensely! Coolness, speed and flow together with nice trasitions is all there! A M A Z I N G !
>> << for u !
User Award   spedzo 15-Jun-2015
Excellent, with clever transitions and nice scenery!
User Award   timmy»UD 03-Jan-2016
definitly the shortest one-minute-track I ever drove
great map!
User Award   GranaDy! 27-Oct-2018
Love this one, great techy map!
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 24-Aug-2019
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