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Name: Download All I want (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 19-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2634281
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,201
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
2:56.32   rad+ 0:00.0046,201
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
2:57.99   Acid+ 0:01.6743,575
3:05.17   -Chaos-+ 0:08.8532,287
3:05.40   Crixu'+ 0:09.0831,925
3:07.01   Marcel le ...+ 0:10.6929,394
3:07.53   eyebo.wp+ 0:11.2128,577
3:08.01   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:11.6927,822
3:09.14   Cephid+ 0:12.8226,045
3:10.15   RachoVolker+ 0:13.8324,457
3:10.79   ((( rashan+ 0:14.4723,451
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Author Comments

Hey all, it's my track for MTC march, also first MTC track It's about 3 minutes speedtech track, AT is 3.01.72. It has respawnable cps. And yes, it has mine MT! I finally learned how to make loopcams
Have fun

Thx barthess
Thx Sivert
Thx marcel_le_poivrot
Thx Crixu'
Thx tmjonas
Thx Acid
Thx eyebo
Thx dom_i_nik
Thx ziomalus
Thx iRoC
Thx RachoVolker
Thx Ricardo Rix
Thx -Chaos-

User Comments
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  Ignition 19-Mar-2010
Not all cps are respanable - there is one in front of the loop, where you have a motor down part beetween the cp and the loop and it´s impossible to do tis loop.

For me a really bad mistake and so I cannot give an award´.
  Sivert 19-Mar-2010
I agree with Ignition in general but had lots of fun on this one so I had to award it
  Marcel le Poivrot 19-Mar-2010
I put my replay soon
ps : it seems to be respawnable ignition (maybe a little bit hide)
  Crixu' 19-Mar-2010
I'll upload my replay later. For me it seems very easy to finish it without crashing.
  rad 20-Mar-2010
It is respawnable, but you have to go back a bit and then use the way at right, I know that it's hard to notice but I didn't know how to make this cp here respawnable.
Thx all for nice words didn't expect it
@tmj & acid - repetitive parts - it's my biggest problem, also, I don't like the turn before long straight too
  JamesMallow 21-Mar-2010
I dont think your track qualifies for MTC,because someone done it in under 3 minutes
  rad 21-Mar-2010
I don't know too, but I saw others had same problem too :/
  eyebo.wp 21-Mar-2010
If you drove it as fast as you could and your AT is over 3mins, I don't think it should be a problem.

You can't know what other people will be able to do on your track.
  Ricardo Rix 19-Apr-2010
yep, otherwise Marci might have to be tied up for a few weeks.
  eyebo.wp 05-May-2010

.08 away from KiWiNiNjA's time... why do such close times on long tracks shock me so.
  rad 08-May-2010
  eyebo.wp 25-Jun-2010
My Judging Comments

THE GOOD: The flow is great once you learn the track and can drive it fast enough. Okay diversity. Creative jumps and drops using offroads to control speed.

THE BAD: Unintuitive. Unsmooth jumps. Lack of quality signage. Mediocre scenery.
  KiWiNiNjA 01-Jul-2010
Design (13/20) – It’s quite nice after a couple of runs. There are some nice ideas with a good mixture of speedy sections and more technical ones. I found it to be a bit repetitive, particularly all the concrete racing in the last part of the track. Some respawns don’t work, which is a big minus on the first run (engine-cutter after CP= a big no-no). After that, there is nothing major wrong with the track, I just feel it’s missing a bit more creativity in terms of ideas and layout.
Scenery (2/5) – This one could have done with some more scenery, it’s quite bare in places.
Media Tracker (0/5) – Hmmm, no points for loop cam, sorry. No intro or outro.
Fun Factor (7/10)

Good job!


  rad 17-Jul-2010

Edit 9.12.2013: Found small shortcut here few weeks ago. Very obvious
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   barthess 19-Mar-2010
My famous track from MTC Award
User Award   Sivert 19-Mar-2010
Excellent desert Great fun but sooooo easy to make a little misstake somwhere along... Great cams

User Award   Marcel le Poivrot 19-Mar-2010
WWow you did it !
Tech & flow for 3 min : great job
---------------big ----------------
User Award   Crixu' 19-Mar-2010
Really cool long map, good flow and nice techparts.


User Award   tmjonas 19-Mar-2010
Not so intuitive to drive in the first run, no signs as obviously confusing spots (watch my replay). Also some repetitions during the race. I mean in a long track that's hard to avoid, but on a three minutes track I think that's possible. Why I award though?
I had fun, on the second run this gets really interesting! Also there are nice ideas/smooth jumps, the flow is quite good (good change from fast to slow parts) and it's well designed, although there could be a bit more scenery.

User Award   Acid 19-Mar-2010
Great one Very flowy, like tmj said, great mix of speedy and slower techparts, really well built, well timed, smooth, flowy, everything.
But indeed a bit too repeatative (outward platform 180°s etc)
The last curve just before the long straight part is the only thing i hate ... rest is great Very fun one.

My run sucks btw, i think with good run 2.54.xx should work well


User Award   eyebo.wp 20-Mar-2010
Takes some runs to fully learn it.
Definitely worth learning.
I love it!
User Award   .Dominik 20-Mar-2010


And the winner of MTC March is...

:opens the envelope:

All I Want (MTC)

:more clapping:

Great track, flow is great, just a little bit too hard for me , but the replay is enough to award it...

User Award   ziomalus 20-Mar-2010
Great endurance, rad
User Award   iRoC 21-Mar-2010
Good one
User Award   RachoVolker 23-Mar-2010
I can't stand slow desert tech... It's just not fun to play for me...

But this track made me sit down and try to get the techy parts into a decent run. For the fact, that I never tested a desert-track that included slower tech-parts in it for such a long time without getting frustrated you deserve a BIG

The track gets never boring! Great job!
User Award   Ricardo Rix 18-Apr-2010
nice endurance, very enjoyable ride from start to finish.
User Award   -Chaos- 11-Dec-2013
Nice track. It's a hard race and a good challenge.
I had some fun.
That is a for you
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