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Name: [RPG] The Cydonia Incident
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sol666
Version: 01-Aug-2010
Released: 17-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2628331
LB Rating: 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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9:28.84   Poly!+ 2:30.210
11:04.88   Karma+ 4:06.250
12:35.47   Acid+ 5:36.840
39:08.10   Sky-i+ 32:09.470
24:02.33   AiR. La Poule+ 17:03.70-
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Author Comments

The Cydonia Incident

uploaded march 17th 2010, updated because of new server for mt stuff august 1st! sorry for all broken replays!

my fourth rpg map, this time it got somewhat longer and more tricky.
at least i guess you'll need to look twice a couple of times until you find the way
though still based on mt stuff and storyline, this track is a bit different from my first three rpg maps. there are no items to collect this time, instead of that you gain an energy shield somewhere on the map. as you'll need a couple of times, you can recharge it.
maybe some of you know my cydonia maps, so here is a sequel... it's just not a dirt track.

the story:

mankind has settled on mars. short after the first colonists arrived, an alien building was found in cydonia region. scientists finally found out, that this building is an antimatter reactor. they managed to re-activate it, but something went wrong...
antimatter was set free, heavy explosions shattered that planet, and mars was thrown out of its orbit around the sun, drifting into the asteroid belt.

and that is where you come in: repair the reactor, form a singularity to push mars back into its orbit and finally leave into space. sounds easier than it is

hope you enjoy this one!


i updated my cydonia mod to make it suiteable for rpg maps. took quite a while, but i think it fits quite well to the theme.
there are a couple of custom skins, signs and sounds on the track. make sure everything is downloaded before playing. it is possible to finish the track without seeing the models, but it is much more fun with the full experience

you might need to quit the track and restart from desktop to see all models!

because of a bug in mediatracker, saved replays lose its cam target. to watch a replay, open it in editor and change the target manually.

big screenie

- intro
- outro (standard cam with color fx & custom models - no text...)
- ingame mt: (41 triggers...)
- mood: sunset
- mod: cydonia v2
- music: von Branden - Les Anges du Soleil
- coppers: 11564
- building time: -.-

medal times:
- author: 11:04.14
- gold: 12:00.00
- silver: 16:00.00
- bronze: 24:00.00

big thanks to the beta testers:
=RR= pantseri
=RR= Easy-Rider


thx poulou

kiitos pantseri wow, that was the greatest award i ever got!

danke bozz

danke easy-rider

thx marti

danke hawk

danke kekx

danke acid

thx wraith

thx karma
hmm, thought i placed all triggers the way that you can't forget any checkpoints.

merci chris

thx hrk

thx sky-i
40 minutes ain't that bad

thx finfin the end (travel into space) is really worth seeing!

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  wormi 19-Aug-2010
Gratz for showcase m8!
  Blucifer 19-Aug-2010
really fantastic peice of work, I commend you, i wish i could award, but i dont have TMU...please take this comment in lieu. I found some parts a little tricky, but hey practice makes perfect, the thinking behind and the originality of this track is quite striking. very well done sir. ...a big
  Chrstar 20-Aug-2010
where can i get the mod? the autodownload goes to slow
  sol666 20-Aug-2010
thx kybermato & blue

@chrstar: see author comments, type sol666 into the ingame browser or click here.

  Chrstar 20-Aug-2010
ok srry. blue color is hard to see on my computor
  wormi 21-Aug-2010
Okay m8, I finally decided to try this track.

Too bad I didn't see it 100% I got stuck to that part where you gain shield again. Then I didn't find any place to go, only place I found was that one which said I should deactivate some defense system.... I spent more than 30 mins for... nothing

I still respect you work with RPG tracks, but hate these stupid lol maps..I guess you undertsand what do I mean
  davwader 22-Aug-2010
im stuck at the fking dirt part . Where you can enter the center ....
  sol666 22-Aug-2010
front or backside?

front: enter the building, search for some energy to recover your shield (left side when you stand at the cp right behind the entrance).

back: enter the control room (right side when looking from the same point as before, wasn't reachable at first).
  davwader 22-Aug-2010
got it . but still not finished. My time till nw : 2:47 h
  sol666 22-Aug-2010
yeah it is a bit searching first try. but i've already seen people driving it in eight minutes,
  davwader 22-Aug-2010
done. 3 Hours
  julen11 24-Aug-2010
i dindt finish but the part i did very good


  finfin 24-Aug-2010
Sick track...I'll give it another try tomorrow...Award will come when I finished this^^
  Alcator 25-Aug-2010
To me, this is unfortunately poorly thought out RPG track. Most of the time, player has no idea where to go. Tiny holes in walls, driving on ledges instead of roads, and seeing the same "fatality" messages without warning.

If only there was some indication of what to do or whether we are on the right path...

After spending 20 minutes in the room with a quarter pipe and a tiny wallride corner, from time to time getting to the narrow path behind the wallride, only to ending in the room with quarter pipe, I gave up.

In a well designed games like Half-Life 2, there are ways to help the player if he seems stuck. Such as, someone tells you, after you idle in a room for 1 minute, that "maybe we should try to get to THAT ledge over there!"

I'm afraid the author was so knowledgeable about "where to go" in his own track that he didn't feel the need to help the players.

Now I have two options -- I can download someone else's replay and watch it to see where to go next, or I can keep trying, but since so far, I spent 40 minutes on this track, neither option is very appealing :-(

WTF??? Replay shows the sun??? Well, that's just brilliant :-(
  sol666 25-Aug-2010
first of all, i don't think the track is poorly thought out. it is tricky from my point of view. surely you gotta look twice sometimes, and one hour might not be enough to get through at first try (see posts above). a bit patience might help.

second, adding helpers the way you proposed is a bit hard in tm. the track is full of ingame mt triggers, adding some more for help would have messed up all conditions of those necessary triggers. besides, there are a lot of indications of what to do next.

fatality messages: don't touch those platform parts with poles, those are antimatter reactors.

the room: i'm not sure where exactly you are, but i guess if the path behind the wallride leads nowhere, you should maybe try the opposite.

"the author" reads this, so you can adress "him" and talk directly to me.

40 minutes: read above. this is an rpg track, you might need some more patience to get through.

replay: this game exists since a couple of years. also, since a couple of years it is not possible to add ghosts to replays without losing the cam targets. so before complaining about worthless replays, you might consider to open the replay you want to see in the replay editor and simply change the cam target to the player who has driven the replay. at least this is how everybody who thinks about it handles this bug.
  !YäN! 30-Sep-2010
why cant i see any of those 3d models?
  sol666 01-Oct-2010
wait until everything is loaded, leave the map and restart it from desktop. also make sure your download settings are correct.
  _Jann 21-May-2011
PLease do you send me this song von Branden - Les anges du soleil


I still love the music but for dog's sake I haven't found the song you used in it for 6 years. I don't know if anybody will ever read it but please help me, does anybody have the file for it?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  AiR. La Poule 17-Mar-2010
Nice RPG
Sometimes the way is a little confuse but I like this track
You need an
  pantseri 17-Mar-2010
First of all!
I have to admire your endless creativity.
All that hard work you have spent with tuning your mods, 3d models and
last but surely not least... Your tracks
You're rare person in these days, thank you for that my Friend!

1st for dedication

... and now something about the track itself

~*~The Great Adventure~*~

The Story
Whole idea is great... mars colony, anti matter reactor, etc.
That's great basic for sci-fi adventure.

2nd for good story

In this case ...
Intro, Shield, use of FX color and other effects...

3rd for precise use of mediatracker.

The Track
This track is so full of tricks!
So you need quite amount of driving skill to succeed.
Car handling, jump handling, a bit dirt skills,
problem solving skills, nerves of steel...

I almost went nuts with testing this track.
-> ->
... but eventually even i "the rpg noob" finished it so it can't be that hard

Very educational experience i might say

4th for making me mentally unstable

3D models / Ghosts
Spaceship is just so friggin' huge
Then that meteorite and and...
you just have to see them all by yourself.
Amazing work with this section too!

5th for breaking boundaries

The Cydonia mod
Fits perfectly for this great track!
Finely chosen textures and those green lights...
can't really be more marsian than this

6th for modding

Ingame images
Really well fitting and good looking so...

7th for photoshop skills

Great choise for music

8th goes to von Branden band

Just another nice sol666 screenie

Did i give for photoshop skills?
Well what a heck, take another one

9th for photoshop skills

Summa Summarum
Absolutely fabulous piece of art!

10th for whole package


btw. i have never ever written this long award comment before and
if nothing this special never happens, i won't do it again
  der-bozz 18-Mar-2010

Your creative as Hell, never ssaw RPG Tracks like ures
Pantseri is absolutly right

  Easy-Rider 19-Mar-2010
Fabulous, fantastic Map,

MT =
puzzles =
creativity =
imaginative =
story =

although I am a beginner fascinates me.
It's fun to find the right way to the next CP

GREAT GREAT work my friend.

  marti488 19-Aug-2010
Gr8 track (couldn't finish it though )
  HawkGer 19-Aug-2010
Wow congratz for the showcase! Seems like I forgot to award the track here on tmux
The track is very well suited to be featured here too I think. The route is not too hard and with all the storyelements it really gives a good impression of how real RPG tracks can look like
  KekX 20-Aug-2010
Great work!

Although it took me 45 minutes to see half of the track, it's a cool track with good ideas and a nice scenario.

Well done
  Acid 20-Aug-2010
Wayfound is indeed hard, it's too frustrating imo if you can't even figure out where to go.
Effects, MT, desgn and the challenges are great, i prefere your other RPS's though.


  Wraith 21-Aug-2010
what can i say but simply stunning work well worth a mega

  Karma 21-Aug-2010
Incredible scenery and MT use.
You deserved an award
The mod is very colourfull and nice.
The map is difficult to understand and sometimes a bit confusing. The way under the wall make me crazy. I took the Cp whick desactived the safety zone but i missed 6 or 7 Cps and i were at the finish when i saw that. Except this passage i liked the rest of the map.

Good work!

i will try to go under 11 if i have the time
  chris_du_21 22-Aug-2010

MT Work, atmosphere, story, mod, construction, music, plenty of details, the 3D models, the color effects, mixes (how the h*** do you did those red transparent things?!?), : ALL is brilliant on this track!

Could not finish it, was stuck in half way but was impressed by your creativity and building skills ! You're the Crusard of RPGs

Congrats! Here's your shiny golden cup from Mars => <=
  womix 23-Aug-2010
  Sky-i 24-Aug-2010
Great track
but it took me ages 2 finish
well done


GreetZ, sky-i

I've uploaded my best time (40 min lol )
  finfin 25-Aug-2010
Finally I gave up after ober 1h driving and my finger hurted xD But I didn't miss much...Drove it imaginary with cam 7^^

Awesome track. Nothing more to say^^
  simo_900 04-Apr-2011
This is veeeery good map! Finish is coool.
  Loe 30-Jan-2018
  Xerox. 31-Jan-2018
Awesome stuff
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