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Name: |MTC| Smash & Blast
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »Flo.F®
Version: 13-Mar-2010
Released: 13-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2619517
LB Rating: 20,502
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 4m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
4:03.95   Taka»LT+ 0:00.0020,502
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
4:11.63   Acid+ 0:07.6816,629
4:13.28   ReviiLo :x+ 0:09.3315,797
4:17.20   »Flo.F®+ 0:13.2513,820
4:22.67   eyebo.wp+ 0:18.7211,062
4:25.29   sebik1992+ 0:21.349,741
4:43.73   Sivert+ 0:39.78443
4:46.60   Cephid+ 0:42.650
4:58.25   Ninja-Squirrel+ 0:54.300
5:06.79   the_jetman+ 1:02.840
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Author Comments

Smash'n Blast fo' the MTC

Hey today i present my bigest project after PF of course
It's about a big tech composed of mainly slides and different curve.
i've tried to do a variety and i hope you will like.
Maybe this track is a bit hard but your are excelent driver do you know?!
I finiish to thanks ZopuH for his amazing intro ,thanks to darknoob for his help

1 0 0 0 0 c o p p e r s : first time if the track goes c l a s s i c

I n f o

°Smash'n Blast
°3205 coppers
°GPS : 4.12.xx
°PB : 4.10.02

M e d i a T r a c k e r
Intro: I think it’s a pretty good one with some cool cams and some text effects which presents the track. Also some fx colouts included.
Ingame: just a simple GPS with a time of 46.7x.
Outro: A very simple one too with blur and lightness

M u s i c

i've choosen a classic music for this classic tech Omen Prodigy

(MTC)Lose Yourself by   »Flo.F®

[MTC] Gravity by   »Flo.F®

User Comments
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  »Flo.F® 13-Mar-2010
  Wallaby 13-Mar-2010
the chance to reach a classic-lb on a stadiumtrack here is very very....very low these days
  »Flo.F® 13-Mar-2010
its for why i promess 1o ooo Cc
  Acid 13-Mar-2010
lol those 10k coppers are spent well then

FYP Walla: Impossible ^^

I really like the Screen on this one, i'll propably test it later this evening. Track (song) is cool ofc
  »Flo.F® 13-Mar-2010
  Acid 14-Mar-2010
Had 3-4 crashes but ending up with a 3.17 aswell is just too classic
  »Flo.F® 14-Mar-2010
my best is 4.01.xx
  Acid 14-Mar-2010
Ye well i'm not great at stad but it's kinda fun
  Braadje 15-Mar-2010
Everyone uses this song for their tracks.
Gonna try it anyway.
  »Flo.F® 15-Mar-2010
hard to find one wich is long and cool for intro
  ReviiLo :x 16-Mar-2010
sorry this track is unenjoyable
some parts are really unsmooth and the signs confusing me everytime, why you don't take the tmx signs?
for a long tracks are good signs the most important thing
it's very hard to find the first time the right way..and fast forward..? why you don't take a sign..
total its unenjoyable to drive thos track because some bugs, bad calculated parts and confusing can it better...but good luck for the mtc
Rating: 4.5/10
  Taka»LT 07-Apr-2010
Already had -3.5x but screwed it. I'll check for a better time tomorrow.

Fucked up several times due to bugs ... It's only that what I have for the moment.
  260suite260 22-Apr-2010
You post replays on almost every track on PP and don't even have the courtesy to leave at the very least a comment? Or an award if you like the track? Pretty poor form isn't it?

Well, just my opinion I guess.
  dagugstdu 22-Apr-2010
- sorry, but this map is too long for me
- 4 minutes and all like a maze
- also no fun for me to redrive for records
edit: 2nd try >> over 8 minutes and no finsih in sight - that sux
  DNADESIGNLAB 28-Apr-2010
I agree with all those above:

- your stealing others karma

- track too long

- feels like the same thing over and over forever

  »Flo.F® 28-Apr-2010
-i'm a noob with others environnement
-i make time like i can but i can't feel some great thing with my skill
-You don't see its for the MTC THEME :" make a track longer than 3 minutes"
  260suite260 03-May-2010
Your missing the point:

Why should someone respect your work when you show such a lack of respect for everyone else's work?

For example: "eXoT by   Cephid" Here you post a 1:16 when everyone else is posting a :40 or better......ok, not something I would do, but whatever........., what's e even worse is that you don't even leave any feedback for the author? Just whoring for karma..................Bad form.

Look at this one: "mtc outcry by   smartyyy" are you kidding me? And as always, no comments or awards

  »Flo.F® 04-May-2010
i can't judge well the work so i don't want make a wrong comment
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User Awards
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  Tuta 13-Mar-2010
Awesome track! But there are too many signs, often I dont know which one to follow and I think that is because you used a lot of unescessary signs (I mean, the track goes left I CAN'T go anywhere else ). Great flow and so on when you know the way though Good job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  Sivert 13-Mar-2010
Great flow most of the way maybe a bit repetetive but nevertheless impressive that you managed 4 min + in the same style Gotta agree with Tuta on the signage, sometimes hard to find the right way cuz you read the wrong sign Great AT

  Acid 14-Mar-2010
Really great one, some unpredictle spots though with make hunting a bit annoying, but the flow and fun is given anyway


  Nim 15-Mar-2010
cool track!
awesome Intro
  Nex' 15-Mar-2010
awesome one here.
should be the winner in my eyes.
a really great Tech marathon

Greetz Nex'
  sebik1992 11-Apr-2010
Nice one, but sometimes I find way confusing.
9/10 +
  the_jetman 09-May-2010
I have to say i came on here purely for karma, and at first hated it, so i watched a replay to figure out the way... as its not easy
after a few attempts i had figured out the route i enjoyed it, yea the signs sometimes are confusing, but you stop paying a attention to all but the important ones.
I just couldn't put together a flawless run, i'd either fail at the 2nd or 3rd speed jump.
so for a long track, its good
  eyebo.wp 13-May-2010
It was cool to run across this map again after you submitted it to the Mar-Apr MTC. It's too bad that I recognized it and it got excluded... but it's still a really cool track. Great drifts throughout. Perhaps a few jumps that are pretty hard to pull off if you don't maintain speed... also a few signs which are before turns... in the offroad areas... that make for some confusion. But overall it's extremely well made. I enjoyed driving it again... seems like it's been a long time since you released it on TMNF TMX. I can't believe it was only January. Time flies.
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