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Name: [RPG] Ghouls!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sol666
Version: 02-Mar-2010
Released: 02-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2590941
LB Rating: 10,000
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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7:58.22   waitforme_2+ 3:25.050
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Author Comments


time for my third rpg track...
as i was playing with my old gameboy these days, i rediscovered one of my favoutite games in childhood, "gargoyle's quest". so i decided to build a track inspired by that game. the items you collect are taken from it, although they have other purposes in this track.

the track itself is medium difficulty i think. as i'm still noob in rpg, i once again focused more on mt work than on hard parts. but i think i put some more variation into the track this time

the story...
after having beaten the ghoul king and banning him and his army from your world, you've been sleeping for centuries. now you're suddenly awake, which can only mean one thing: the ghoul king has returned!
and guess what? it's up to you to defeat him once again

so collect your weapons, search for the dimension portal that leads into ghoul realm and beat him once and forever!

make sure all custom models have loaded before playing the track! might be hard to defeat the final opponent without seeing him correctly!

gps: -
ingame mt:
music: von Branden - Les Anges du Soleil
mod: UltimaGMv2 by nephaste & fish

big screen

medal times:
author: 6:14.90
: 8:00.00
: 12:00.00
: 20:00.00

beta tester:
=RR= pantseri


kiitos pantseri and thx again for extensive betatesting

danke bozz

danke hawk the fog is varied (outside castle / inside castle / ghoul realm / ghoul king). maybe i should have made that more efficient

thx waitforme lol, wanted to scare other drivers?

thx w2

thx blacer

User Comments
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  Acid 02-Mar-2010
Ok everything is awesome again like your last 2 RPG's
But then i come to the part where you have to drive on a long curved rail ... WTF?!? impossible, i can't go further than a few inches before the car stops right on top. It's also not possible to leave a tire hanging off the side a sliding over it like that, i always snaps right into place and the car jacks up Such a pity the rest was great and it seemed like the finish was about to come ... help ?
  sol666 02-Mar-2010
thx acid

hmm, the only help i can give is drive really slowly. the two right wheels on the platform wall, the left ones hanging down. careful steering and really really driving as slow as possible. more a question of patience, i usually get it done first try.
  Acid 02-Mar-2010
well i tried it, either it jacks up or i fall ofc ^^ i'm gonna retry tomorrow maybe keep making these though, maybe one on snow or desert that'd be cool aswell if it's possible
  sol666 03-Mar-2010
keep on trying! the end (which is only few rooms ahead) is something new i think. you gotta fight the ghoul king with those powers you collected. not just driving through; really "fighting", which means you can also die

and yeah, maybe i'll try something similar in other environments. though i'm really bad in snow and desert...
  waitforme_2 23-Mar-2010
First attempt, had a few difficulties finding my way nice track!!
  Brunovsky 28-Mar-2010
I can't complete your map, impossible to find my way after killing first monster, they all bring to a dead-end.
  sol666 29-Mar-2010
you also wrote on tmnf, didn't you?

the booster is the correct way, it actually is quite easy to cross. you find a short guide how to do it here. hope you try it again
  waitforme_2 29-Mar-2010
mostly takes me twice as long for a first time finish then others (75min)
so heres my new
  sol666 30-Mar-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  pantseri 02-Mar-2010
What a journey
This is just full of great ideas from your bottomless well of great ideas!
Creativity at its best. Challenging and very tricky parts that makes you scratch your forehead and wonder where the h**l i suppose to go next... then !!kazing!! it's right there in front of you.
Cool MT-work to create nice gloomy athmosphere and splendid use of those ghosts.

Here's your very very well deserved mountain of gold

Great job m8!!
  der-bozz 03-Mar-2010
What an amazing Track
I like that u r always add some Dirt part
And the MT is gr8 like the whole Map,
this one is a bit longer and harder than the 2 others...
But still n!ce and i like the Idea with this kind of Dinosaurs

  HawkGer 04-Mar-2010
I award this track mainly for the very brilliantly made custom models and their implementation into the storyline. The execution of the MT is very good too. I think you are overusing the fog effect though. The route and tricks are too monotone and feel rather old. Still a fun track though!
  waitforme_2 27-Mar-2010
after a second run I must say it´s cool

also nice MT work^^ tried to drive the monster over a dirt track today
  w2 07-Apr-2010
I Love your RPG maps !!

I give you an for this one. Not so difficult for a noob like me ... only two paths are complex (narrow walls).
I like the atmosphere you create, with some tool to get to reach the point.
3D models for Ghouls and final door are gr8 as well.

Thanks again for your maps and I hope you won't stop to create maps so good.

  »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one



Nice Screenie
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