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Name: Download Mad - Bull Rush
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 01-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2587753
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,380
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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0:56.48   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.0031,380
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0:57.15   ReviiLo :x+ 0:00.6729,146
0:58.32   MasterGary+ 0:01.8425,246
0:58.88   Acid+ 0:02.4023,379
0:58.97   DaKKoN+ 0:02.4923,079
0:59.73   Bionick+ 0:03.2520,546
0:59.74   sTeImOlO+ 0:03.2620,512
1:00.77   RachoVolker+ 0:04.2917,079
1:00.77   Cephid+ 0:04.2917,079
1:00.87   Zubitxu+ 0:04.3916,745
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Author Comments

1 month after my latest map I show you my new map! This map is a little special though. Besides it being my 70th track on TMX-forever, I used a bug I didn't know about until Wraith showed me how to "create" it. And well, frankly it creates SO many new options for a fun track I had to abuse the bug!! So I did on this track. You'll notice soon enough, cause the moment you land you're first jump, you'll see the bug!! I used it 11 times over the entire map! So I warn you guys: It is NOT a mix... Just a bug everyone can create.

Now to the track:

I made a rather fast challenge, where you still need to have some skill to finish it properly, but it is an easy map!! It really is! xD My beta-testers all had that vibe of it being an easy track! Thx for the test you guys!!! : broadsword, Wallaby, Wraith and Acid

The track mught be fast, but it is packed with challenging corners and jumps to make you control that speed. That speed combined with a series of jumps and drops makes this a really pleasant and fun challenge imho... Due to it;s easy nature I think the track works out great online and for WR-battles, so I'd like to see some great times in the top10^^
Now all go race and have fun!!

Feel free to upload your personal best!! ^^

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 01-Mar-2010
Thx for the awesome 's!!! :

Cartman - Hehe thx m8!
Awesome to see are still there!!
paddy -
Thx m8!! Good you liked it!
patbend -
Awesome m8!! Very much apreciated!!
Thx m8!!
Acid -
Freak!!^^ Beers m8!![b]
Mr.DvD [b]
PorschefanRoel -
Thx m8!! But stick to 1 name instead of 2 xD
Monster. -
Just.... AWESOME!!! Thx m8! ^^
Park -
Always apreciated m8!!
Patriot CT -
Thx "oldie" ^^ Much apreciated!
Golo -
Hehe I drive KB to m8^^ Very much apreciated!!!
Tobbe -
Awesome time m8 :0 And thx!! xD
Yukon -
Thx m8, I love this style the best as well^^
HeiNsStyLe -
Insane time there m8 :0 Thx!!!
RachoVolker -
Maybe next time?? ^^ Beers m8!
Wallaby -
Thx m8, when you say it: It's gotta be true^^
djac -
My guru-love!! Stop hibernating and get your ass back!!^^
sTeImOlO -
brilliant m8!!! Thx for telling me how you feel!! xD[b]

The rest maybe tonight?
  Wallaby 01-Mar-2010
ah it's relased nice
  Nim 01-Mar-2010
is it the "Quay"-Bug?

I'll test it later... -.-
  Wallaby 01-Mar-2010
the quay-bug would be a big crime of dakkon.
Was a little bug which removes the borders of the GP-parts ^^
  Cartman»LT 01-Mar-2010
This loop in the pic reminds me of the horns of and bull is it desired?^^
  MasterGary 01-Mar-2010
Ah, the one I had to beta-dl but then had to hear "no, don't test it - so you'll get the full package when it's released"
Gotta test it soon then

Btw Cartman: Deserter? o.O looks like Coast to me ^^
  Park 01-Mar-2010
3 times linked on the homepage
  FT»Osaka 01-Mar-2010
[trollin']DaKKoN, u son of a mother Duck, you camplained when I used that one ramp bug on my Coast Smoothness maps and now you use the GP bug up to 11 times or more? Lame dude, real lame[/trollin']

Now back to seriousness: I'll be testing it as soon as I get my new GFX (cuz the old one died, mostly)
  DaKKoN 01-Mar-2010
Haha m8, the difference is easy to explain: "Your" bug looks ugly... I mean you can look into oblivion @ the place the bug is... With this bug, just hte fence is gone... No irregularity's whatsoever (well imho...) No strange blinking pieces of scenery or something. All plain!! And with that: This bug is much more versataille imho
But I understand your " trollin' "- behaviour^^

  Cartman»LT 01-Mar-2010
Lol how i got to deserter xD you are right Gary omfg...maybe i shouldn´t take that much drugs...
  DaKKoN 01-Mar-2010
Well Cartman, yes those loops are there all over the track because of the name^^

But you take some silly drugs then, they cause you to write in "italic" ^^
  FT»Osaka 01-Mar-2010
Yeah, maybe it wasn't exactly nice, but anyways. Yeah, this bug rox, is used in plenty of good league maps And it's known as a seamless one... Actually, nadeo could have made that into editor as a first option xD
  DaKKoN 01-Mar-2010
Haha I fully agree with you on that! Nadeo should have done that!! I just hope TM2 will have all the options we need in pre-co-blocks
I had never seen the bug before until Wraith's :Extreme Stunt Driver: And I really liked it for what you could do with it Ehhh well look @ the track^^
Beers m8!!
  Wraith 02-Mar-2010
thanks for letting me see the very early raw stage to the build now for the award whoops wrong place

How to remove the fences:
  ReviiLo :x 02-Mar-2010
56 is possible, but I jump every round against the finish
  Jet777 04-Mar-2010
Btw, Wraith and DaKKon: If I come up with some track that totally abuses this bug (which is very possible - it's too good to pass up )... well... thank you in advance.
  ReviiLo :x 06-Mar-2010
tobbe is crazy
  DaKKoN 06-Mar-2010
Hehe that has been established multiple times already, but him proving it like this is simply out of this world
  MasterGary 08-Mar-2010
I knew Tobbe was sick, but this is just unbelievable
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User Awards
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User Award   janmatys 13-Mar-2010

WELL MADE but TOO HARD for me... sadly!

>>> <<<

Sincerely, JayM
User Award   Arka^^ 25-Mar-2010
awesome track
User Award   den.ism 25-Mar-2010


played on PPO
User Award   eyebo.wp 26-Mar-2010
That's one speedy coast map. Well calculated. Nice jumps and drops. Excellent use of the GP fence deletion bug that Wraith explained in the forum recently. Nice to finally see it used in some speed maps, since it's long been used in league tech maps.
User Award   broadsword 03-May-2010
I'm back online, m8

Originally posted by broadsword ...
Now hurry up and get it published! And please add it to PPO as well

Well, that's what I told you when BETA-testing. And now here I am, the 45th award, done two months after the release. That's quite s**tty of me
So, I'll try to compensate you with words

All you guys who like a smooth ride, download this one. And if you also have got a crush for the Island platforms, I suggest you to do so immediately! Because you won't be disappointed. This track is all about smooth cruising through Coast platforms in a whole new sense, thanks to Wraith's blessed discovery. And our favourite Dutchman has executed it perfectly for us to enjoy

The addictivity of this track is easily over 9 000 I find myself cruising it every now and then, even though I was quite inactive (which didn't make it easier 4 me, since I knew i still hadn't awarded it ). Challenging but far from too hard, it's a perfect track for online racing and time hunting. The problem with direction is gone and the scenery is great, not too much an not too little - just perfect
Now when looking around in cam 7 I've even spotted a UFO hanging around, watching me driving It's just outside the island by the first downhill

The MT is marvelous. I usually only watch intros on story tracks, but I love the cars coming with the tracks name I also love the cam in the second loop and the one when you come downhill into the reused platform section. Great angles in general and nicely FX'ed.

Well, to sum it all up for everyone who don't feel like reading it all:
Drive it, love it.

May the UFO be with you,

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