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Track Name
Name: BLAST from the PAST
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 27-Jan-2010
Released: 27-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2498659
LB Rating: 52,960
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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0:54.61   Park+ 0:00.0052,960
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0:55.39   Acid+ 0:00.7848,421
0:55.39   Hawis.ism+ 0:00.7848,421
0:55.47   RachoVolker+ 0:00.8647,956
0:55.63   Ricardo Rix+ 0:01.0247,025
0:55.69   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.0846,676
0:55.91   Joost»LT+ 0:01.3045,395
0:56.11   DaKKoN+ 0:01.5044,232
0:56.48   BluEjAck+ 0:01.8742,079
0:56.59   smok3y+ 0:01.9841,439
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Author Comments

A new track in the stadium environment.

This track has been in development for a LOOOONG time. I;ve had help from numerous players so I need to thank them 1st. Mastergary, Wallaby, ohei2, Acid, PapyChampy, Joost, Osaka-san, Xmastree and Braadje. Thx for testing my BETA-version (7 months ago ) Special thx go to 2 great authors:
GanjaRider - your inputs where very valueable. Because of that I was able to pull of a track I was completely satisfied with! Thx m8!!
RachoVolker - You pointed stuff out to me I did never see!! So thx to you as well (loads!!)

Now then the most important thing: The Track

It's a really fast ride with an average speed of +/- 450km/h.
The length is about 7000 Meters.
I chose the Night-mood for the atmosphere it grants!
The coppercount: 6401 (sorry for that... the track isn't even TO crowded... But I'm a "wide" builder...
The AT is set on 55.81. It's already pretty fast, but my guess is you guys can beat that!!! I mean, me being a "noob" on stadium...
I included a cool intro with ghosts which show crucial parts of the track and a flowing overview cam.
Ingame you'll find a GPS (oldkool! ) and 1 CP-ghost. Also for the 1st jump to wall-ride some ghosts to follow for a good line!
Off course my favourite part of the MT is there as well. A great outro!! () I think..

I hope it isn't to hard of a track, since I can see some great online-battles on this one!!

Well now all enjoy my track plz and leave me a time!! (fast or slow!) And well I hope to gain feedback to why you do or don't like the track!

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 27-Jan-2010
You like to have the "wallpaper" version of the screenshot: PM me and I'll send you a link! ^^

Since I always use WAY to much words to thank everyone in person, and due to my lack of time... I wanna thank everyone who took the effort to DL the track, enjoy it and telling me how they felt!!! Either in PM, or comment!!! Thx a lot!!! I all the attention this track gets, since the more people DL it, the more will enjoy it the better I feel about it!!! So thx!!!

Oh and Thx all for posting that time!!! Wildly apreciated!! ^^

  FT»Osaka 27-Jan-2010
Betatesting record is still mine!!!!
  Park 27-Jan-2010
the ghost to follow a good line were really helping for my first tries, but after i got it they were a bit annoying especially when i pass one (i have always the cars hidden online/offline)
  KiWiNiNjA 28-Jan-2010
Uh, Stadium!
Too much of a lagfest for me, but anyways I suppose you already know what I would think of such a track.....

I spotted a Tsunami Wallride (copyright - KN, 2006) in there.
Haven't seen one of them for a while......
  Joost»LT 28-Jan-2010
I did a track with such sort of wallride as well in 2008
And you awarded that one KN!
  wardav 08-Apr-2011
EXELENT Screeenie !
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Hawis.ism 29-Jan-2010
Well deserved 21 award
  -32- 29-Jan-2010
  --LooK-- 30-Jan-2010
Impressive as usual !
Great construction, awesome flow, and crazy transfers all the way !
Excellent track once again !

-- --
  sTeImOlO 31-Jan-2010
award for this great map.
its a bit too hard for me, and i suck
at these loops often. But its quality design,
i love the start and the outro ! awesome!
||| |||
  sebik1992 31-Jan-2010
Extraordinary and very creative track
GJ Dakkon
  99mateo 31-Jan-2010
nice track ! ++
  Cicero 31-Jan-2010
  smok3y 01-Feb-2010
Blo.Ody crazy map
Lovely style
Outstanding challenge
Wow factors all over the map
Super sexyy


Bananas are rocking
Razor sharp reflexes needed
Amazing Dakkon style all through out
Nothing less than Xtraordinary
Sweet flow and MT work

  f.enzo 01-Feb-2010
Good map !
  Jenox 01-Feb-2010
Cool track, thought it's very hard for me...
But you got some cool transitions in here, and overall it's pretty fun.
So here's your award.

Rating: 8/1o
  Manu13 02-Feb-2010
Nice stadium track
  yukon 02-Feb-2010
great fullspeeder

very fun to play

nice old school gps

  smartyyy 02-Feb-2010

I´m really amazed seeing genius minds like you doing such crazy things with the stad editor.
If i open a new map in stad i see only a grass-field and give up. xD
Even more great to see there are people who can use it to make masterpieces like the amazing PX-Tracks on TMNF-X.
Or like this here. I´m a big fan of fullspeed, no matter which environment. So i only this!
You got some mindblowing elements, stunts, transitions and whatever here. I just ask me how you doing this.
Well it´s not easy to drive it properly in the first or even in the second run, but the more i try the more those smooth transitions here get a real great flow. Just godlike to see the speed growin higher and higher. And by the way this transition to the wallride is just awesome, as well as driving on the scenery parts. All here is huge fun. I must admit i didn´t watch the intro and i just saw the first cam of the outro, but only this cam told me that you´ve made a big job in Mt like everytime and some ghost were also pretty helpful here. Maybe a little minor point for the scenery, cause it looks a little blank and i´m a fan of overdone scenery monstrosities! ( But i think while driving at this speed, it´s not really necessary, cause you would´nt even see the great part of it. )

All in all you´ve done an awesome job here like in all your maps i´ve driven. Got a bit longer here, than usually, but i don´t have the time to drive all of your maps, so take this as an award for all your great maps here, maybe i find time to drive them somewhen.

Well deserved award for you!


  Kamil Mazda GTX 03-Feb-2010
Nice Good work
  Wallaby 03-Feb-2010
The start is even worse as the previous one and I don't like these "tsunami wallrides" that much , because they feel freakin' lucky
however , I said it already long time ago.
Track has also some good elements and that rescues still that award
  Revmo»UD 04-Feb-2010
Nice !
Although I don't like stadium, I had a fun time trying this track, so that must mean it's a good one lol.
Awesome work as usual, on the track and the MT
Sorry I can't reach top10 with my 56.67...
  broadsword 09-Feb-2010
Hey, wasn't you the one people called stadium noob back @ the StarTrack competition?
I guess a lot has changed, then
I must say, I envy your ability to make such awesome tracks so seemingly easy
This one's not hard, not even for me with a badly calibrated joypad. But it's awesome.

I totally the two first jumps, feels like flying Then it continues equally gr8!
The only minus (and that minus is just an A-) is that tight jump through two checkrings after a loop, which feels a bit too tight but it's really nice once you nail it.

Keep on rocking,
  Jam»LT 23-Feb-2010
Frst of all, I love your maps

Ok, let me tell you why im loving this map!

The nice smooth and beautiful smooth make this map to a absolutely amazing map, the Ghost are very helpful and the MT work is just nice!

>>10/10 Believe me or call me a liar...

  aXu 10-Sep-2010
This is really a blast! We need a new word for this level of fluidity... It's a liquid track
  wardav 08-Apr-2011
Rly good, crazy and inovated stadium track.
First time seems to be hard, but if you did the track you
can find its not too hard and its fun track with lovely
and beautiful jumps.
Mostly the first jump from start is superb.

AWESOME track Dakkon !
Well desrerved 40
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