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Track Name
Name: Galactica
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Marius 89
Version: 18-Apr-2007
Released: 18-Apr-2007
TMX id: 247898
LB Rating: 64,943
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:58.89   Marius 89+ 0:00.0064,943
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:58.95   JumperJack+ 0:00.0664,546
0:59.08   SMiiE+ 0:00.1963,686
0:59.27   smok3y+ 0:00.3862,429
0:59.37   *speedy*+ 0:00.4861,767
0:59.45   CraxX+ 0:00.5661,238
0:59.50   Eviltim+ 0:00.6160,907
0:59.56   HawkGer+ 0:00.6760,509
0:59.57   LSD.ZooM+ 0:00.6860,443
0:59.58   []DENTIST+ 0:00.6960,377
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Author Comments

This is my first track for TMU.
I gave myself very much trouble to build a good track.
Here are some informations about it:

The track
- It's easy to drive.
- It's variedly (Grass, Mud, Wallride, Looping, Street, ...)
- You can take the track full power
- You can respawn at every checkpoint and finish the track
- There is an original double use with the startblock
- I used a PB-Start (Press backward)
- If you respawn at the last CP, you will make a nice stunt!

Intro: yes
In Game: yes
Extro: yes
Music: yes (Rocket Theme by Jan Hammer)
GPS: yes, the lenght of the camera of the GPS is 1:00.00. So you can watch ghosts
with the camera of the GPS. I also insert text, which gives you some informations about the track
and some informations how to drive the track.

Author Gold: 59.99
Gold Medal: 1:00.99
Silver Medal: 1:04.99
Bronze Medal: 1:09.99
So you will get the medal, if you beat the ,00! I tried to get exactly 59.99 for the Author medal.
This was a real hard challenge.

The track has exactly 8000 Coppers.
But in reality I needed ca. 6500 Coppers, because it costed Coppers to build and to delete
mountains. And I deleted much.
Maybe it will lag the first time, but after two times it should be no problem.

Screenshot: yes, I think a good one.
Snapshot camera: yes
Comments: yes

So please this track, if you like. I would be pleased much about it.
Check it out, Have Fun and Good Luck!

Thx for

for giving the early

Thx T_Z_
nice comment

Thx Seychellen
I know this idea with the finish from "Labyrinthus" in TMN.
But that was the only track, in which this idea was used.

Thx Andree
Without the reversed boosters one would be too fast for the corner.
So I needed it.

Thx Puinbakker
It's good, that you mentioned things I could improve.

Thx CRO|Low_B

Thx CRT|Punisher
Ah, you like the extro. (Me too.)

Thx Don Alfonso

Thx JumperJack
Yeah, I also build tracks. And the author time: I tried to get exactly 59.99. So you have to beat 1:00.00 to get the Author Medal.

Thx smok3y
It seems to be everxthing perfect in your opinion. That's good!


I will make more tracks (technical, too), but at first I'll try to build tracks with all the other environnements.

Thx BrummHummel

Thx ceo_tw

Thx Sunspinx
nice picture you made with the

Thx ONE.Agipov

Thx RKO 90 =ITA=

Thx DEnGel
nice, that you've awarded

Thx TimeBreaker
Yes, it's a WR-Hunt-track. I didn't
say this in the comments.

Thx Markus
Did you watch the GPS?

Thx speeddriverr
^^ That fits your name.


Thx pitstep

Thx *speedy*
A little bit too much coppers for online play, I think

Thx etidu29

Thx maphios

Thx BL Marci
One can cut the PB?
I tried, but I was not faster.

Thx Zaitsev

Thx da_summer

Thx Maniac

Thx SMiiE
nice time (you will upload)

Thx TaBle

Thx [ATP]Eviltim
I think it's more important to have a full speed-track with antibosster as a not full speed-track without antibooster, but in my next stadium-track I'll try to make a full speed-track without any antibooster.

Thx CRO|Bare
I'm 17 and become this year 18.

Thx InixXx

Thx DoD Xaviol

Continuation in comments

User Comments
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  Marius 89 16-May-2007
Thx for

Thx DukeNukem
You began with giving in this crazy two hours

Thx TheHero59

Thx Maiden

Thx bachl
I hope you will enjoy my next maps, too.

Thx deco82

Thx Baltazar
WOOT! Really the best map? Nice!

Thx gorillaz
Yeah, but now it seems to work with getting

Thx DavidGray
Better than ...WHAT
OK, but Panis could not use many blocks, which are new in TMU

Thx rimmel

Thx Mr.Brow

Thx gloofyy
I rated your nice track.

Thx Sense

Thx Sivert

Thx SkunkY

Thx playman81

Thx bati74
low coppers? lol

Thx Zippage

Thx p-devil
I tried "your" track

Thx FabinShain

Thx AkoN

Thx (DzG)Frans
Soon I'll build some technicals.

Thx Iken
Yeah, my first track in TMU

Thx 18, Bis
I am born 1989.

Thx MiniZyko
60 Big thx to you

Thx 01rich01

Thx ProPimP
better later than never


Thx BogR

Thx »"ÐrAvE°

Thx maystorm
After such a long time an award; big THX

wow, a 2011 award
  ZimDalf 15-Feb-2009
OK I don't really like to be the one neg person here, but I simply can't start this track!! And I have gold on tracks marked harder then this one! The best I do is crash into that little wall by the track, can never get over it.
  Marius 89 15-Feb-2009
I think, that the reason for your problem is, that I uploaded this track in TMU and now in TMUF the start doesn't work the same. So you are maybe not fast enough for the water bump.
I'm sorry for that, but I can't change. -.-
  ADIo 15-Mar-2009
It's possible to done this track in TMF. You must ride on ramp (before jump) to the REAL end on left wheels. I had this problem too but now it's easy.
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User Awards
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  ProPimP 04-Mar-2008
Nice map
Sry for late award

>> !
  MightyGamer 13-Dec-2008
Nice track
Cool intro and Great map
Good Job
  BogR 10-Mar-2009
  Drave 09-Apr-2009
Amazing track,well done

For you

  maystorm 25-Jan-2010
Great track, nice peace of work.

  N00BYZOR 06-Sep-2011
I usually dislike fs tracks, but this one is pretty nice !
Good job
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