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Name: Download DERFAL
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Revmo»UD
Version: 09-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2453327
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,503
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:39.53   Buckster+ 0:00.0021,503
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0:39.64   darkness__...+ 0:00.1121,144
0:39.78   _evan_+ 0:00.2520,687
0:39.81   smok3y+ 0:00.2820,589
0:39.85   Revmo»UD+ 0:00.3220,458
0:39.89   Sd.Marci [...+ 0:00.3620,328
0:40.22   berrymaster+ 0:00.6919,250
0:40.85   Joost»LT+ 0:01.3217,194
0:41.37   MasterGary+ 0:01.8415,497
0:42.79   Paragleiber+ 0:03.2610,863
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Author Comments

Hey !

Here we go for my 2nd rally track, and this one is simply extreme!
It's full of jumps and transitions at an insane speed

Some stats :
- Clean run around 40 seconds
- Length 3.5km
- Average speed 290km/h

Watch the video to see how crazy it is
YouTube link

About the building :
Intro (33 sec)
Ingame : GPS + FX colors (light)
Outro (Some custom cams + FX)
AT : 40.26
Music : Beautiful Green Wild Beast (from Naruto OST)
1935 coppers

Warning :
This track requires good skills! It's hard and may be frustrating for average players, so get ready to spend some time on it before doing a clean run. This map is definitely not keyboard friendly. Please note that I set the difficulty on "expert". Some landing bugs may occur, I'm aware of that but I couldn't do anything to fix it at this high speed.

Please let a comment or an award if you like the work done here!
Thanks to DaKKoN for reviewing some beta versions of the map

Bigger screenshot : here (1200x900)

I hope you have fun!


Do you need something sweet and easier ?
Why not trying this one :

Almond by   Revmo»UD

User Comments
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  Revmo»UD 09-Jan-2010
Go 39.xx guys !

Thanks to :

- DaKKoN / OMG sick award !! So detailed and enthusiastic, lovely
- Redrot / Glad to get this nice rating from you !
- Sd. Marci / Great time !
- MasterGary / Thx, you still got a decent time !
- Julek /
- Joost»LT / Nice award with a precise opinion, thx !
- Seychellen / Good to read
- Fredomeca / Merci Go go sub'45 with kb !
- smok3y / Yeah, challenging Nice time !
- Makikou / The whole TrackMania is epic
- Tuta / Ok, I won't put ingame FX anymore
- fabio_m / Glad you liked it
- berrymaster / Merci !
- darkness__star / Joli temps
- Buckster / Awesome time !
- cold-d (pacharoyal) / Merci
- Line»UD / Thanks, the end can be sketchy though
- *Garfield / Thanks for adding it to your great TMO server
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 10-Jan-2010
haha loool
This was my third run I finished after I always get bugged at the start jumps!
Low 39 is still possible - faster maybe in extreme lucky runs! I can't spend more time than these few mins but go whoever wants!
  Revmo»UD 10-Jan-2010
Nice Marci !
Geez you were quick in catching a 39 run lol. My PB is a 40.01 shown in the video... I might be able to catch a high 39 as well some time
And yeah you are right, there are some landing bugs... Couldn't fix it, but with some practice I'm starting to have very few of them
  Joost»LT 10-Jan-2010
Crashed a -0.60 (at last CP) to the run I uploaded... might try to beat marci if I find some time
  Revmo»UD 11-Jan-2010
A 40 run is still pretty nice Joost ! (in my opinion at least lol)

My reaction to your constructive award :

Yeah I agree the map is not very diverse in some aspects, especially I used a lot of 4-2-3 (road split) blocks before the jumps. I'm aware of that, but I think you also understand that at such a high speed my choice in smooth blocks vas not very large
I still think it's ok because the blocks used for jumps are never the same, and well, offroad is offroad !

About the difficulty (you said it's not "hardcore craziness"), I'd say DaKKoN is right : lunatic for keyboarders and intermediate for gamepad users !

Thanks for the feedback !
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User Awards
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User Award   DaKKoN 10-Jan-2010
This track is simply AWESOME!!!

That is, IF you are able to get FULL control of your car... I do not seem able to do just that... I had one run uppon beta-testing which blasted me away. It was flawless (lol, well for me....) and I ed it!!! The problem with this track is that it is probably Intermediate for PAD-drivers and Lunatic for KBers... (Like me...) Cause you need to really drive that one single line to rock it....
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do just that so far on this final version....

So this is pretty much rare to me to give, cause I normally don't tracks I can't properly enjoy/finish.... But the fact I finished it once in testing is enough for me, cause the feeling I had when meeting that point" Whoohoooooooo And that is probably the only feeling you'll experience when making that one flawless run...
I saw your "intro" on TM-Tube and LOVED that... You really are a master of movie-making in TM m8!! Seriously. I don;t have an account so couldn't post a comment there, but the way the music integrates with the track (synchronized) is astonishing!! This track might be of lunatic-stature, it still delivers me the kind of fun/addictiveness I need in a track. Might be ebcause I finisihed it once flawlessly in testing, but that feeling is still in my mind.. And that was a long time ago!!

The transitions and stuff are amazing, IF you get the track in the right order.. That is the only real troublesome point imho. It almost ruins my fun, but somehow I do keep restarting the track
This is also very bad for me to give because I normally don't get "emotional" in giving, but you are an Awesome dude with some brilliant video-making skills which need to be exploited more by me () But I do mean my chosing of words, since it is the truth!!! Your track-building skills are awesome and the way you "introduce" is is admorational!!! That's also a reason for this I know I shouldn't let that count, but with you m8, it's a different thing!!!

If you have a steady hand/driving feeling, DL this map and ROCK it!!!!!! If you don't own that, well give it a try and you might be better then you figured you would be!!! ^^ Good luck to all trying it and the ones that succeed: "I told you so!!! ^^"

User Award   Redrot»LT 10-Jan-2010
Exactly what Dakkon said.

User Award   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 10-Jan-2010
Creative fs Powaaa! Of course some buggy places but that's normal in tm fullspeed!
User Award   MasterGary 10-Jan-2010
I'm not such a huge fan of this kind of rally-maps (because of the bugs that can occur) but overall this one here is pretty fun
The MT-work is good

I had fun, so is deserved
User Award   Julek 10-Jan-2010
User Award   Joost»LT 11-Jan-2010
Cool map
The speed is great, but it's isn't hardcore craziness...
which I'm afraid only DaKKon managed to hit in rally thus far

Also it isn't very diverse in my eyes, sure it's fun, but always the same 'trick'
Bit of tarmac then a jump after that a little more tarmac (followed by an offroad section) or after that an offroad section:)

Still a very entertaining map, with good hunting possibilities and a nice trick at the start
So all in all I don't agree totally with DaKKon, I do agree it is a nice map...
one of the scarce crazy speed rally tracks you'll be able to find on this site

So good work
User Award   Seychellen 11-Jan-2010
beatifull track, i like it
User Award   Fredomeca 13-Jan-2010
Superbe map extrème , la 1° moitié fout la rage mais que c'est bon ..
Le mariage de Rally & Fullspeed est osé mais c'est réeussi !
L'intro déchire un max , c'est magnifique
récompense amplement meritée
User Award   smok3y 16-Jan-2010
Must be the fastest rally map i have ever played

And also the most frustrating and challenging !!

User Award   Makikou 17-Jan-2010
Epic vid, epic track.
User Award   Tuta 14-Feb-2010
I Agree with joost, it isnt such an extreme track, just very fast Really fun and cool track and a beautiful landscape surrounding it! One thing I didn't like is the ingame fx colours, they're not much but I dont want any ingame otherwise super job

<--From. >>Tuta<<
User Award   fab'm 31-Jul-2010
its hard to find good FS tracks in rally but this one is amazing
i knew it by the video even if cant drive it very well its still very funny and adictive


P.S. i hate rally but your track proved to me that rally can be funnier if you have the right skillz
User Award   berrymaster 25-Nov-2010
Elle est vraiment super ta map Revo

Aucune erreur n'est permise mais que c'est bon.

Excellente map
User Award   darkness__star 27-Nov-2010
Du rally, du fullspeed, technique, rapide...tout ce que j'aime!!! belle map!
User Award   Buckster 19-Dec-2010
Very Nice
User Award   Pacha»UD 30-Dec-2018
User Award   Line»UD 11-Jan-2019
Comical speed on this one, but perfectly calculated if you drive it the right way!
User Award   *Garfield 31-Jan-2019
epic map smooth and fun to play
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