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Name: Hot & Spicy (mtc)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Cool-T
Version: 16-Dec-2009
Released: 16-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2378309
LB Rating: 54,670
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:55.40   Acid+ 0:00.0054,670
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0:56.25   MasterGary+ 0:00.8549,637
0:56.57   rad+ 0:01.1747,742
0:56.72   smartyyy+ 0:01.3246,854
0:57.00   BrummHummel+ 0:01.6045,196
0:57.10   FT»Peddy+ 0:01.7044,604
0:57.41   Cool-T+ 0:02.0142,769
0:57.70   DaKKoN+ 0:02.3041,052
0:58.55   Wallaby+ 0:03.1536,019
0:58.80   eyebo.wp+ 0:03.4034,538
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Author Comments

Hey Guys
After a looong time finally a new track from me .
BUT: It's my first official desert track and it's a one minute long, hard TECH track!!

I built this one for a mtc again where you must have a thREeUSE part in you track.
My track uses a loop 3 times but there's an additional pretty long reuse (: where you drive a transiton forwards and then the other way around again^^.

Some Info:

~Coppers: Dunno xD

~AT: something around 57 seconds

~A Threeuse and one additional reuse

~Light, but nice looking scenery


~Intro: some cool effects, it's worth watching^^

~Ingame: some help which way to take at the threeuse

~Outro: i tried some fancy cams so watch it

I made a pretty cool screeny imo xD
Here's a bigger one

I'm tired of writing now better test the track instead of reading this stupid author comment

Please leava some replays, comments or awards

User Comments
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  Cool-T 16-Dec-2009
THX for the Awards :

• Acid: wow 1st download, 1st award, and a time i could never drive xD

• Der-Kleine

• Nitroguy

• Rad: nice to hear that the track flows well^^
that was my aim while combining the curves

• Paddy

  rad 18-Dec-2009
ogog 55 acid, I had -0,44 on the first part of the track
  Acid 18-Dec-2009
^^ ogog 54 rad, it's definitely possible
  rad 18-Dec-2009
;< not for me
  Cool-T 18-Dec-2009
What the hell?
I thought a low 56 was maximum possible but ur talking about 54 O_o

  tmjonas 06-Jan-2010
8 awards - pffffffffffffffff.
  smartyyy 08-Jan-2010
Definetly Underrated!
  MasterGary 25-Feb-2010
Acid's time is
I'm happy with my low56
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Acid 16-Dec-2009
Pretty damn awesome one, not HARD tech, but defenitely some awesome ideas and overall flowy, fast and enjoyable, love the jump up at the end !

That intro, i like those heatwaves Great Screeny ! Good Luck in the MTC


  Der-Kleine 16-Dec-2009
really great track!

  NitroGuy!»UD 17-Dec-2009
hey cool-t what a great desert speedtech
wonderful re-use ideas
  rad 18-Dec-2009
Yeah, awesome flowy track Great tech and very good idea for tree use, nice scenery and screenie
  Nim 18-Dec-2009
just great...
good luck for the mtc
  smartyyy 19-Dec-2009
w000t!!! Awesome!!!

Amazing Speed-Tech Desert with great re-uses and a superb flow.
So much fun to hunt times here and the wayfinding wasn´t that bad after few runs.
Was a real pleasure online! One of my favorites for mtc win!


  FT»Peddy 22-Dec-2009
great track!

  tmjonas 06-Jan-2010
Ahh, totally forgot to award this one.
Once again a smashing track by you m8! And it's even a bit on the tech-side, am I dreaming?
The threeuse is a bit confusing at first, but after two tries it flows very well and it's just well laid out and clever thought out! Also the other parts are great and fit in this well flowing easy techy track!
Wonderful, go on with such tracks

for you!
  DaKKoN 07-Jan-2010
You picked the right name for the track!!!
The track has more then enough spice to put the heat into me... I got it hot after numerous tries to match the AT. Which I did not, but not due to a lack of trying I can assure you! Hehe I know I can beat your AT, but somehow connecting the complete track in 1 try is in a flawless way is yet to hard. Speed to be gained on every corner and well it just rocks!!!

You created a very enjoyable and, far more important, fun track!!! Rocking scenery by being basic, yet full. Breaths the right atmosphere all over the track. Nice intro, but I see you didn't have your GFX-card yet, cause there was no blur and colour...

Well your track is not right in my liking-pool for being tech, but it an easy one and I had some real fun!! Also the track is really addictive!!! Such a shame only 8 awards were given... Luckily here is number 9^^

  Wallaby 09-Jan-2010
third place together with redrot in my judgings
typical cool-t..rack
  Skilla»LT 13-Jan-2010
Great Track
  BrummHummel 13-Jan-2010
Fantastic layout! Great scenery! Great MT!
Simply an awesome track
  MasterGary 25-Feb-2010
Like I told you when we drove it on PPO some weeks/months ago, this one here is just superb
Lovely layout, smooth jumps/drops, challenging turns/tunnels and alot of fun !
  eyebo.wp 26-Feb-2010
I really enjoyed testing this while judging.
One of my faves from this mtc.
Superb flow
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