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Name: Download [RPG] Four Powers
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   sebik1992
Version: 30-Apr-2011
TMX id: 2377722
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,412
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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15:48.99   Eternity+ 0:00.001,412
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9:41.36   Voyager006- 6:07.63-
10:27.72   Tecfan- 5:21.27-
12:43.92   occam- 3:05.07-
12:52.10   Soulwar- 2:56.89-
15:39.67   Sense- 0:09.32-
29:36.60   serw99+ 13:47.61-
33:43.89   JV+ 17:54.90-
64:30.20   Virus721 (...+ 48:41.21-
14:02.32   HardDance- 1:46.67-
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Author Comments

30-04-11r - UPDATE!!
changed broken mod and music locator,
track is not changed itself.

corrected language flaws,
turned one CP,
added MT in one place in first windpower section to mark the worng way.
Older version: Here


After trying everything: Fullspeeds, techs, lols, story tracks I've tried do something else. "But what?" I wondered. And I decided to do a RPG track!

The story (sry for my laming english):
You have stuck in some really ugly place. You must get out on this terrible maze. You can count only on yourself. But, on map are placed special markers with POWERS: Water, Fire, Wind and Stone. You may take powers on map to help yourself. Each power gives you special possibilities and very frequently allows to reach next room. Good luck!

Technical issues:
The track's coppers cost is approximelety 9300, so as almost every RPG it can cause on amout of FPS.
As you know every can make a mistake. Every seen error or noticed unexpected way can be reported on my PM.
Because low monthly bandwith on my FTP I suggest every solo player to download ready filepack:
Of course it may be runned online, locator will be loaded
And a screenie. I saved only a poor draft in quite low resolution, but it isn't bad

Thanks list:
- For Mundi for preparing and converting custom models for the track!
- For Ziomalus for hotlinking music file!
- For Voj4k for making some graphical stuff to map!
- For RPG Community for organising this contest!
-And for all awarders!

All s are good to see
Fave Fun!

User Comments
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  occam 23-Dec-2009

YouTube   -->  

Four Powers Intro      SD   HD720   HD1080

Four Powers          SD   HD720   HD1080
  Tecfan 16-Jan-2010
This track took the 2nd place in the RPG building competition!
  !YäN! 30-Sep-2010
I drove this one on a RPG server and took over 2 hours XD

Anyway it was worth it

Great map, dude
  Brainshaker 06-Jun-2017
MediaPack rehost:
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User Awards
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User Award» 20-Jan-2010
The best rpg track ;D
User Award   Sense 21-Jan-2010
Coming out of nowhere, Sebik brings a State of the Art-Map just like that. Incredibly Amazing. -->
User Award   Vilex 05-Feb-2010
Good !!
Well The Track Was Perfect and only the mt you are good.
The Atmosphere was good too
User Award   Szyna 07-Feb-2010
nice RPG
User Award   Jens007 20-Feb-2010
Amazing work
User Award   FT»Marky 26-Apr-2010
Amazing rpg track
User Award   Pet-Placka 11-Jul-2010
Really nice track!!! It was hard ( 47 min.) to finish it. Here's my award
User Award   crusaderX 30-Jul-2010
W.hat a good track
O.h my good what a good RPG
W.ow a mediapack yea


best RPG ever seen!

GreetzZ CrusaderX
User Award   daw5791 26-Aug-2010
This is my favourite RPG
User Award   SkunkY 12-Oct-2010
Nice track - tricky but not too damn hard. Very cool MT and beautiful Textures.
Great work!
User Award   !YäN! 13-Oct-2010
Perfect map which took me about 2 hours online (with breaks) but I got it!

User Award   Kouba 11-Dec-2010
User Award   Virus721 (TM Break) 26-Dec-2010
Damn great track too ! Simply oustanding !

I won't make a long comment this time. It is not as good as your "Connector", but still ass kicking ! I loved the ways your fake blocks fall, they all got me, right in time, and even when you see them, you don't realise before your are on them, that's great.
However, sometimes its very hand to find where to go. Of course some things are hidden on purpose, that's ok, but some other that are not volontary hidden are hard to find, that's not very good. Also the second gate did not open the 2 first times i passed it (maybe not enough triggers) and the river thing after the labyrnth is a total fail, couldn't get it to work But the idea of the labyrynth is really awesome ! The MT work is also pretty nice. Nice atsmophere and secenery. And sometimes the player doesn't know if something is a place where he has to go, or just a part of the scenery , be careful !!

Awesome work again !
User Award   simo_900 04-Apr-2011
This is very good map. Nice work!
User Award   Tonic 30-May-2011

This is actually the first RPG track I'm playing, and I expected it to be a bit "lame" (like, it's cool to be able to do that in this game but why wouldn't I just play another game) but it's actually an awesome - and hard, or I just suck (which is possible, having not played this game for 3,5 years and all) - and atmospheric puzzle-platformer experience O_o

Awesome work!
User Award   papa_coin_coin 11-Sep-2011

User Award   jrri 04-Oct-2011
Nice RPG
User Award   Venu N N 14-Jun-2013
User Award   andrus 10-Nov-2013
My first RPG i've finished and my favourite yet
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