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Name: »Hybridity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Acid
Version: 13-Dec-2009
Released: 08-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2358098
LB Rating: 42,452
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:54.49   Red Shreder+ 0:00.0042,452
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:54.80   viandox+ 0:00.3141,003
0:54.90   Acid+ 0:00.4140,535
0:55.27   Keenou+ 0:00.7838,806
0:55.30   cl_ment+ 0:00.8138,665
0:55.43   denrussia+ 0:00.9438,058
0:55.56   Toyeca+ 0:01.0737,450
0:55.61   Duck+ 0:01.1237,216
0:55.68   rad+ 0:01.1936,889
0:55.70   Cayman»LT+ 0:01.2136,796
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Author Comments

I'm back again After having developped into a Desert-lover i wondered why the hell i never built more than 1 desert map ^_^ So here is another one:

Dedicated to one of the best mapper and fastest tmo-driver: Keen !
He's awesome Thanks very much for the testing mate

» Style: speedtech - This time no jumps you struggle to get, everything's somehow connected, since i want this one to be easier
» 4028 Coppers - Because of the new-mountains i built it on
» Scenery again is pretty compact

» AT = 54.98

» Intro - Have Fun with this one, i'm happy with it
» GPS - A Basic one, Thx goes to Wallaby for letting me use his Counter again
» Outro - No fancy cams or sth, just a nicelooking basic one, so other people can watch Replays without having to edit them (always annoys me at least) ^^

» Screen: Finally i made one myself and i do like it Get it >> Here << in larger version.

Also, big thanks to tmjonas and Madderikk for testing

Pls leave some Feedback, of any kind, and most importantly (for me at least) a Replay
- HF !

-- Acid

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 11-Dec-2009
About that first jump:

It has nothing to do with that booster...
It's the corner-section before... If you come out of the 1st corner to wide, you won't make the jump. Simply because you have to steer to much to counter that wide 1st turn. Then you lose to much speed... Booster or not! THERE lies the problem. Then the boost just won't give enough speed... You need to try and steer as little as you can ("straight" line is fastest... )

If you can take the little tunnel corner as straight as possible, you can steer on the booster and get the full speed needed there. Just the corners... I also almost gave up in the beginning. But once you see how to drive it, it is still hard , but very manageable But if you read my you see that I keep having trouble with it in general...

Anywyaz, just wanted to say that, since all the previous comments were sort of "worthless"...

Anywayz, BEERS!!

  Acid 11-Dec-2009
You're right, it's both I should have removed the obstacle ... but it looks great ^^
  viandox 13-Dec-2009
here is your replay;) beatable i know but i managed to get 1st time
  Acid 13-Dec-2009
noooo via ... fuckin shit ... why the fuck's there always a cut, no matter how many fuckin cps i put in ... i dont wanna fuckin update again.

Well i'll have to i guess
  viandox 13-Dec-2009
cut? i took the most obvious way sorry mate
  Acid 13-Dec-2009
Well ... no problem jacky If that was the normal route it would suck ^^
i added a cp after the loop now, it'll be updated later...
Updated -- New AT: 54.98
ogog peepz
  Keenou 13-Dec-2009
Oh shit ! So sorry I did not see that
54.98 congrat Acid !!
  viandox 17-Dec-2009
i matched your AT i think i can do a little better but keen told me about the video so this time will be perfect for that^^
  Acid 17-Dec-2009
Awesome Jacky, how cool is that If you'd even do better, that'll be insane. Really close Top10 now, thx to everyone
  MasterGary 17-Dec-2009
0.99 is close yes, but I'm as good as out of the top10
I just can't get a clean run
  Acid 17-Dec-2009
1.07 now MG You're right Via, there is more possible, although it is very hard.
A high 54.7x or so would be perfection i guess
  MasterGary 17-Dec-2009
Do I have to get back under 1sec of the rec now again? ^^

PS: my "perfect" would be 55mid I guess
  Acid 17-Dec-2009

... Yes you have ^^
  viandox 18-Dec-2009
54.6x available i think:)
  Acid 18-Dec-2009
Yeah !! Awesome Jacky
  MasterGary 18-Dec-2009
That's exactly the sick JackyLoopie that pwned me online all the time xD
  Acid 18-Dec-2009
Haha indeed xD
Your first 30 seconds were insanely perfect Can't beat this one, although i drove 4 54's now GG Jacky
  Cool-T 13-Jan-2010
i've driven it again now but my time is too weak for the top 10
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User Awards
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  Toubib 07-Nov-2012
Even if I think that you recieived enough awards, I have to tell that I'm a bit disappointed about discovering it only now... This track is a real desert masterpiece. Congrats acid!
  timmy»UD 04-Apr-2016
this is ... awesome!
  FT»@ndy 09-Apr-2016
Always a pleasure to drive this one from time to time
  wormi 17-Dec-2016
  PangoLynne 21-Nov-2018
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