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Name: mtc outcry
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smartyyy
Version: 07-Dec-2009
Released: 07-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2355570
LB Rating: 43,576
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:48.09   smartyyy+ 0:00.0043,576
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0:48.17   Zemano !+ 0:00.0843,141
0:48.48   Wallaby+ 0:00.3941,456
0:48.69   GrimR+ 0:00.6040,314
0:48.70   Forgot10+ 0:00.6140,259
0:48.80   The Doctor+ 0:00.7139,716
0:48.94   FT»Marky+ 0:00.8538,954
0:49.50   ljfa-ag+ 0:01.4135,910
0:50.15   eyebo.wp+ 0:02.0632,376
0:50.90   darkhunter+ 0:02.8128,298
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Author Comments

Hey !

I´m back with a new track. This time again an Island Fullspeeder.
It´s built for the Monthly Track Contest December ´09.
The rule was to integrate a ThREeUSE into the map, that means it has a part where you drive three times.
I think it turned out a bit hard, but i hope that the most of you could finish it.

Some Facts

- AT: 48.18
- Big scenery: 10k coppers
- Full MT (intro, outro, gps)
- Respawnways
- Screenshot
->Bigger Version
- Custom Music: Decadence by Disturbed

Thanks for Betatesting:

- monster
- andisch
- rojko
- davwader

So, now enjoy my track and post some replays! ( if possible )


User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  GrimR 07-Dec-2009
Whyyy are you doing this to me smartyyy WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????
I want to finish my MTC track as fast as possible and you post a track. Now I'll have to drive it before I continue with my work.
Just kidding with that one above, don't take it seriously.
I don't know what to say at this one. This one is soooooo GREAT and quite difficult too, especially the curves after the second checkpoint. The rest is easy. Jumps and drops smooth as always and the flow rocks. And the music, mmmmmmmmm I it. One of my favorite songs.
Very good candidate for this month's MTC winner. Good luck

I tried to make an Island track for this MTC but it was very hard, so I try something else this time.
  Dartz4 07-Dec-2009
  Hageldave 07-Dec-2009
great screen buddy except for the text ^^
  smartyyy 07-Dec-2009
yes i know dave, but for some reason the text turns out way different in the bigger version if you watched at it

btw: thank you for all the nice words and awards in this short time, and yes i´ve worked hard for this
  Dartz4 08-Dec-2009
Sorry m8, I never get the two first curves on the street. Especially the second is very annoying... maybe it's just my keyboard, but as I could see in the ghost you also drive without a pad.

Enjoyed this in your GPS but I never award tracks I didn't finish myself, though.

- D4
  GrimR 09-Dec-2009
Originally posted by Dartz4 ...
Sorry m8, I never get the two first curves on the street. Especially the second is very annoying...

I'm in the same situation as you are, but if you try hard enough you will get them right.
I'll TRY to upload a replay.
And BTW, it's not interesting if it isn't hard
  Jeffguy 10-Dec-2009
I agree on the street curves.

Also, on the second reuse, it isn't really a reuse because you fly over the part (or at least I do).
And anyway, the landing isn't very smooth there

Also, that screw-loop-wallride-thing was not the best... I often found myself crashing or falling off the top.

You're also missing a loopcam on the screw-ride before it
  smartyyy 10-Dec-2009
Well, Jeff, watch the GPS and you´ll know the right route for driving the screw-loop and the second reuse, cause when you´re driving it right it is smooth. And again: I know this track is tricky especially the street part, but if it´s too hard for you, go and drive easier maps, this should be a real challenge to master, not a track you drive one time, finish it and never play it again.
  GrimR 10-Dec-2009
And here's my replay, as I promised.
smartyyy is right. If the GPS wasn't there, I would NEVER finish this map. The two hard curves can be completed very easily, if you know how to enter the corner and exit from it, and the wall - cork - loop where you fall off is very easy when you'll learn the correct route. Watch the GPS carefully and you will succeed.

@smartyyy - have I ever told you how freakin AWESOME your screens are???
  smartyyy 10-Dec-2009
Well, yes i mean you said something like that about the screen i made for craxx!
But i think there are some guys on tmx who can do much better.
  GrimR 10-Dec-2009
Better or worse, I you style. I could recognize your screen from thousands of others and DakkoN's screens are specific too.
Youer style is combining more screens into one picture with lots of contrast in them, and I think DakkoN's style is similar to your's but with many cars on the pictures.
My style is just color effects, pasted image that has some connection to the track name and the track name on it.

Am I right???
  smartyyy 11-Dec-2009
Yeah, sure you´re right, but i also try to improve my screens from track to track.

  GrandMaster-D 16-Dec-2009
Dont get me wrong, this track realy do look like fun but unfortunatly it's hard as fuck.
maybe i will finish it someday...
  Edge 18-Dec-2009
Wow...those turns are so frustratingand freakin' hard to get....for the moment i'm not patient enough to try it again...seems to be a good one though....i'll award it(maybe) as soon as i finished it.
  metoxys 31-Dec-2009
This track is really awesome for random stunting... What made me do a 30 min replay o.O
Please download it and check out those awesome random stuntages O.o

  smartyyy 31-Dec-2009
Hehe, i didn´t wath the whole replay but it seems that you had some fun here.
  metoxys 03-Jan-2010
Yeah, I had some fun out there^^
Not only "some" fun, lots of fun^^
Yeah, I like tracks with a red boost right after a checkpoint and 2 rocket thingys near the booster >.<
You should have seen the stunt where I get the red boost, crash that 1st rocket, spin 360, crash the other rocket (!), spin 360 and land on a random road block^^
Yeah, I had fun out there O.o

Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 16 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  PorschefanRoel 07-Dec-2009
I'm speachless at the moment.
Dunno what to say about this great track
Really nice MT and scenery work.
Only the music didn't work.
Dunno if the problem is at my pc, or that the locators arent working

I think you've worked very hard those last days, because your ready very fast, so here is a BIG for your awesome track

Lightning McQueen
  Cartman»LT 07-Dec-2009
awesome creation ^^ really all about this track is great wish u good luck in the mtc ^^
  R4PH1 07-Dec-2009
wow really good FS-map with good jumps and smooth parts
good luck for mtc

>>><<< for you
  Monster. 08-Dec-2009
very cool

This time you built a realy great, but not easy fullspeeder...and i must's stunning !
great scenery, sure you will reach the max. points! Your best Intro so far! Outro is nice, too! But the best at all...Is the whole track! cool and smooth start! also nice finish! This will be one of the best tracks in this mtc round! Good luck!

but i miss a Thank You for beta testing

~ ~

  Jenox 08-Dec-2009
Craaaaazy! xD
Really great one!

Rating: 8/1o
  Nim 09-Dec-2009
amazing islander!
great and smooth jumps, cool MT great deco and a greta music choise!
good luck for the MTC!
  Mr.DvD 09-Dec-2009
Nice Work

to hard for my
  Redrot»LT 10-Dec-2009
Love every part of it.
Especially the Disturbed.
  Stoney 10-Dec-2009
nice 1 smarty
  davwader 10-Dec-2009
Really great track .
Like the Idea with that 3 part stuff from mtc.
Always fun to drive .
Addicting . Thats how it should be .
here's ur
  DarkLordRacer 10-Dec-2009
very nice
  FT»Marky 11-Dec-2009
Nice Track and Good work smartyyy
  darkhunter 01-Jan-2010
great track, fast and great
  FT|Joyeux 22-Feb-2010
EXCLLENT !!!!!!!! great transition and cool ideas


Joyeux Luron
  The Doctor 30-Mar-2010
Talk about tough. Man, it is tough and a half to finish clean. And that is why I am awarding. This is a fun and addicting challenge. Forgiving at times but but demanding to the core.
Thanks for the fun.

  ljfa-ag 30-May-2010
Nice track
as well as the music
Disturbed ftw
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