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Name: »Hot Air Balloon
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Braadje
Version: 26-Nov-2009
Released: 26-Nov-2009
TMX id: 2337076
LB Rating: 4,702
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:32.96   Cuba.CZ+ 0:00.004,702
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0:33.10   Acid+ 0:00.144,582
0:33.30   cosmos+ 0:00.344,410
0:33.43   Sparco+ 0:00.474,299
0:33.45   thr_iceman+ 0:00.494,282
0:33.56   FT»Marky+ 0:00.604,188
0:33.57   Andisch+ 0:00.614,179
0:33.58   Julek+ 0:00.624,171
0:33.61   Ville+ 0:00.654,145
0:33.92   smartyyy+ 0:00.963,880
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Author Comments


Heej .
I proudly present you my (new?) track.
This track where in the beta area for a really long time, so I decided to finnaly realise it.
It's a 30 seconds tech track with much transitions.
I hope you enjoy.




- 0:33.80
- 0:36.00
- 0:41.00
- 0:51.00

Mood: Sunset
Coopers: 2009
Music: Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

Another track with music from Owl City by NitroGuY

FireflieS by   NitroGuy!»UD


User Comments
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  Braadje 26-Nov-2009

1: Ville
2: Acid
3: Mr.DvD
4: Cartman»LT
5: Andisch
6: Jenox»LT
7: Redrot
8: xPiotrx
9: paddy
10: etek


11: witooZ.xx
12: FT»Peddy
13: smartyyy
14: Julek
15: NitroGuY!»LT
16: thr_iceman
17: Mania»LT
18: Cygnus
19: Cuba.CZ
  Nex' 26-Nov-2009
I say it here again
nice techie
awarded it already on TMNF-X

Greetz Nex'» 26-Nov-2009

Please :avard:
  riolu! 26-Nov-2009
booh! No track-spamming!
  Jenox 26-Nov-2009
Nah, that suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!
  Acid 26-Nov-2009
ogog 32 Cuba
  Sparco 28-Nov-2009
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User Awards
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  Ville 26-Nov-2009
I like it!

Great speed and it's really fun chilling ride!
Excellent ideas and the scenery is cool, the track flows well and everything...

I don't find it tech though, it was almost FS for me.

  Acid 26-Nov-2009
Yeah it's pretty awesome, the only thing that wasn't that awesome was that one upward-right curve near the end, you're easily to fast there so you'd fly off and still if you aren't it doesn't quite flow aswell as the others, also you overjump the landung after the little bowl-drop just before the finish
But overall pretty creative, closely calculated, smooth, flowy and fun


  Mr.DvD 26-Nov-2009
Nice Mini

  Cartman»LT 26-Nov-2009
yeah i remember this track really nice and very smooth and there are great and challaging turns but the end is too hard for me sry but nevertheless it´s and award worth
  Andisch 26-Nov-2009
Well.. i must say that i'm not really a fan of Stad tech.
But i gave this a try, and thank god i did that
Really nice shortie, which everyone is able to finish and get a clean run
I didn't have the prob at end as Ville and Acid, but that's probably just cause i'm not that fast
9/10 !! Could have been a little longer.


Owl City FTW!!!
  Jenox 26-Nov-2009
Oh it's up!
Really great, smooth stadium track here.
Very easy and fun to drive.
Also a nice scenery and great mediatracker usage!

Rating: 8.5/1o
  Redrot»LT 26-Nov-2009
Nice track! Great flowing ideas and nice scenery!

8.6/10 (so to not interfere with Jenox's rating)» 26-Nov-2009
Good Mini Track

Please drive me track

( look comments )
  Nim 26-Nov-2009
great shorty, really crative, fun to drive
  etek 26-Nov-2009
cute map.

Without tech consideration, i have fun playing your track ! So noob to deliver a replay but i really appreciate !
I return on my TmU to drive as well as i can !

  witooZ 26-Nov-2009
Godlike !! imo this is the best track of november
  FT»Peddy 26-Nov-2009
great little stadium map!
Very well calculated jumps, smooth, fun, not to hard...
Nothing to complain about except for the CP's (not respawnable)

  smartyyy 26-Nov-2009
Cute lil´ track!

Well this one was nice. It gives warm feelings to me with this great music choice and the sunset!
Cool techy map with great sliding corners and some smooth jumps & drops.
It makes it somehow addictive and much fun to drive, because of the feelings!

Rating: 8.5/10

  Julek 26-Nov-2009
Great track!
  NitroGuy!»UD 29-Nov-2009
Awesome one!

Many fun jumps and transitions, slides too!
Too bad I cannot upload my 33.22

P.S. Thx for showcase
  thr_iceman 29-Nov-2009
Great track indeed !!!

Flows nicely and smoothly. I love the song. Seems like a balade for me !

Big asskicking deserved award !


  Mania»LT 29-Nov-2009
wow this track really pwns !
it deserves BOTW in y opinon.
th e start si really innovatie and fun.
the track is not that hard and great fun to hunt
>> <<
  Cygnus 01-Dec-2009
Slick work dude. Really smooth, fun and not too difficult.
Nice one.
  Cuba.CZ 21-Dec-2009
Holy cooow

This one caught me for a loooong time! It's just so addictive, smooth and... it simply rox!
It's so stylish and kinda innovative kind of tech.
Just the start can be buggy

Impressive scenery and MT, especially intro! Music is cool as well

  basbaas»LT 19-Oct-2013
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