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Name: Sunday Driver (MTC)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   s8ndm8n
Version: 21-Feb-2012
Released: 17-Nov-2009
TMX id: 2318782
LB Rating: 28,964
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:42.27   SkunkY- 0:03.53-
0:42.45   osna- 0:03.35-
0:43.15   s8ndm8n- 0:02.65-
0:45.91   FT»Marky+ 0:00.11-
0:47.51   Sivert+ 0:01.71-
0:51.97   spedzo+ 0:06.17-
0:52.91   eyebo.wp+ 0:07.11-
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Author Comments

Well here is my entry for this MTC.
I didn't have time to finish the track as far as MT work goes but I made the track for the contest so here it is.

Nothing special really, just an Island tech track that is somewhat compact. Have fun

UPDATE: Mood changed

User Comments
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  Rojko»LT 17-Nov-2009
I just found sth start... you go down-hill and then with normal road on airport asphalt.... there is sth what is not good! you drive on same editor coded airport asphalt at begining...
sry, but I think I must tell that
  s8ndm8n 17-Nov-2009
Hmmm, I'm pretty certain I used different pieces consecutively. Those pieces are diagonal of each other and you must drive on another block before you drive on them so it should be within the rules. Feel free to open it in the editor and check- there is no password
  Rojko»LT 17-Nov-2009
I'm rly sorry cuz I'm island editor noob but as far as I know I was like... "this isn't ok" but now... I know it's ok
  s8ndm8n 18-Nov-2009
Thanks for the awards eyebo and spedzo
Lol spedz, nice "stunt"
  spedzo 18-Nov-2009
Originally posted by BrummHummel ...
(omg.. it´s really tricky when you are fast)

Even trickier when you are slow
  BrummHummel 18-Nov-2009
  SkunkY 18-Nov-2009
Haha, cool stunt spedzo!
  GrimR 18-Nov-2009
Awesoooooome track s8ndm8n, very nice Island tech and MTC candidate, great work
There's one thing I don't understand, this month's MTC is about variable blocks. I opened the map in the editor and saw a bunch of platforms at the tunnel where spedzo made that stunt
  s8ndm8n 19-Nov-2009
Hey Grim, those platforms are scenery and thus allowed Thanks for the comments bud

Thanks Brumm and SkunkY
Glad you guys find it fun. I did a lot of last minute tinkering and didn't really test it much which also includes changing the mood from day to morning- it was kind of impulsive actually. I've always disliked morning mood but recently have been finding it a little more appealing since it actually does offer some nice contrast in some conditions even though over all it is rather dull

I'll get a screeny up at some point

[edit]Here you go SkunkY, a great view of the beach jump
  BrummHummel 19-Nov-2009
Well, i just had a look here while drinking a cup of coffeee before i have to go to work.. I saw this awesome screenie and just say: You saved my day
  GrimR 19-Nov-2009
s8ndm8n this is one F****NG HOT screenie, I it, awesome, very good choice
  SkunkY 19-Nov-2009
lol yeah nice beach but I gotta say the hills rock!
  Ville 19-Nov-2009
Skunky, are you serious? Can't you see it???

I mean, the clouds are awfully beautiful!
  BrummHummel 19-Nov-2009
oh noooooo... Dengy is here
I´ll loose the pole position soon

@Dengy: expected PB?
  SkunkY 19-Nov-2009
As far as I know Dengy he will post either a 40 or nothing.
  BrummHummel 20-Nov-2009
As far as i know Dengy he will post a 41.8x to let me win

Seriously, a 40.x seems to be impossible (at least for me). Even if i could drive the last turn under the plane and diagonally through the broken roadpiece, it is impossible. But probably he´s able to drive both, tunnel-turn and last turn, with FS.. then, incl. a bit luck, a 40.x isn´t that far away

Go Dengy go!!!
  s8ndm8n 21-Nov-2009
Thanks also to paddy Dengel and OSNA

And to Silvert you're absolutely right , but with the deadline looming I never actually finished the track Maybe I'll update it after everyone has forgotten about the track Btw, you failed the gay test as you didn't mention the screenie in your comments xD

But for those reading this, watch carefully as the camera zooms in at the start- you will see a down blue sign left and up from the start. Go through the building to get to this part
  Jeffguy 23-Nov-2009
That screenie is obviously photoshopped >.>

I mean, that ocean is just too real!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  eyebo.wp 17-Nov-2009
Nice no-slider with a clever design that fits this month's theme quite well.
Oh, and fun too. ^_^
  spedzo 17-Nov-2009
Sunday driver... who do you think you're fooling?
I always love creative techy bits as long as they're not just random obstacles ^^
I see a few places where I can experiment with different lines, and that is all I ask for in a s8ndm8n track!

I only upload my second run, (I got lost in my first run!) because I like the stunt in it...
  BrummHummel 18-Nov-2009
I can´t describe how much i love this track!
It´s one of those tracks that i could play for hours!
It´s smooth.. addictive.. very well designed (incl. the scenery)... chellenging... flowy... and of course tricky (omg.. it´s really tricky when you are fast)

One of the best tracks ever.
  SkunkY 18-Nov-2009
Awesome technical ride!
Although I wished it was in day mood cause its freakin hard for me to see the corners, especially at the split road u-turn.
But to drive a good time you have to drive it for longer anyway. ^^ I gave up on that attempt after all.
Great diversity, superb flow and nice scenery.
Crucial and nerve-wrecking start and very hard last drop through broken road. And once you get this good its still a god damn challenge to drive the last turn noslide.
The curse-factor of this track is immense.
And the track deserves a screenshot.
  Nim 19-Nov-2009
Fun track!
  Dengel 19-Nov-2009
i love this ass

amazing-track, so orginal!!! love the sceenery! wayfinding not that easy, but thats no prob, because u did good cps and after one crash i knew where to go will go for a time soooon
  osna 19-Nov-2009
awesome tracK!!
i love the flow!! so intuitive.
i like the scenery!! but i hate lamps!!
anyway awesome track m8!! -->

  Sivert 20-Nov-2009
Killer track with great features like the waterbump and some cool transitions Negative point is the wayfinding This track really could have made use of a gps or better signage. I had to respawn several times to find out where to go. For example at the start where the sign can't be seen until you turn against it or after the tunnel with that blind drop You could easily have improved the signage Still, after having done the work of figuring out the route I had a blast driving

  Cartman»LT 22-Nov-2009
nice noslider
  FT»Marky 22-Nov-2009
Nice Ns track S8ndm8n

Good Jumps and Fun

Here is my Award

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