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Name: Download Insane Alpine
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KEV Fan
Version: 17-Feb-2008
TMX id: 230807
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 19,522
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:54.91   Sheld+ 0:00.5618,315
0:56.41   RayRay+ 0:02.0615,082
0:56.42   KEV Fan+ 0:02.0715,061
0:56.53   rad+ 0:02.1814,823
0:56.87   Voyager006+ 0:02.5214,091
0:57.04   nukular+ 0:02.6913,724
0:57.80   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:03.4512,086
0:59.09   MiniZyko+ 0:04.749,306
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Author Comments

Big map update 17th February 2008
I´ve put another 2 hours into this map and changed 3 transitions and the end (removed that loop) of the original one.
Although it became smoother than before I think it is still crazy and hopefully now it´s more competetive for online gaming. Hope you enjoy the updated version

This is supposed to be a fun snow map - nothing special but together with the silly music it becomes an insane Alpine run

The music does not make sense - it´s got German and English lyrics - those who only understand the English lyrics might guess that the German lyrics are probably not more sensible The only important thing to translate is: "Wir trinken ein Bier" = We´re having a beer

Do not want to win the TMU innovation prize with this one - it´s just for fun

Map data:

Coppers: 3258
Intro: YES
Outro: YES
Scenery: tried to make it beautiful
Sanity: Nada
Music: YES (keep i-net running to get it)
Mod: No


1:02 is possible

User Comments
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  KEV Fan 09-Apr-2007

Thx Kamistar

Thx toby

Danke SHL - lol "Trinklied" - thx for your nice comments

Thx Seychellen - hehe nice you mention those trees

Thanks iquere - glad you got that silly fun feeling

Danke kroco - nice you like it and the silly music

Danke Vince - cut the loop dude - once you know how it´s fun and faaaaaast

Cheers Andree - thx for testing and awarding it

Yeah Pitstep - glad that you like the XT intro

ROFL Micster - don´t hit other cars - hit the mapper - he´s responsible for this - thx for your nice comments

Thx MasterDisaster - glad you like this stuff and the silly screenie

Cheers HAVOC for testing and awarding - always appreciate your comments

lol smok3y - yeah I´ve googled for an insane looking penguin for the screenie but could not find one - but be assured the Penguins will be back

DonAlfonso - great comments - lol I´m glad that you enjoyed the insane music - cheers

Thx Nukular

Thx MiniZyko - are you sure you like the music ? - thx

Big thx Mr. Brow

Cheeers Hubby - glad you like the stretch thingy because it was part of the map update

Thx RayRay - I´m sorry to read that you got probs because of cam changes - I love to do that stuff but I always try to do it in a way which does not irritate people - so I´m sorry - thx for your great award and feedback

Whooohooo - thanks a lot Sivert
  D3M0N_G3R 09-Apr-2007
Hi Kev_fdan pls test my Tracks i am Tobyxx
  kroco 09-Apr-2007
ps: my first united-track is coming soon, but no fun_schrauben map^^

btw: no penguins on the screen? maybe they didn't like the silly music? xD
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User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Kamistar 09-Apr-2007
grrrrreat track
User Award   D3M0N_G3R 09-Apr-2007
WOW waht for a Highspeed Alpine Track i lioke it^^
User Award   ncaa|SHL 09-Apr-2007
Hehe the Rock Screams

a really Easy and fun Track my Friend,good to challenge,ok the last pipes are a thing of its own .
Good Author Time,lovely Scenery nice MT and a good Drink Song

for Fun

cheers ncaa|SHL
User Award   Seychellen 09-Apr-2007
hey kev
a easy track with nice parts
At most i like your design, the idear with the trees are great.
The last tupe are to difficult but the track is cool an so Award for you
User Award   iQue | tm2 09-Apr-2007
Loool the music sure is silly The track could have a little more boosters I think, but it's pretty fun anyway
User Award   kroco 09-Apr-2007
fun snow track!
good speed for snow and cool ideas. mt-work is getting better all the time i think! but for a snow newbie like me it's just hard to get silver xD but i really like it (also the silly music )

User Award   Vincent 09-Apr-2007
Good track! The challenge is quite interesting - and really high speed for a Snow track.
In some places you have to take care not to loose speed. The cork screw in the end is hard to do at good speed.
User Award   Andree 10-Apr-2007
Nice track
Good speed
Fun to play
Good work

User Award   pitstep 10-Apr-2007
cool snowtrack kev
i like the intro
fun and easy to drive
nice cut jump to the finish
User Award   Micster 11-Apr-2007
The song doesn't make any sense!

Great track.

Awesome speed, great turns, good MT, great scenery, awesome jumps.

For some reason this track makes me want to hit other cars during the process.

User Award   MasterDisaster 13-Apr-2007
Lol screeny
Cool simple track
Simple but damn funnny ^^
I like your simple and fast style
Cool for online
Great work

User Award   [ATP]HAVOC 15-Apr-2007
Fun track
Fast and not too hard
LOL @ screeny

User Award   smok3y 18-Apr-2007
Yo Yo
Lovely Alpine map Kev
Super kool speed
Nice Tunnel sections
Loved the precision drops, where you gotta be careful to keep the center line
The pipe combo at the start was awesome
The Last corkscrew keeps screwing me all the time
Kool music to go with it

p.s. Did the penguins go on a vacation or w00t
User Award   DonAlfonso 27-Jul-2007
Wow, this track is so cool! Very fast, cool ideas ( I like this jump down between the houses ~13 secs ) and very fast. Oh, did I say, that this map is very fast? The Music is great, too, it fits to the map and to this very cool green signs. The rhythm and the moving of the signs together are awesome, I played this map only to see this green arrows moving with the music ( and of course to drive the track, too ).
This map is very cool! Great work
PS: Cool Screeny, it's mega lol
User Award   nukular 17-Feb-2008
fast and nice snow-track
I like it
User Award   MiniZyko 17-Feb-2008
Realy great snow track
NIce mt work
Love the music
Here is the
User Award   Mr.Brow 17-Feb-2008
Nice Speed
Awesome Drops And Tunnels
Nice Roads And Offroad
Awesome Track
Big from me

User Award   Hubby 17-Feb-2008
Great snow track

Awesome speed
Great jumps
Nice tubes
Cool scenery
Love the long stretch at last part... very cool and fun !

Great work KEV
User Award   RayRay 18-Feb-2008
Good track, fast and fun,
But i don´t like the camera changes, like on the jump in the tunnel, only make me dizzy.
But overall a good track.
award it is
User Award   Sivert 22-Feb-2008
Insane speed and great jumps
A bit tedious at the end but first half is GREAT

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