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Name: E x t r e m B
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 09-Nov-2009
Released: 09-Nov-2009
TMX id: 2298830
LB Rating: 38,620
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:56.56   lui tim+ 0:00.0038,620
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:56.74   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.1837,882
0:57.66   Mr. Bones+ 0:01.1034,113
0:57.99   Jeffguy+ 0:01.4332,761
0:57.99   Ezom+ 0:01.4332,761
0:58.05   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]+ 0:01.4932,515
0:58.30   ¤SFO¤ Squall+ 0:01.7431,491
0:58.82   Nova.bazz+ 0:02.2629,361
0:58.95   Revmo»UD+ 0:02.3928,828
0:59.06   smok3y+ 0:02.5028,377
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Author Comments

Welcome to the fastest coast-track you'll ever drive!!!

There is also a video available made by:Revo
TM-Tube version
Thx for that m8!!!

And a competition!!:
The lucky-10 JACKPOT

Join the contest!! (see above link) and win with everybody!!
Monday the 16th 23:59 (my time.... Amsterdam.... I think that is +1 GMT ??)

I know not eveyone thinks coast is made to abuse like this... But hey, it's me you're talking to. I try rebel as much as I can. And in this case it ended up in an ultra-fast coast track. Maybe some of you know the previous version (see down below) and I raced it a while aga and decided I wanted to make a new one, but then even faster!! And I succeeded
This track has nothing to do with coast anymore Insane speed all over but still fun and controlable!! (sort of^^) I wanna apologize, before the flaming starts, I used anti-boosts on this track... And they are even quite decisive for the fastest runs... But I swear, they were needed...

About the track:
There is a dual start-option. Either the fast (left) or the easier (right) way.
Then a really fast part on GP where you need to control the car
Then a slide-turn, a loop a great bump-jump and another important GP-part again.
After that you'll encounter a jump up, another slide corner and the biggest jump from the map.
It rocks!! (imho) then a new slide-corner (tunnel) then a huge jump with a bump after and another important GP-part.
Another bump-jump, into slide and then REALLY fast into the finish!!

That was a short description
I added a GPS to show you how it's done.
There is an intro with some fun car-moves *(short though...)
Outro: Did my best to make it look great, and honestly () I succeeded for meself

I hope everyone will enjoy this map and won't throw it away after 3 runs...

My testers need to be thanked 1st:

Tobbe, broadsword, PapyChampy, Acid, MasterGary and the rest
They basicly all loved the track and wanted it released!! A few helpfull tips made it even better. They all had 1 main-word in their "review" Fun!!

So that is my goal on this one. Have fun and tackle the track!!! When it goes to fast for you, don't be affraid to use the brakes!!! But basicly no brakes are needed as long as you release the gas in time....
Race-tip: When you land on anti-boosters, THAT is the right moment to release the throttle and lose some speed for the corner Allign that right and your time will ROCK!!!

I might add a copper-challenge on this one, so look out for it!!!

Now I hope you will all enjoy and try out the 1st version as well!!! (The reason I made this one (2nd))

E x t r e m A by   DaKKoN

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 08-Feb-2010
Ehhh well, what can I say??

I drive KB...
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User Awards
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  Nim 12-Nov-2009
One of the fastest and extremest Coast track I've ever played... Great work!
  Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 12-Nov-2009
Funny and absolutly crazy track!
And stunning!
  Revmo»UD 13-Nov-2009
Great track Dakkon
And awesome outro
I managed to get 59.80... I hope to improve soon

Edit (20-nov-2009) :
I'm glad you like my video DaKKoN !
I had much fun driving this track and making the vid
And congrats for your 2000 awards received !!
  Kwn 13-Nov-2009
Awesome Islander Coaster.
Hard for an old man, but I got the gold 1.02.16
Great Start 3 ways
MT - Just a normal DaKKoN
Very nice Screenshot.
>>>> <<<<
  Park 14-Nov-2009
start is too hard for me but the rest is just awesome!
best of the week
  Jeffguy 14-Nov-2009


Amazing track!

Awesome speed, quite smooth, just

E P I C !

When does ExtremC come out?

  PapyChampy 16-Nov-2009
So damn awesome...

It is truely a great pleasure to drive again on a track from you. You recognize instantly that the map was built by someone who masters the editor.

Really great track, featuring crasy and smooth transitions.

But WTF, reverse boosters in a DKKN track ?!

  Ezom 18-Nov-2009
Wonderful Track!
Good work


Cu Ezom
  Joost»LT 18-Nov-2009
I never liked crazy coast(ers)....
But this one changed my mind
Really fun, flowy and 'easy' track
It's not too hard to master it and feel good about your time
Still it has that hunting element, that will overshadow any of your times

But I don't care

(call that a rarity first crazy coast map I've awarded I think)
  Xmastree 18-Nov-2009
Ran this a few times now getting better on it. Nicely done after you showed me how to start it after a few runs it is a fun track. Insane speed. You deserve this award
  knittel 19-Nov-2009
  Sivert 20-Nov-2009
Truly extreme Great balance between speed and tech Normally I don't like reverse boosters that much but you made great use of them here Brilliant mt as always

  smok3y 24-Nov-2009
Excellent work yet again m8

Xtra smooth jumps and drop combos

Totally wicked

Rocking speed and layout

Entertaining and challenging

Make ExtremC now

Big Shiny Cup-->

  fonzie 15-Dec-2009
Well the name doesnt lie!
Cool screeny.
The track is very fast and consequently the corners become hard to turn
awesome stunts and creative start.
Well done
  Trek 21-Dec-2009
my first thoughts: WTF?!
thats so damn crazy^^

  heasy 17-Feb-2010
also a great one

well done
  Alex BF 15-Jan-2011
  wardav 09-Aug-2013
After some time I play this track online.
Rly HELL idea and rock track.
Its fun and crazy.

I am like this track was bulit and I am like
this track s after ages so fresh and spicy.
My time is 1xx so Im not in top 10:)


  lui tim 30-May-2019
Incredibly well built track. At such a fast pace it´s really hard to control the car, and i like it. Very well done
  Halogucker 30-May-2019
An absolutely insane map and an excellent MT work
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