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Name: Download Golf United
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 01-Aug-2018
TMX id: 229237
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 41,670
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Multi
Length: 2m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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2:08.49   andresaguado+ 0:00.0041,670
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2:14.59   thevoicega...+ 0:06.1029,800
1:49.15   Dengel- 0:19.34-
1:53.82   plastorex- 0:14.67-
1:55.11   [LoRd]Keyser- 0:13.38-
1:56.30   occam- 0:12.19-
1:57.77   joas- 0:10.72-
1:58.52   THE Dima- 0:09.97-
2:00.59   Sivert- 0:07.90-
2:03.75   Jonkster- 0:04.74-
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Author Comments

This is an old TMS-track that I have brushed up with a lot of mt and 2 new holes. It's now a 5 hole golf track with a total par of 19 strokes. As in a real golf game there are options on how you want to position yourself for the following stroke. The track uses several images that should autoload.

5 holes golf course
1650 coppers spent
16 autoloading images
357 blocks mediatracking (intro, ingame, outro)

Track updated 070409 to take care of cut and show how holes can be played. Wait 3 secons at cp and you get guidance.

Thanks to Andree and Smok3y for urging me to re-release this track. It was a lot of work but I hope it's worth the effort
If you 4 some reason feel like commenting or awarding the track it would be greatly appreciated

Wanna try some of the easy stuff?

Minigolf by   Sivert

Minigolf 2 by   Sivert

Updated the track with aoutoloads that won't expire

User Comments
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  Sivert 03-Mar-2008
No problem Ignition, good luck on the driving range

Thanks OLDA_X, first award
Thanks Kendal, great award!
Thanks promania, see the replay
Thanks swesebbe, I'm lost for words
Thanks c|Arild, glad you kept on at it, great award
Thanks MiniZyko
Thanks DEnGel, glad you like it
Thanks broadsword, stunning award!
Thanks pitstep
Thanks DUFFKING, touching award!
Thanks OzKi
Thanks Andree, 4 award & ecouragement
Thanks Kendar, brilliant award
Thanks walkman, you'd better work on your scorecard
Thanks D3M0N_G3R, really good and nice award
Thanks [RX]Kendu
Thanks Smok3y, 4 great award and making me do it
Thanks Scouse, shortest award I ever got
Thanks MasterDisaster, freakin cool award
Thanks [CMC]Zeo, awesome award
Thanks Hurz
Thanks sonzaaa
Thanks bigxxx, nice award
Thanks ORA, great award no1
Thanks bara
Thanks Emil Hjelm, I'm proud of your award
Thanks Bye Tom, amazing award
Thanks Seychellen, cool award
Thanks TeMplar, superb award
Thanks [ATP]EDGE, great award
Thanks [RX]RedFury91, lovely award
Thanks JuneRaT ~GER~, brilliant award
Thanks Markus..., amazing award
Thanks bachl, wow-award
Thanks alfonso, super nice award
Thanks BrummHummel, great award
Thanks Porky
Thanks Snakey3000, nice award
Thanks [ATP]scottmc, glad U like it
Thanks SkunkY
Thanks Amit, lol... wouldn't that be great
Thanks .Remix.
Thanks puinbakker, superb award
Thanks for awarding this one maphios
Thanks yaVuz, now you know
Thanks BL Marci, cool award
Thanks Robert1
Thanks the definition of speed for the big award
Thanks [ATP]HAVOC, nice award
Thanks Tonic_91, 50 awards... wow!
Thanks ceo_tw, the coolest award
Thanks JumperJack, lovely award
Thanks Sense, BIG award
Thanks ohei2, great award
Thanks Shade ~KS~, great award
Thanks chris_du_21, love the award
Big thanks Maniac
Thanks droGenopi, superaward
Thanks KEV Fan, I played Links myself
Thanks Jonathan
Thanks Twillight, omg award
Thanks Jeffguy1542, cool award
Thanks LT. Smash, nice award
Thanks -Pluto-, excellent award
Thanks koentjuh, great
Thanks dac l Lukas, great great award
Thanks Charli, superb award
Thanks >>Tuta<<, brilliant award
Thanks BCS[Carty], 4 your kind words
Thanks ninjastar, that's an excellent award
Thanks djac, great award
Thanks lol o2, keep practicing
Thanks DeaD.oas
Thanks Kiko31.F®, love your awards
Thnaks Gran sakumat: hardarm... but this is fullsize golf
Thanks solid1, superaward
Thanks Sute, keep working on your handicap
Thanks oKIINGo
Thanks ah2190 for your nice awards
Thanks gamer2811
Thanks Freddy Mountain
Thanks paddy
Thanks Occam, glad to be shaved by your razer
Thanks 99mateo
Thanks darmaya
Thanks wombatbreath, love awards on old tracks
Thanks franz-josef666
Thanks !YäN!
Thanks Big Sourire
Thanks lpg_gas
Thanks andresaguado
Thanks thevoicegameplay
Thanks ziro_der_hutt
  occam 13-Nov-2009
YouTube  -->  Golf United
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User Awards
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User Award   occam 12-Nov-2009
Amazing track, very addictive and so much fun :-)
User Award   99mateo 29-May-2010
nice track
User Award   darmaya 22-Sep-2010
User Award   wombatbreath 01-Oct-2010

I know its an old track but it was new to me (I haven't been around very long)
This is simply a great idea brilliantly executed
Island is the perfect environment for this - its only sad that you couldn't fit more holes in.
Great Stuff
User Award   franz-josef666 01-Oct-2010
I love it!
User Award   !YäN! 13-Oct-2010
Nice one!
User Award   Big Sourire 19-Jan-2011
A great track like the others !
User Award   lpg_gas 23-Jul-2011
awesome idea and great mt work awesome track i love it >> <<
User Award   andresaguado 09-Aug-2018
User Award   thevoicegameplay 09-Aug-2018
Great track desing!
Great MT work!
Great track concept!
Great execution!
Great track in general!!

You deserve this . Enjoy it.
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 09-Aug-2018
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