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Name: Download Throwing Fire at the Sun
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kendal
Version: 09-Apr-2007
TMX id: 226013
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,024
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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0:45.39   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0058,024
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0:45.46   Vincent+ 0:00.0757,487
0:45.56   Bloody+ 0:00.1756,720
0:45.58   MaB+ 0:00.1956,567
0:45.81   -Phil-+ 0:00.4254,803
0:45.86   Axon+ 0:00.4754,419
0:45.86   gruebchen+ 0:00.4754,419
0:45.96   DaKKoN+ 0:00.5753,652
0:46.06   » Ebou / B...+ 0:00.6752,885
0:46.18   p-devil+ 0:00.7951,965
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Author Comments

Throwing Fire at the Sun
-My First Island Track!!

Welcome all to my first Island Track

I'm still a bad/nOOb driver in this enviroment, but I like it a lot.
So why not try to build a track

So for the expert Island Driver the track may be not so good
But I hope you still enjoy!!

So the Trackdetails:
- Fullspeed
- Small PF-start
- 2 Jumps
- 2 Loops
- 1 Wallride
- 1 Corkscrew
- Cp respawns works!
- And a bad authortime

- Intro
- Ingame Cam-changes
- Outro

Many thanks for Testing:
- Swesebbe
- Rag/SiH

So plz Enjoy.

Plz leave a comment, because I'm still a nOOb Island track builder
So all the comments/ critiques are welcome. As long as they're usefull, bad or good. I don't mind just keep it friendly

Track Updated!!

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  SweSebbe (Tmn/Tmnf) 06-Apr-2007
More 's please

are you tmx people kidding with me? 5 awards is like a very bad track Come on this is his first track, Its easy to drive and very funny to drive so why only 5 awards Give me more Please
  SiH 07-Apr-2007
indeed with you swesebbe
  *speedy* 07-Apr-2007
The tracker dont have allways the awards that he deserves
I know that feeling..
Great track and thats why this one deserves more
  Kendal 08-Apr-2007
Thanks for all the Awards!!

swesebbe Thanks for the award, and still waiting
Rag/SiH Many thanks!, and thanks again for testing!
MasterDisaster Great words!, Thanks!
OLDA_X Always nice to see an award from you m8!
RoJa Thanks m8!!
Kendar Many Thanks m8! And double thanks for your feedback!
Iquere Thanks!!
T_Z_ Great award, means alot!
pitstep Glad you liked it m8!
TerechT Many thanks m8!
*speedy* Amazing award m8! Many, many Thanks!
[FoF] BionicWolf Nice words, thanks!
Sivert Many thanks m8! Always nice to see an award from you!
CRO|Low_B thanks m8!
  Co2 09-Apr-2007
Sorry to spoil your times on this cool track but it was a very obvious cut

  Kendal 09-Apr-2007
Track Updated, because there was a loopcut
Found by Co2!
  MaB 12-Apr-2007
S***! I drove a 45 (without making use of a cut) in the old version. Have to do it again.
EDIT: Joepie, Did it again. Love the track, altough the finish is a bit frustrating (in my opinion).
  Vincent 22-Apr-2007
Most of the track has good flow and pleasant lines to drive, but there´s a serious construction error in the end: The landing zone just before the finish is too short for a fast ride. I lost about 60% of my good rides crashing against the finish instead of passing through it, because there´s no way to make sure that you hit well, unless you slow down and loose time. If you want a world record, you just have to accept that most times you end up crashing - and that´s frustrating, just like MaB said.
  Kendal 22-Apr-2007
thanks for the advice Vincent,
will keep it in mind for my next Island Track.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   [SF]Wessel 10-Apr-2007
Nice track mate
good job
here's your award

User Award   Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 11-Apr-2007
Wow what a track exelent work Kendal! Nice mini pf, good mt work, lovely screenie, incredible flow and also very fun to play and great for serwers. so >>>>><<<<<
User Award   MaB 12-Apr-2007
Very good track! Good slides to hang in. Deserves an . For a first track it is really excellent!!
User Award   Markus... 13-Apr-2007
great island track here
heh..nice speeeed
very nice MTstuff
the scenery is really sweet
cool jumps and very smooth
should be great onlnine

get your
User Award   Yrp360 13-Apr-2007
Superb speedmap, I like the new-school desing
Cool jumps, smoothness & speedness during all the track
Will be awesome online

Wow what a wonderfull screenie

User Award   FT»Snakey 14-Apr-2007
WOW, awesome speed track! Great "Rollercoaster like start"! Easy to drive but hard to master. Superb stunts. This track makes so much fun!
User Award   BrummHummel 16-Apr-2007
waaaah forgot to award due to much beer yesterday
superb design/ layout!!! ...with wonderful scenery
the speed is just perfect, the flow is great once you know whre to drive (i had problems after the tube-thing first)
the jumps are great calculated and smoothness is superb
fun to drive and maybe i´ll find this beauty on a server soon
User Award   JumperJack 20-Apr-2007

kendal is also building at other environments!!

and this is really an amazingly smooth island track!!

superb work...

and a superb screenie and trackname too!!

an for you
User Award   DerIkeaElch 24-Apr-2007
Very nice and speedy island-track. I like it a lot


PS: Kendal=Kendal_NL form TMN???
User Award   DaKKoN 26-Apr-2007
You ain't no island noob...
When you're a noob and create a track like this !?!?
You lie you little @%$#*&*^#$

So clearly I personally think this one is AWESOME !!!!
The flow is great and the ideas and transitions are also great !!!
The MT is also great in almost all aspects
(Ingame view-changes for loop...) But in the outro there were a few flaws where the cam missed my car...
Anyway actually there is one thing I dislike and one thing I would have done differentl Both in the end-section.
I would have put the upperhalve of a bowl on the little wallride on the end after the corkscrew. So you can make the turn easier and faster. And then the finish. Well I saw Vincent already told you what was wrong about it I personally would have been satisfied with the finish directly after the red boost or instead of them But that;s off course a personal taste. You could do something different as well with it. Like a huge final jump or something Anyway I really enjoyed your track so this is very well deserved.


Ben jij nou ook een NLer ?? (Gezien jouw naam ingame kenvane... )
User Award   » Ebou / Busy! 05-May-2007
This has to be my favorite Speed track
Magnificent MT
Brilliant Start
Cool Loops
Insane speed
Nice wallride
Top Finish
Congrats Kendal

User Award   SkunkY 25-Jun-2007
Good wide open slide-map.
User Award   Pocho *offline* 07-Jul-2007
wow this track is way too good even you're a noob to it!!
very nice PF jump and platforms, very flowing and fast, some nice corkscrews, loops, and jumps
just three things: at first some checkpoints were rather easy to miss, and one jump (to a corkscrew) hasn't signs, pretty anoying the first time.
and the final was very "sudden" after the wallride. hope this is useful to make progress, it seems the rest of the track is great, so I can say you're on the good way to make great Island tracks (this one rocks but it has some little flaws I mentioned )
very original name and a really outstanding screenie
nice outro too
great work and very fun

User Award   MasterGary 18-Dec-2007
Hell yeah

This one is nice

It was fun to drive

Good and fun (but a little bit frustrating) map


5ocC MasterGary
User Award   Axon 19-Dec-2007
Yo Kendal | Gone..

Yeah = Cool track guys .... good flow and combos...

Cheeeerrrrrrssssssss Axon....
User Award   Piw 22-Apr-2009
Damn, this map doesn't need more awards, but it's so great...
A W A R D !
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