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Name: Download Resurrection
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sk84funPrzemo(Loony)
Version: 06-Apr-2007
TMX id: 224906
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:50.27   spedzo+ 0:00.23-
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0:50.54   echo+ 0:00.50-
0:50.77   ~ø5~Striker+ 0:00.73-
0:50.90   BrummHummel+ 0:00.86-
0:50.91   [LoRd]YoUkOu+ 0:00.87-
0:50.95   Marius 89+ 0:00.91-
0:51.12   SkunkY+ 0:01.08-
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Author Comments

Hello fellas!!! Yes this is first not stadium track by me!!! This is my RESURRECTION
Track made in Island evriroment. Are u looking for smooth challenge with some crazy stunts and a few loops and wallrides??? This is what your are looking for After mega hard eXtreme challenge i created more light map
but with freaq pleaces too

Track details
Intro: Yes (about 25 seconds)
In game:Cameras changes
GPSYes (in GPS zone )
OutroYes (BTW It' the best outro i've created! )
Speciall effects Yes- In GPS, Intro and Outro i've used fx colours and for worse computers(like mine)-Transition fade
Track in numbers:
Wallpaper here!
Custom music: Linkin Park-One Step Closer
Any comments, replays and awards are welcome
So enjoy and have fun
btw Respawn is working

User Comments
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  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 06-Apr-2007
Thx to:
Ths Misi What a fast award Thx mate :*
Thx T_Z_ I'm glad u like it and that you think this map is easy (but u also completed eXtreme and sad that this was easy too )
Thx OLDA_X Rocking award m8
Thx TaBle I never fought that i will make good track in Island Now i wil mke tracks in other envirments than Stadium Thx
Thx Markus I will never as good as u Nice time
Thx Seychellen Lovely awards thanks
Thx Yrp360 Yes i know about this too fast=kaboom I tried to make this part ideal but i'm too big noob for this Thanks a lot!
Thx Jumper Jack I repaired this problem. And thanks mate for another award
Thx CMC*Wally You are alway there
Thx Smok3y You always say good words i never hear for u words :don't like, stupid track, sucks challenge etc Thanks for you time to awarding my tracks
Thx Kendar Yes last jump is a little strange Thanks for good words
Thx *speedy* What can i say? Thanks so much
Thx Hageldave Nice award thanks
Thx Vincent Wow again, again and again- i don't fought that my track is as good as you sad. nice time! Thanks
Thx GT rip Thanks my master :*
Thx JakeOIL Another awesome award from you Autor time isn't as good as you said but thanks My next track will be in bay enviroment. I hope it will be also good like this one Thanks mate
Thx Andree Lovely
Thx Ora I made specially for you respawn Thanks
Thx [ATP]Speedy You always give superb awards
Thx [K&D]FRED Thanks zioomm
Thx Kendal Great award from great player
Thx Buchi Sorry for tube but yes this is my first island track. I promise next time it will be better
Thx EtherForce Nice award thanks i happy that u like music
Thx Sivert Yes this is really my first island track Thanks a lot
Thx Tonic_91 Linkin Park is the best Thanks!
Thx bachl Wow great award men thanks
Thx Prezes Prezes where is your record??
Thx maphios Wow what a time Thanks!
Thx Hastings OOh from you, cool!!
Thx Aku Tube Superb award!
Thx [ATP]Eviltim Superb awad and amazing time! Thanks!
Thx -IDDQD123- OMG superb award!! Thanks!
Thx BrummHummel Some nice words from you Thanks!!
Thx Axon Cheerz men! Great award Thanks!!!
Thx crooms Thanks a lot for great award
Thx Harmony~Brothers WOW superb award Thanks a LOT!!
Thx SkunkYSuperb award men! And what a time Thanks!
Thx TimeBreakerOh men i thought than you gave me award here So big thanks !!
Thx MaxeR* Hey thanks mate for 40 th award! I'm very happy
Thx quinxstar Wow this award is very important for me!! Thanks a lot
  Markus... 06-Apr-2007
lol believe me my friend my replay isnt good
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 06-Apr-2007
And my replay is good?? lol
  Markus... 06-Apr-2007
euhm...sorry but i think the track needs a update
because if are 2 fast in front of the last tunnel you`ll hit the CP
maybe any one who is really fast on island could prove that
  JumperJack 06-Apr-2007
you could've just deleted that checkpoint to solve the 'kaboom-problem'...
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 06-Apr-2007
Track have been updated!!!
  JumperJack 06-Apr-2007
ah, thank you!!
  smok3y 06-Apr-2007
Beautiful screenie
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 06-Apr-2007
  'Buchi' 11-Apr-2007
I actually have a Island Track called Resurrection too

I think I will try this one too
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 11-Apr-2007
LOL Buchi i must try it too
  maphios 16-Apr-2007
nice take back vincent
here´s my next time
Edit: super time Homie, don´t know if i can beat that
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 29-May-2007
Oh lol this track is going to be classic
Thanks for all great replays guys!!
  Eviltim 29-May-2007
Wow, this track sure took off in rating, didn't it?
It was at 67K for a while when I had the record, and then all the sudden boom, 94K
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 20-Jun-2007
yessss track is classic great Thanks for all great replays!!!
  Zemano ! 19-Aug-2016
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   low-gamer 08-Apr-2009
very nice track nice music and flow
User Award   Zemano ! 19-Aug-2016
Cool track, nice screen !

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