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Name: UL6 - Everyday
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   CMC|Taylor
Version: 01-Oct-2009
Released: 01-Oct-2009
TMX id: 2187948
LB Rating: 11,092
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:02.46   KinGoD+ 0:00.0011,092
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:02.61   8bit-Molot+ 0:00.1510,932
1:02.72   by.max+ 0:00.2610,815
1:02.88   Nérédav+ 0:00.4210,644
1:03.03   A//Medved+ 0:00.5710,484
1:03.11   Sku+ 0:00.6510,399
1:03.41   Zooz+ 0:00.9510,079
1:03.54   Frish+ 0:01.089,941
1:03.61   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.159,866
1:03.80   ExS+ 0:01.349,664
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Author Comments

UL6 - Everyday

This track has been selected for the United League 6 by ET, and it will be played in Round 6 (scheduled for 11th November) and in the D1A-D1B Playoffs!

My first and only submission for the United League, but actually this track has a very long story behind it: at first it was supposed to be a lapmap for NC5/STC6, around 34 seconds per lap, but when I knew that lapmaps wouldn't have been used in NC, I made the track around 1 minute per lap long, in order to submit it for a FET/FETN. Finally, when the selection for UL started, I just thought that maybe it had more chances as a normal map. Guess what, it won the Stadium selection, with 53 points out of 60 ^^
Click here to see the full selection results

Now, some words about the track. It's probably the most United-styled of the techtracks I built, including a quite tricky platform part, some offroad parts, blue carpets and an evil dirtcurve. I tried to keep a quite high speed throughout the whole track, with some drifty parts, but I managed to make it technical enough and challenging for the pro players. Originally there was a quite average number of blockmixes in it, but in the final version I just kept one of them (the only one really needed, not glitchy at all).

Validation time: 1:04.49 - quite slow time, honestly, I have a 1:03 done already, and I guess 1:02 low or 1:01 high should be the time for the pro players

Screenshot by matto, once again, I love you my friend
Bigger screen

RKO 90

User Comments
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  CMC|Taylor 01-Oct-2009
And finally, a crazy time I will never beat, 1:02.4 o_O


- - Thanks Atze-Peng, I'm honoured that you like it

- - Thanks smz ^^

- - Thanks matto, sexy is the right word for it

- - Thanks Helstar, I know, it's a bit too fast, but I wanted to do something different from the usual leaguetracks

- - Thanks Mikealange

- - Thanks Simply, haha, now that's funny ^^. And you have to blame Figos for that big grass jump, originally it was much different (with a smooth drop instead, but probably that was too annoying), and he told me that the grassjump worked much better

- - Thanks MasterDisaster, I'm glad that you liked it so much

- - Thanks SkyniGht*, wow, best Stadium since UL1? That's a really big compliment, I'm honoured!

- - Thanks CraxX, thank you my friend, I love you . 1:05 isn't a bad time, you're just 1 second far from the AT, so gogo

- - Thanks qwertyuiop87, lol, I'll tell Figos you're going to kill him . Thanks a lot for your award, and I hope to build more for the next UL too

- - Thanks KinGoD, looks like no one likes that grassjump, I'm going to kill Figos . And please, post your crazy replay here, I'm really looking forward to see it

  [CMC]Figos 30-Oct-2009
heyhey dont blame me, u have to to go down on knees and thank me for what i did, the previus idea was even worse
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User Awards
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  Atze-Peng 01-Oct-2009
nice track
  smz 08-Oct-2009
loving it !
  matto 12-Oct-2009
what a gay map
or should I say sexy? ^^
  Helstar 16-Oct-2009
This map is too fast for me, RKO ! You must forget for once you're mostly a speed mapper
Oh wait, it's actually me too slow for every stadium maps ^^
  Mikealange 16-Oct-2009
Great track !
Like new ideas in that one !
Not too hard but challenging !
Fun online ! Great Job RKO !

  Simply 22-Oct-2009
well...after saying how i hate your track, i have to admit the following:
while training the track a bit, i really enjoyed driving so much...nice track...except this huge jump...what the hell were you thinking of...?
  MasterDisaster 24-Oct-2009
amazing track dude

i haven't played such a great tech track since a loong time

beautiful and challenging turns and cool racepath
at first it seems confusing, but it's just an impression, as the route is pretty much clear

great work

  Sku 25-Oct-2009
Perfect stadium map 8)

Best stadium map since UL1

Good Job

  CraxX 25-Oct-2009
what a lovely ul-track mate

really nice tech track with some challenging corners . i especially like the long fast slides

everything is extremely well calculated so here's your award man - - >

cu CraxX

btw: i drove that replay after my third finish (1. = 1.26.xx; 2. = 1.08.xx and 3. = 1.05.39). don't know what i can race here if i would train this track but maybe it was just luck ^^
  qwertyuiop87 25-Oct-2009
Me likey, I consider it the best stad map of UL6... But could you perhaps give me Figos msn or home address so we could discuss about that gigantic grass jump... But anyway, well done, maybe we'll see one of your tracks also in UL7...? However, here is your award...
  KinGoD 26-Oct-2009
yop except the long jump the map is very good
good job
  8bit-Molot 28-Oct-2009
So what can i add to previous awards?
Map is really good except this epic big long annoying etc. jump xDD
  [CMC]Figos 30-Oct-2009
one of your best maps m8
keep up the good work
rly enjoyed training it

btw: i dont regret what u did with the jump^^
  Forgot10 22-Nov-2009
Gaydium is total crap... But this map was fun to show my n00b skillz to my teammates before a match.
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