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Name: Download PF - Summer Pastime ;)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   bennnnnnn
Version: 21-Sep-2009
TMX id: 2160181
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 2,811
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 5m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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3:33.09   WAB+ 0:00.002,811
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
3:33.72   Edge.Fwo+ 0:00.632,761
3:35.87   MiniGod+ 0:02.782,590
3:51.00   zlaxh+ 0:17.911,393
3:54.01   b4ln4+ 0:20.921,155
4:59.10   metoxys+ 1:26.010
4:59.13   CZM°Fixac+ 1:26.040
4:59.87   Sebe+ 1:26.780
4:59.99   bennnnnnn+ 1:26.900
4:59.99   sTeImOlO+ 1:26.900
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Author Comments

Hey TmX !!!
Here is my new freestyle Press Forward
It's a Stadium track who contain freestyle grinds, slides and combos, some stunts and small race parts.
I also made some inside cams for loop parts but there isn't any full MT on the track. I prefer the natural cam, i think it's more immersive
It took me something like 3 month to realize it, it was my pastime for this summer ^^

Great screen and intro are from holy mooner that i really thank you for it

Have Fun with easy freestyle and peace

ps: Maybe a video's coming soon.....

Yahaaaaa !!! Rom make it

Thank UUUUUUUUUUU Rominet !!! Nice job
Have fun all

User Comments
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  sammy_red 05-Dec-2009
on front page of tm united it says this is ur summer homework... but it isn't even summer!!
  woelfi68 06-Dec-2009
I would not recommend you grab this map on your server, because once it goes through the target, you will be immediately blocked by the server and comes to bans. and then, later, the map is no longer visible in the tracklist, because the map then automatically remove it from the tracklist. For me is it happened yesterday on my own server ...

Ich würde euch nicht empfehlen diese map auf euren Server zu packen, denn sobald ihr durch das ziel fährt, werdet ihr sofort vom Server gesperrt und kommt auf die banlist. und die map ist dann hinterher nicht mehr in der tracklist zu sehen, weil sich die map danach selbstständig von der tracklist löscht. Denn mir ist das gestern passiert auf meinen eigenen Server...
  MiniGod 09-Dec-2009
Sorry about the cut
  bennnnnnn 10-Dec-2009
Omg all those awards and comments, thanks a lot every body.... can't find words again.....anyway i'm very happy that you all like the PF and have fun with it and again a big thank you to all

About the cut i'think the main point of a PF is to see it ....until the end. It's not a challenge, it's just a fun line if U want to cut no prob for me but i can't understand the interest of it .

about the online bug raceur /serveur it seemed that the mixed CP are suppose by the sever as a cheat so it can ban racers. I'm sorry about that but i haven't test it online until the end of it and not brave enough to fix it .... i just can say that it's not a regular bug :/

About the rest, the track is already on TmnX and yes i will make other traks like this i'already made a coast PF shorter and same style

Thx again and bbye all
  DS Racer [NL] 12-Dec-2009
This is maybe a great shock for you, but..... i dont like it. You've used the blockmixer too much, and i dont like that. Im sorry, but...
  lordvincent 25-Apr-2010
nice track
please test it:
[bad track link]
and comment!!
  Acrol 20-May-2010
Lol like linerider =D
  ==RABITHOLE~) 01-Sep-2010
Very cunning. Got me dizzy though, which took away most of the fun. i think you got too trigger-happy with the blockmixer too, so yeah, for you. good effort though!
  zombykillah 27-Feb-2011
I couldnt play the track, but i have watched the movie so, pretty neat grind Benn
  Edge.Fwo 09-Feb-2012
edit: Got better time, but for some reason I can't upload it :/
  TrackManiaFr3ak 08-Mar-2015
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User Awards
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User Award   megaplayer 22-Dec-2010
freakin map
User Award   zenyatta 25-Feb-2011
amazing PF
User Award   Drannn»UD 08-Mar-2011
awsum freestyle pf
User Award   ~Powerman~ 22-Apr-2011

User Award   Edge.Fwo 05-Aug-2011
great pf map
a lot of great wallrides/grindes
I really like part 4.00-4.20~ and 4.50+
User Award   Wichilie 29-Feb-2012
This track rocks
User Award   Calin 01-Mar-2012
User Award   BlackdevilL 08-Apr-2012
That's no PF, it's a freaking skate park
User Award   wormi 08-Apr-2012
Very different to most PF maps. I like it!

User Award   Loe 03-Jun-2012
nice one
User Award   Vinyl7th 16-Apr-2013
I dont have words, so take my trophy
User Award   basbaas»LT 12-Dec-2015
User Award   Cuba.CZ 12-Dec-2015
My favourite PF map of all time, shouldn't be left unsaid!

User Award   WAB 05-Apr-2016
Very nice PF- GREAT WORK here-hats off
User Award   TMB 22-Dec-2016
No words, it's just absolutely amazing to drive those 5 minutes of pure freestyle...
User Award   Mekh 23-Dec-2016
That really insane pf maps.
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 09-Dec-2017
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