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Name: Download Then Dust Settles Upon The Hill
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   irondragons
Version: 03-Aug-2011
TMX id: 2149139
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 2,275
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Rally
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1:00.34   berrymaster+ 0:00.002,275
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1:05.14   Nim+ 0:04.801,189
0:58.73   smok3y- 0:01.61-
1:01.92   Trek+ 0:01.58-
1:03.12   FT»eyebo+ 0:02.78-
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Author Comments


This is my last track.

I know, I know, I've been, throughout the years criticizing people who just claim that said map is their last just for the sake of attention, then upload another map the following day. But this really is mine. I have way too much school work this year to even consider taking up the task of another track, and well, we all know of the 'year' intervals between my tracks. And, well. It's been well over 5 years since I first played this game. So it's really time to give it a rest.

Anyway, enough about that.

This track is a sort of-sequel to an old one. It's not directly related. But it's tied to it in the sense that what I was trying to do this that track is what I was trying to do with this track. By that, I mean, indulge myself in digging up the old Faith-renaissance during TMO.

Anyway. I've uploaded it. And it's completely off my chest. I hope you all enjoy it. Some of you won't, of course. Be it because it's too hard for you or I trolled you on the forums. And for both reasons, I apologize.

I love you all. And of course, I'll still be on the forums. Maybe not as regular as usual though.

Bigger Screenshot. (Yes, I spelled it 'on' instead of 'upon', too late now!)

Thanks :

Dakkon (Chrrrrrrist).


2011 UPDATE:

I decided to update this map because the ending just haunted me in my dreams. So I've made the ending at least 100% easier to take, the jump into the last tunnel easier to take, and I've changed a lot of the scenery around to make it prettier, and more true to what I had in mind when I built it. My apologizes for invalidating all of your WRs.

User Comments
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  irondragons 17-Sep-2009
  Trek 17-Sep-2009
hel is still alive ^^
  Ricardo Rix 18-Sep-2009
How about, leave the forums, but still make more tracks?

go - on, you know you wanna.
  irondragons 18-Sep-2009
Don't be terrible.
  Ricardo Rix 18-Sep-2009
  irondragons 18-Sep-2009
A TMX mod - failing to start a fight in MY comment box?
  Ricardo Rix 18-Sep-2009
I thought you appreciated good communication?
  irondragons 19-Sep-2009
Tell me more.
  ORA 22-Sep-2009
You want join me in lost trackers box? i've beer and cookies

  mec.robert 11-Dec-2010
That screenshot...
  Nim 03-Aug-2011
cool, update, have to test
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   MegaRacer 17-Sep-2009
Splendid work, Irondragons, awesome track
Nice to see you making such things again.
User Award   Trek 17-Sep-2009
very nice , but also a bit boring...i mean these long straights. I always have to drive that first boring straight to train that one part were I always crash. -.-
but its still very nice

I would say :7/10

User Award   Redrot»LT 17-Sep-2009
Seeya irond
User Award   MasterDisaster 17-Sep-2009
dunno why, but while i was playing this one it reminded me this song: the sun's coming up, i'm riding with lady luck, freeway cars and trucks,
stars beginning to fade, and i lead the parade
just a-wishing Iid stayed a little longer,
oh, lord, let me tell you that the feeling's getting stronger.

and it's six in the morning, gave me no warning; i had to be on my way.
well there's trucks all a-passing me, and the lights are all flashing,
i'm on my way home from your place...

y'know, it's "ol' 55" by tom waits. and woh, it doesn't even make sense. i mean. that song suits a desert track the best.
oh well. screw it.
i'm feeling so gay right now.


so long, and thanks for all the fish,

User Award   Tuta 18-Sep-2009
Start and finish sections are too straight for my taste but in between its a great fun track nice jumps and blabla, super job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
User Award   Ville 18-Sep-2009
Irondragons is back...

...and just to say he's leaving. How lame.

But the track certainly isn't lame, it's pure fun, even for a rally noob like me. I love most of the bits in it, the Intro is genious, overall the track is just great. Not maybe the purest ID I've used to, but I found it excellent. You deserve my award.

User Award   smok3y 19-Sep-2009
That's some fast race
Loved the start section tunnel jump combos
Great layout for a thrilling ride to the finish
Offroad sections have been used very well to bring the speed down at some places
All in all a challenging and a fun filled race

User Award   ORA 24-Sep-2009
ID's tracks wow!
I was suprising to try one of your track on rally, it's good suprise
So fast, the start section is just superb
great layout as always
Great job m8
I hope it's not the last one
I wish you the best for your school work
User Award   -32- 27-Sep-2009

What a way to go.


User Award   TaBle 30-Sep-2009
damn nice
great work m8
typical id-style
8 / 10
User Award   FT»eyebo 01-Oct-2009
Played it on ppo and failed miserably, but I could tell it must be something special so I tried it offline and chased smok3y's ghost. Quite an incredible track. It's hard to make a track with this much speed in rally and not hit a million little bugs. This one is relatively bug free most of the time. Just some incredible speed and insane jumps.

Take care.
User Award   Bara 03-Oct-2009
nice speeder Irondragons
awsome transition, i needed a lot of trys because of deutsches reinheitsgebot xD
well done m8

Greetz Bara
User Award   Nim 18-Oct-2009
You built a really crazy Rally track... But this doesn't change something that the track is still great!!! A bit overboosted, but a really smooth FS rally track with awesome jumps and crazy irondragons-deco. The only thing what I don't like is the landing of the high jump at the start... But the rest is awesome!
So for this a big for a great Fullspeed Rally style!

new finish is much better, less lucky, also I think it might be able to overjump the finish with more skill than me
User Award   smartyyy 05-Nov-2009

Great Speed track!

User Award   tmjonas 09-Jan-2010
Am I the only one who has thousand of bugs here? Makes it pretty annoying to drive when you go for records
But the track is very cool and somehow stylish. Nice old-school mapping, have never played a rally-track by you as I can remember, so I just guess you kept your old style with this one. Cool moments like the big jump!
Great scenery.

EDIT: ok the finish is somehow crap.^^ never get through it bugfree. Still I had my fun and maybe a time later
User Award   Wallaby 15-May-2010
some struggles with the bugs , but the track itself is nice and unique.
User Award   TheDarkBlazer 07-Jul-2010
pretty good track. . .i downloaded it awhile back without even knowing who made it. .
And i guess i can give u an award, since u apologized (in a way) in the AC. . .
User Award   movo. 04-Aug-2011
Wow nice one Iron!
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