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Name: Download Hi-Land
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mikealange
Version: 06-Sep-2009
Released: 06-Sep-2009
TMX id: 2115431
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 49,885
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:55.87   smok3y+ 0:00.0049,885
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:55.95   BrummHummel+ 0:00.0849,456
0:56.07   Zemano !+ 0:00.2048,813
0:56.09   maphios+ 0:00.2248,706
0:56.37   MaB+ 0:00.5047,206
0:56.59   Edge+ 0:00.7246,027
0:56.66   Mikealange+ 0:00.7945,653
0:56.87   Yannou+ 0:01.0044,527
0:56.98   renarda77+ 0:01.1143,938
0:57.19   smz+ 0:01.3242,813
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Author Comments

Hi guys,

Here my first Island Duo with Pacha. Was fun to built and I think with some new ideas in there.
Very smooth, not hard to drive but challenging online and solo too, we hope you will have fun to drive !

3085 C
MT: Yes
Intro: Mike
GPS Yes Pacha !!
Outro Yes also Pacha !!
Music: sure !

Awards and comments are also accepted !

The first 3 top position in replay OFFLINE (solo) here win coppers !
Deadline: September 20th, 2009.


1st place: Smok3y win 1000 coppers with a time of 55.87. Congratz.
2nd place: Brummi win 500 coppers with a time of 55.95. Congratz.
3rd place: Zemano win 500 coppers with a time of 56.07. Congratz.

Thank's for your participation Guys !
These 3 winners will receive right now their coppers by ingame mail !

Cheers !

Salut les gars,

V'la mon premier duo Island avec Pacha. Je crois qu'il y a de bonne idées et ça été le fun de construire avec lui.
Pas dur à conduire et très smooth, on espère que vous allez avoir du fun en solo et en ligne !

3085 C
MT: oui
Intro: Mike
GPS Oui Pacha !!
Outro Oui encore Pacha !!
Music: Bien sur !

Awards et commentaires sont aussi acceptés !

Les 3 premières positions en replay ici OFFLINE (solo) gagnent des coppers !
Date Limite : le 20 Septembre 2009.


1ière place: Smok3y gagne 1000 coppers avec un temps de 55.87.
2ième place: Brummi gagne 500 coppers avec un temps de 55.95.
3ième place: Zemano gagne 500 coppers avec un temps de 56.07.

Félicitation et Merci de votre participation les gars!
Les 3 gagnants recevront les coppers maintenant dans le jeu par courriel !

Cheers !

User Comments
Showing 34 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Mikealange 12-Sep-2009
Yeah your right with that bug Hummel !
I work hard that part, push forward one or 2 blocks but its the better pattern i found to keep the idea.
Think 95% of drivers pass that tunnel stunt exept full (perfect) speed !
That's why I told 55.xx it's almost impossible with some limit of blocks !
But your pretty close and you do a wonderful time Hummel !
We works so hard do not do a 56.xx and you guys do it as well , Great !!
Ooopss ! I just did 56.66 too !

We only work on that map to keep a natural drive, without booster except for the combo bowls at end.
It's long to figure each speed of drivers to get the next stunt a 100% success by the car ! We want to keep a large range of drivers to drive the map !

Also, not alot spot of straight blocks in this one to put cp's...we try some spots but not respawnable by speed for the next stunt !
I think if we make a 55.xx without broking our keyb or gamepad, it will be a bit of luck !! Except for Zem ?

BTW i look the replay and Brummi overpass Zem just after the last tunnel !
So, if Brummi can be equal during the race with Zem i think in that case 55.xx high is possible !

Good luck all !!
That's will help the LB !!
  Zemano ! 13-Sep-2009
Smokey is incoming
  smok3y 13-Sep-2009
^Berrrry verrry^ hard
  BrummHummel 13-Sep-2009
At least a 55.7x possible.

Let´s go for 54
  Edge 13-Sep-2009
  smok3y 13-Sep-2009
BummbleBee on fire
  Edge 14-Sep-2009
Where oh where is Megatron?
  Mikealange 14-Sep-2009
What a respectable time Smok3y!
  smok3y 18-Sep-2009
Megatron attacks ^^
  Mikealange 18-Sep-2009
If you have chance, look replay of Brummi et Smok3y togheter !
What a race ! Smokey (Megatron) really analyse to gain speed on 45° platfrom after the jump start !

Brummi still first at start until after the elbow, just where we quit the 1st island down hill before the 1st beach jump !
Cause of the gain speed of the 45°platform !

Then after the 2nd jump beach, Brummi approach Smok3y in the hill just a bit !
What a duo race ! What a thrill to see you guys to push the limit to get 55.xx !
Well with today, 3 days left for the competition, I wish to see again an andrenaline race !

  Edge 19-Sep-2009
Hey....add my replay you see this tiny snail creepin' around the track!
  smok3y 19-Sep-2009

Great contest...thnx
  Zemano ! 21-Sep-2009
Sorry, login zemano, add me again please
  Mikealange 21-Sep-2009
Tiny snail creepin around the track !
LoL edge !

It done Zemi !
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User Awards
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User Award   Jenox 24-Sep-2009
The track is quite nice, scenery's ok, but I don't like the mediatracker in any way...
Sorry, but that's how I see it...

Rating: 7.5/1o
User Award   Eviltim 25-Sep-2009
Played this one online.
Fun full speed track, but I still feel like I'm losing time in spots, which is good because it isn't too easy then.

Good job!
User Award   Neo -END- 26-Sep-2009
Played online, very fun, great track, more praise here, good comment about this track here, awesome, groovy, gnarly, tubular!
User Award   tmjonas 26-Sep-2009
Unusual track. Maybe that's why I like it, one of the most entertaining islanders I've driven the past few weeks!
The style is different to most other island-tracks I've driven, but the slow paced speed doesn't make it boring at all. Plus, it's very well calculated. Apart from some very long straights very good work.
Good stuff!

User Award   medina 12-Oct-2009
great trach
just skill
User Award   Xmastree 25-Oct-2009
Tough track for me to get a good time on but still fun trying
User Award   Shinsengumi 31-Oct-2009
Well well,

great duo track you two, had a lot of retries on this one and even tho i did that...i'm still having a hard time to make a good score...anywho

Its a well calculated track with all the jumps...bumps and all...i'm pretty sur the towing bill will be expensive...

Big thumbs up you guys


User Award   crooms 30-Dec-2009
Nice track
User Award   KEV Fan 08-Jul-2012
Great jump sequences - very unique and well calculated - just great
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