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Name: Metal Messiah
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hastings
Version: 26-Mar-2007
Released: 26-Mar-2007
TMX id: 205197
LB Rating: 42,395
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:52.31   Oxyde+ 0:00.0042,395
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0:52.31   rad+ 0:00.0042,395
0:52.42   Acid+ 0:00.1141,860
0:53.17   ludix+ 0:00.8638,213
0:53.57   -Chaos-+ 0:01.2636,268
0:53.70   DaKKoN+ 0:01.3935,635
0:54.05   Eviltim+ 0:01.7433,934
0:54.09   Hastings+ 0:01.7833,739
0:54.38   hippie+ 0:02.0732,329
0:55.32   PedroSanchez+ 0:03.0127,758
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Author Comments

Very fast Desert track with the cryptic name "Metal Messiah" (2000C), no experiments here, just uncomplicated racing fun. Isn't the car one of the most important things in the USA?

MT Intro and Outro included, as usual.


User Comments
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  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 26-Mar-2007
I'll test soon
  Hastings 26-Mar-2007
TYZZ Thanks! Speed wasn't actually the point I wanted to concentrate on, but it just turned out to what it has become.

Andree Thank you! Only positive points? That's cool!

Dork I assume that you haven't yet noticed that I'm concentrating on online maps right now. Since Mégavalanche (6 tracks ago), I created tracks with about 50 seconds of length, the same intro, low coppers and a line using reliable elements of this or that environment. This means also that I cannot concentrate on shooting MT which is full of FX, or scenery, because of the simple reason that the track will be overloaded and becomes unplayable. Ever played Ambient online? Or DanceHall? Or any of my maps? No. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Oxyde Yeah, isn't it? But 55.55 was such a cool number.

Kendar Thank you! Yeah, the Desert car is very hard to control. Lucky me that I own a gamepad!

JustCC Thanks!

Sk84funPremo Yay, thank you. Great words!

[bRicardo Rix[/b] Thank you! The hospital is right down the street. Is the last jump too nasty?

smok3y Thanks! Should work well online.

insane Thank you! You will get more.

Markus Thanks!!

EvilTim Thanks!! Not too easy to master? Because of the high speed, the turns or traps I don't know about?

JakeOIL Thanks a lot!!

hippie ^^
  Oxyde 26-Mar-2007
yeah but 44 is best ^^
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User Awards
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  tyzz 26-Mar-2007
good track

nice jump flow and transition

awesome speed

nice & sweet mt

likable track

  Andree 26-Mar-2007
Excellent track
Wonderful speed
Nice layout
Good jumps
Nice offroading
Fun to play
Good outro

  Dork 26-Mar-2007
This was cool.

The intro, (and indeed the MT in general) seemed slightly less polished and expert than some of your Island stuff. I suppose that's not too much of a problem, but... *sighs*. The track in general is less accessible to me, as I have some trouble with the tippy Desert car, but once you learn to take it easy on the spacious turns this is a very fun track, though there are some pathfinding issues. (The first big metal turn for example, left me scratching my head.)

It's a fun track, no dount, I just can't help but feel that, without the gaudy neon sings of Island and the trippy FX, it has a lower-key feel. Much less "grand", though my graphics card probably appreciates it. I think this may just be due to the limitations of the enviroment, but I'm still a fussy critic. Wah!

In closing, a great ride, just not quite what I expected from you. Perhaps.

  Oxyde 26-Mar-2007
Great Track .
But the Author Time is easy to beat ^^
  Kendar 27-Mar-2007
Funny and cool track.
Funny in that I got a 57 after just a few tries.
Then as I tried to go faster, I kept getting into more and more trouble.
I just haven't learned how to drive this car yet.
Even going up that last slope at full speed (before the final turn) I lose traction when I even try to slightly turn. So, I get off the gas just a bit to turn, but seems to really kill my momentum. I'm sure I have a lot more to learn about this car and this is a great track to practice on.

Cool design and scenery!

  JustCC 27-Mar-2007
Nice track! Great smooth jumps and speed!
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 27-Mar-2007
Another pretty desert track Like like this one as much as Creative but i'm noob in desert so there is my great time Your track is great for online battles and like always with incredible flow and amazing stunts!! I like MT,too . So for u
  Ricardo Rix 27-Mar-2007
hold up, let me get my seatbelt on.... this is 1 hardcore speeeeeed (more e's please) map, my bones have been crushed by the g-force.
i'm not gonna sleep for a month now.

nicely laid down track, well constructed sections and a jaw-droppin, o sod i crapped meself jump at the end.
  smok3y 28-Mar-2007
No wonder you are a pro racer
Making a track like this proves how good you are
Brillaint speed
Lovely wide areas
Nice challenge
Fun to play
  insane 28-Mar-2007
lovely track
great turns, the g-forces pressing me into the seats of my pink caddilac...
wonderful speed
lacks scenery and better MT, but as it is for online, thats a good thing
nontheless some nice cam-angles in the outro
Good job adn more of it
  Markus... 31-Mar-2007
damn nice desert track
great speed
cool jumps and nice transistions
sweet lil offroads

here your
  Eviltim 03-Apr-2007
Very fun desert track.
Good flow, fun turns and jumps
Lots of speed and not too easy to master .

Great job Hastings!
  JakeOIL 21-Apr-2007
What a great speedy challenge Hastings

Very well designed... nice scenery, very fashionable...
Good jumps and great use of the banked curves possibilities provided by the desert environment...

A fun, addicitive and challenging track!!

  hippie 02-Mar-2008
héhé, like it
fun and pleasant to play
  DaKKoN 16-Aug-2008
You my friend are the SPEED messiah!!
This track proves it again!!!
Simply PURE speed and fun!!!

Metal Masterpiece!!

  rad 24-Nov-2008
Well done speedtrack Feels like tmo style Good speed & jumps
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