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Name: Grip [tech]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hageldave
Version: 31-Aug-2009
Released: 31-Aug-2009
TMX id: 2047361
LB Rating: 53,269
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:42.24   LoKo+ 0:00.0053,269
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:42.69   Dengel+ 0:00.4549,864
0:43.03   _evan_+ 0:00.7947,291
0:43.24   Zeref+ 0:01.0045,702
0:43.29   ionian+ 0:01.0545,324
0:43.30   Zemano !+ 0:01.0645,248
0:43.33   BrummHummel+ 0:01.0945,021
0:43.71   renarda77+ 0:01.4742,146
0:43.77   FT»Tobbe+ 0:01.5341,692
0:43.79   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.5541,540
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Author Comments

hoho dave goes tech more frequently!
this ones made for online and is quite easy (made for kb audience as i'm a kb driver myself^^)

User Comments
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  Hageldave 31-Aug-2009
thx dengy
thx brumml - and i put so much effort in the at this time... nice time
thx smarty - i guess kb drivers will have most fun on it since its made for'em xD nice that you apreciated it so much
thx cartman
thx ville - when your engine is running on high rev (before you switch to the next gear) in the turn after the first drop then you can make it through this turn combo fs and you're gonna have enough speed for that beachbounce. at least i got the feeling that it is like that^^ probably rubbish but anyways and probably contrary to what brummi said xD
thx monster - hehe nice to hear that my at is challenging, gotta be the first time that it kinda is
thx andish - did what again? xD
thx cyaman - gimme a time
  BrummHummel 31-Aug-2009
Yeah, your AT is pretty good compared to times you´ve driven online sometimes xD Did you drive with KB???
But i´m pretty sure that low 43 is possible. (maybe 42? I don´t know)
It´s not easy for me to get grip in all turns (nice track title btw ), as it is also not easy to get the last turn-combo without failure.
  smartyyy 31-Aug-2009
nt humml
  BrummHummel 31-Aug-2009
not rly
  Hageldave 31-Aug-2009
yeah that last turn comb is pretty mean ^^
all i know is that 43.9x is possible for me with kb (yes i did that at with kb^^) but as i see that you managed to get that first beachbounce bumpy cause of your high speed 42.xx might rly be possible ^^
  Ville 31-Aug-2009
Strange to give a famous author a showcase.. at the same day when the track is released

Not that this doesn't deserve it, don't get me wrong
  BrummHummel 31-Aug-2009
It happens when you let the car shift up early enough (no steering for a short time at the right moment)
You´ll get a higher speed at the jump to the beach.
  Monster. 31-Aug-2009
the first beach jump is a little bit buggy if you are too fast

and sry for this bad replay
  tmjonas 31-Aug-2009
hageldave -> showcase
well, it's very well deserved I only can say cheers mate!
  Hageldave 31-Aug-2009
showcase?! wtf
thx who ever did this but hu?, already had 2 showcases in my career xD you rly seem to have a soft spot for my tracks xD
  smartyyy 31-Aug-2009
gratz for showcase hagel it really deserves it
  FT»Tobbe 31-Aug-2009
Originally posted by BrummHummel ...
It happens when you let the car shift up early enough (no steering for a short time at the right moment)
You´ll get a higher speed at the jump to the beach.

I never got too fast....Mostly I couldn't even reach the beach => water splash
  Amit»LT 01-Sep-2009
i'll try it now.hope it's keyboard friendly.
  Cephid 01-Sep-2009
lol I don'T get it

never thought that it will happen oO
  Hageldave 01-Sep-2009
lol as i said ceph i had 2 already this is the third ^^
but i havent been xt at the first showcase ^^
  Dengel 01-Sep-2009
lets stop the useless : is it deserved conversation...

lets hunt the 41 (42 low rly not so hard )
u can hit the tunnel entrance btw (which destroyed a lot of my runs ... y i should brake... )
  BrummHummel 02-Sep-2009
Hey Dengy:
Compare our replays! If you drive the start as i do (let the car shift up) you can do a 41 ofc. But it´s really bumpy at the first beach.
I have big problems with the 180° turn in front of the last tunnel.. i´m too stupid to drive it tight enough
  Dengel 02-Sep-2009
yeah , i see it gogo top 1 brumm
but its not so easy to start like that ^^ it is rly bumpy , but its ok for me
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User Awards
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  Edge 03-Sep-2009
Nice noslider here!
Flows very well...i like the beachbounces.
Last part is a tough,but whatever...great track!

Well done,hagel!

  'Buchi' 03-Sep-2009
quite a nice Track for Tech... just because of the great Flow
nice smooth jumps
the concrete part is very interesting

amazing AT no chance for me to come near it
  Forgot10 03-Sep-2009
Amazing tech track
A bit tricky at first but then it flows good
Tunnel entry is a bit crashy when you have high speed but it's ok for tech track
All in all great job!
  maphios 03-Sep-2009
Creative and entertaining ideas in here
There are maybe not that much parts to gain some time but thos which are there are very important. So you need to focus on every curve and jump to stay on the right line and get a good speed.
I like the beachjumps in here as they are pretty well timed and make fun
Outro would be nice though

  tmjonas 03-Sep-2009
  MNM 04-Sep-2009
  Squirrel 04-Sep-2009
rly like it flows awesome!
  TaBle 05-Sep-2009
well.... its island tech....
but kinda fun - even for me
so here's your award
8,5 / 10
  osna 06-Sep-2009
very nice track!
great flow and super layout.
the track is very addictive but also very frustrating. the first beach bump is such a frustrating thind.
nevertheless good work!! -->

  MasterDisaster 06-Sep-2009
such an elegant work, mr.dave.
this one shines over the poor and dirty mass of proletarian tracks.
some say it's plus, some others start a revolution.
i warned you, mr.dave.

good work this time, anyway.

  Mikealange 07-Sep-2009
Great map Hageldave !
Great flow and nice fast tech !
I like it but only difficulty with the mod sunrise on island; it's too dark !
But all the track is very well designed
Cool map online and fun !

  Jenox 24-Sep-2009
Amazing island track!
But damn hard for no-gamepadders...
Anyway, I had fun, so here's your award.

Rating: 8.5/1o
  CraxX 26-Oct-2009!!!

absolutely crazy smooth noslide track oO

just played it on ppo and i'm totally fascinated by it

  ionian 24-Dec-2009
A simple tech map that flows well. The jump in to the tunnel can be frustrating (I have hit that sign in the middle countless times, and it is only about 2 pixels wide) but it doesn't spoil the fun. I know there is a 42 in me somewhere

  Sriver 07-Jan-2011
Great island tech!

Easy, intuitive & fun!

>> <<

  Dvil»ken 15-Jul-2016
Still one of my favorite maps on island !!! Thank you for this masterpièce
  LoKo 19-Jul-2017
Sorry for the late award
  NoTimeToDrive 08-Sep-2019
Wonderful track!!
Love it
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