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Name: To The Sun
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 26-Mar-2007
Released: 26-Mar-2007
TMX id: 204517
LB Rating: 25,407
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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1:01.45   Squirrel+ 0:00.5224,106
1:01.54   MEFjihr+ 0:00.6123,881
1:02.47   Micster+ 0:01.5421,554
1:02.47   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.5421,554
1:02.70   Kendar+ 0:01.7720,978
1:05.37   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:04.4414,298
1:05.98   'Buchi'+ 0:05.0512,772
1:07.00   ODS+ 0:06.0710,220
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Author Comments

Welcome To The Sun!

Here XTMicster and XTMasterDisaster present to you a fast, fun, and somewhat challenging track for all you island fans out there!

You'll be going at fast speeds taking some wild corners, but never touching a single red booster.

Have fun!

Please put up your Personal Best whenever you can!
Coppers: 6511
MT Intro by XTMasterDisaster
MT Ingame (Cam Changes)
MT Outro by XTMicster
Track Pic by XTMasterDisaster

Please Award if you enjoy the track!

Have fun Tracking!


User Comments
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  Micster 26-Mar-2007
First of all, a big thanks to MasterDisaster for the great time while building. It was a pleasure to build with you after almost one year of knowing each other.
Thanks ORA for the wonderful award comment!

Thanks Kendar for the outstanding award comment! You've left a grin on my face for a very long time!

Thanks T_Z_ for the cool award!

Thanks Buchi for the awesome award!

Thanks pitstep!!

Thanks Andree for the great award! I thought trails all the way would be a bit boring.

Thanks Iquere!

Thanks s8ndm8n for the awesome detailed award comment! Absolutely smile worthy.

Thanks ODS for the cool award!

Thanks smok3y for the CAFMA!

Thanks Co2 for the great comment!

Thanks Markus for the awesome award!

Thanks Cab!

Thanks Cephid!
  MasterDisaster 28-Mar-2007
Wow..guys!! Thx for your really great awards
I enjoyed a lot reading all of them ^^

And a big thanks to Micster! It was a really great fun building with you..and with your cool building style i learned some more "tricks" on insland

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User Awards
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  Kendar 26-Mar-2007

What a breath of fresh air. This ride is soooo silky smooth. The graceful undulations are pure sweetness.
Easy to learn the way - gold on second try. Come on TrackManiacsters - download this track and drive into the sun!!

The outro is just as smooth as the track itself. Ahhhh, that last shot into the sun... ahhhhhh!!

Hey, reminds me of a story. When I was a young squirt, my folks bought me a pair of sunglasses. When I got home, I took them out to the back yard, put them on and looked at the sun. I told my mom that the sunglasses didn't work, and that it still hurt to look at the sun. OK, maybe that's why we call them "shades" now.

Anyhoo, back to the track. I gotta play with the lines and shave off some more seconds.

  T_Z_ 26-Mar-2007
Very nice duo track
It's fun, smooth and flowy

Great screenie

It requires some skill, it's a nice challenge

Great jumps
  'Buchi' 26-Mar-2007
Haha, i finished it with Keyboard, and it was great Fun
Really smooth Jumps all the Way
I mostly like the Start and the End with that cool Jump to the Sun

well done m8s
  pitstep 26-Mar-2007
woohaa great track masterD and micster

perfect to drive
great jumps
great mt
great work...please moore
  Andree 26-Mar-2007
Its a awesome track
Nice intro
Great race
I wish you could have used one colours on sign going left and another colours on signs going right. Now i have to guess, kinda hard when the speed goes so high
Great race on the concrete
The outro has some great camera, looks a bit strange when the trails go on and off, better have it on the whole outro

  iQue | tm2 26-Mar-2007
Awesome track dewds! Smooth and a little bit creative all the way!

  SkunkY 26-Mar-2007
Splendid work guys!
Very nice to see a track without red boosters. That makes it a little tricky when you dont drive a good line. But when you do so its so great.
Very nice and tricky transitions, drops and jumps. Great scenery. Good use of signs.
Great track!
  s8ndm8n 26-Mar-2007
Beautiful track guys
Great lines, layout and marvelous transitions

Your styles mesh perfectly


  ODS 27-Mar-2007
Woooooohhhh !!!
5 Awards 4 this Map !!!
A very nice Run !!!
Hard. My first Run is 1.07.00
I train this Map.

Replay is very very Nice. One of best i See !!! :-)


  smok3y 28-Mar-2007

  Co2 29-Mar-2007
Amazing track Guys!

Really cool flow and transitions

Really good race

  Markus... 30-Mar-2007
yeah let me fly to the sun m8`s
great island track with nice wide spaces and cool speed
woot smooth run
amazing transistions
awesome jumps
superb layout and buildet
sweet flow
a hammer track

here your
  SneezR 31-Mar-2007
awesome Track with wonderful flow
very hard for me to get through this thing^^
nice MT
and great Screen

  Cephid 01-Apr-2007
great smooth track
nice ideas
cool to drive
well done my friends
  Squirrel 03-Apr-2007
one of the most insane Island tracks!!!
Impressive work!
really awesome job u two, maybe one of the best co-op tracks so far#
  NastiSavage 06-Apr-2007
Very nice track you two!
I am sorry to say that I didn't see anything "fresh" but I enjoyed the ride anyways
I won't pick the track apart but there are a few spots where the flow seems to find a ripple. You guys have signs all over yet a few places you don't know where to go as a driver the first time... and by the time you do know, you see the sign... so a bit late with the sign in a few spots, but it's nice you used them! The track is easy enough to learn, but to me if you're gonna use a million signs, make sure they're in informative locations. A few signs I seen that would have helped were "default" so they didn't help any. I didn't care much for the outro, sorry. I'd rather watch the car than see how creative the camera angles can be. But that's me. Sounds like bad things but really they're minor issues, this track is very fun to drive!!

  FarQ 29-Jun-2007
Cool track, thanx:D
  fastforza 16-Mar-2008
Great map Guys
Nice Island map
Great Design and flow was nice too

Good Job!
  bachl 16-Mar-2008
Super duo Track
funny to drive
most of the jumps are good calculatet.
and it´s fast fast fast
  eyebo.wp 22-Mar-2010
Superb track!
Sooo fun
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